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Can't Stop Thinking About It.

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I recently sent a story about me and my female friend. It was my first time experiencing another woman.


Over the weekend my friend came over, as she seems to do when she gets back from business trips. We are both in our 30's, I'm closer to 40, and she's a few years younger than I am. Well, once, a while back she unexpectedly came over for a visit and interrupted a masturbation session. She had no idea what I was doing but kept asking me as a joke. The last thing she expected me to say was that I had been masturbating and using my vibrator and she had interrupted. Her expression was funny. I said, well if you must know I was giving buzzy a workout and after her initial surprise at my saying that, we had a good laugh. After catching up on everything else, we started chatting about sex and masturbation and it wasn't uncomfortable as we had discussed it in general before. I showed her solo and being she had interrupted me and I had not reached orgasm, I was still very excited and wet. We wound up masturbating together that day while reading solo stories and I sent her a link via e-mail so she could enjoy at home too. That led to her reading stories and me telling her I submitted one about my use of a pepperoni. Well, she came by one night, with two pepperonis and again we masturbated together in chairs in front of the computer reading solo. Then she brought a friend and we all used vibes together. Her and I had another session too together but each time we only touched ourselves, watched each other and gave ourselves orgasms. This past weekend she came by with a porno tape of lesbian sex. Instead of sitting at the computer we sat on the couch and watched it. We started masturbating ourselves and then when a scene came on with two women and one giving the other oral sex, she asked if I was interested. I had never done it with a woman and told her the truth, I didn't want to do it to her, but I would let her do it to me. I agreed to finger her. Well it was awesome. I think she brought me to the most explosive orgasm I've ever had in my life, alone or with a man. A woman is just so different. They instinctively know the right spots I think (at least she did) and she had a firm yet gentle touch and tongue. Men I think prefer a harder touch or don't realize their own strength. I wonder if us women stroke them fast enough, hard enough or firm enough for their liking. They seem to have a vice grip on that penis that looks almost painful to me. Are we not rough enough or strong enough with our touch in other places for men either? I wonder about that. I know a couple of times different men have massaged my neck and back and it was just too hard, it hurt, they didn't realize it, but I had to tell them to take it easy. When they perform oral sex it's good, don't get me wrong, but they tend to hold your legs open so wide and in such a firm grip and in such a tight pose that you feel like you can't move. They also tend to lick and suck too hard and make you sore. Do other women find this with men. I sometimes have to tell them in their excitement to slow down, take it easy and be a bit more gentle. Not so with my friend. She was just right. I was in ecstasy. She held my legs open, but didn't stretch them like a contortionist. I guess she knows what that feels like!!! I didn't feel like my muscles were straining. She licked softly and sucked gently with just the right amount of pressure to send me into a frenzy and not cause pain. When I fingered her, I did it like I do to myself. I'm not that rough. I sometimes go fast but don't apply as much pressure. Some men rub too hard down there too. She said the same thing. We are both heterosexual and love men and enjoy sex with them. We don't consider ourselves bi as I would not be interested in any other woman and was not really interested in her. It is just something we decided to try and talking about it we realized though sex with men is awesome there are certain qualities and differences about a woman. I'm wondering if men find that and also if women find that. To the men... when women touch you or stroke you do they do it the way you want or do they need a lot of direction and if you've experienced another man did they seem to instinctively know how to handle things better. And the same question to women. Have you found that men need more direction, don't do things the same and if you've experienced another woman do they seem to get it right.
I cannot stop thinking about our encounter over the weekend. I have masturbated at least 5 times since then to the memory of it and I'm walking around constantly aroused. I still have no desire to perform oral sex on her though. Why I don't know. I'm trying to talk myself into it. To experience it for myself and also to give her pleasure. I want to play with her again and she agreed she wants to do this again. Now comes the problem. Well, two problems. First, I have not told the man I'm seeing. I don't know if I should. I'm thinking I should but don't know what his reaction would be. How would I react I wonder if he told me he was playing around with a guy. Hmmmmm, I don't know. That's a hard one. Second question is, am I cheating on him. I guess I am. He knows I masturbate, he does too. So I figured, ok, so I'm masturbating and she's next to me masturbating, that's no big deal and does not constitute cheating. But now that we've touched one another, does that mean I'm cheating? I'd like some opinions on this. I don't want to leave my guy as I don't have a full-fledged relationship with my friend other than we are friends. We don't feel anything romantically. I think we are just enjoying the physical thing. I have no desire to be in a relationship with a woman. But I want to play with her again and feel that sexual pleasure. All I know is I'm looking forward to seeing my guy as he was away and I haven't seen him in 2 weekends. I just spoke to him as he called and interrupted my typing this story. I didn't say anything to him other than I can't wait to see him, spend time together, have fun, have laughs and yes, have awesome sex. And he is really good at it. We have plans this weekend for dinner, a movie and then he's spending the night at my place. He told me he's been jerking non-stop in his hotel room and being away is lonely and boring so he's been at it even more to pass the time. He said he was thinking of me a lot too while doing it. I too had a few good session with myself thinking of him and now most recently thinking of my friend. So, what do I do. Do I stop seeing my friend that way and go back to being just good friends. Do I say we can just masturbate together and nothing more. Do I continue the fun and games and tell him about it. Or do I not tell him and continue to play with her when the mood strikes us. I have no interest in a 3-some with him and her. I don't want to share my guy.
One more question, how would you 100% straight guys react to your lady telling you she's been fooling around sexually with a friend she's had since elementary school. Would you believe this is the first time it happened after all these years. I mean, it's true, but even to me it sounds far fetched. Would you consider your lady bi with that admission. Would you believe she feels nothing for her friend other than the physical pleasure and she is not interested in being with other women. He's never met my friend yet. Should I introduce them and casually mention that I adore my friend, as my friend only. Should I tell him that and then throw in - oh yeah and by the way, she's great at eating pussy?????
I'm in a huge dilemma and am not sure what to do. It's stressing me out. And when I get stressed, I usually wind up masturbating. So I'm going to click send and take care of business and I may not have come to a decision but at least I'll feel better and less tense. Any advice would be welcome and I'm sure everyone would enjoy reading people's stories and experiences with situations like this. I can't be the first lady to get herself into this situation and I'm sure I won't be the last.
Have fun everyone!



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