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'I dare you!'

Those simple words have gotten plenty of kids in trouble, and I knew it. It had gotten me in trouble, once to the point of a very red bottom and grounded to my room for a week.

Victor, age 13, whispered again, 'I dare you!'

I was shocked. I had played 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' games with some friends. The end result of these games had been giggles as pants went to half mast. However, I did not know where this game was leading.

It was my third campout. Victor had been my tent-mate all three times. The first time, he had teased me when I tried putting on my swimsuit in my sleeping bag. The second time, he convinced me that sleeping naked was warmer than sleeping in wet clothes (He had pushed me in a stream while we were goofing off). Now he was telling me that sleeping with someone else was even warmer; especially if they both were naked.

My gut level response was unsure: one voice saying, 'THIS IS DANGEROUS,' and the other saying, 'This could be exciting!'

'All the guys do it,' Victor's whisper claimed.

'Yeah right!' I responded, but didn't know if he was joking with me. During this whispered conversation, my eleven-and-a-half year old body was responding to the excitement. I could feel my four-inch stiffy poking up. My glance downward betrayed me.

'Don't worry, I get those too. See,' he claimed, pulling off his pants to show a five-inch boner making a tent of his underwear.

I grinned at his tent, remembering my neighbor, Howard. Ten of us in a group dare to play football at the church at midnight in our underwear. His underpants couldn't contain what must have been a seven inch dick and it kept poking out.

'And besides,' my mischievous self said to me, 'you've always wanted to feel another boy's stiffy.'

'Okay, but you got to pinky swear not to tell anyone.'

'Okay,' he said and we shook pinkies.

Victor finished undressing, careful to show off the enviable tuft of hair in his crotch. I undressed more slowly, and laid my sleeping bag over his.

There are no words adequate to describe the sensation of slipping into a sleeping bag nude with someone, especially for the first time. As my body slipped down along Victor's, the places where his flesh touched mine burned with awareness of the naked other. I thought I knew what an erection was, but as mine grew rock hard and seemed to glow with heat and power, I gave myself a new definition of erection.

We were on our sides, facing each other. Our hard dicks touched each other, primed for action. I could feel his precum oozing onto mine, and I'm sure he felt what little I had oozing onto his. We looked at each other, neither knowing what to do next, as the tension between us built to unbearable levels.

Overcome by desire, Victor wrapped his hand around my dick. With the surge of feeling, I nearly came. Victor pulled my hand into place, and I awkwardly took his dick in mine. Slowly, we began to pump each other as our eyes glazed. When I came, I saw stars (literally) and was unaware of the groans escaping my lips. Victor soon followed after, squirting us both down with a large load of semen.

After his last shudder had ceased, we came together to make a cream sandwich and fell asleep with sticky goo lubricating the rise and fall of our chests.

I woke first to the poke of Victor's stiff dick in my belly. I wondered if he was trying to penetrate me. I lay still and listened to his breathing. He was asleep. I was starting to drift off when a startling thought shocked me awake: I could do anything to him that I wanted now.

I took his dick between two fingers and felt it immediately stiffen harder. I worked it over and over, exploring each centimetre of the shaft, from the soft underbelly, to the loose foreskin. I was surprised when he came.

'Your turn,' he grinned, his eyes wide open now. I grinned back as he turned onto his back and pulled me onto his stomach.

'Push into these,' he offered, forming his two hands into a tube.

I immediately understood the implication, and lubed myself with Victor's sperm. In and out I went, feeling the greatest build of pleasure I had yet felt. My ejaculation (though dry) was the most immense I had felt to that day.

Victor and I were tent-mates for another two years. I think the scout leaders were beginning to figure out what Victor and I were doing after lights out. Well, maybe they figured out some of it anyway.



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