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Busted My Younger Brother

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My younger brother Sven was supposed to be at lacrosse practice. I came home early from my last class. I went upstairs and heard a squeaking sound combined with some light moans. I'm thinking Sven is in his room and giving some poor girl a 'hard' time. His door was slightly opened so I peeked in. Sven was on his knees, no pants on, with his cock in between the mattress and box. At least thats how I figured he was. He was pounding the bed really well. He showed no mercy at all. I had caught the ending as he tensed up and grunted like a barbarian. Ohh that is a turn on when a man snorts and grunts when he cums. His medium framed body tensed and his buttcheeks clenched as he had a minor convulsion.

He rested for a few seconds and then stood up. As he turned around he saw me. He yelled 'You bitch !' I had to counteract and I stepped into his room. I then saw a few pairs of my soiled undies. I then became 'mad' and called him a perv. I caught a couple of glances at his semi-hard cock. It was thick but not very long. He stood there nude and ranted about how I spoiled his privacy. I argued how he broke my privacy and stole my underthings. We were almost nose to nose. He pushed me. I pushed him back but harder, causing him to fall back on the bed. He had grabbed my tank top on his way down and it pulled me with him. So here I am on the bed on top of him. I began slapping. We've had many fights and I must say Sven has never hit me. So now we're wrestling and rolling on the bed. We fall onto the floor and continue our struggle.

My tank top is torn and I've noticed my shorts were pulled down just below my ass. I stand up and pull them off so I can fight better. (At least thats the excuse I'm telling myself). I begin to kick and swing at him. He bear hugs me and we go to the floor again. He's on top and has my wrists pinned down. I'm in checkmate. I wriggle beneath him. At his point in our anger we don't realize that actually we are humping each other. The heavy breathing is now becoming sexual breathing. I felt a small shiver in my body. I think Sven came to the point to where he figured it out too. He reached down and tore my undies. Now his hard warm rod was pressing against the full lips of my soaking wet pussy.

We grasped each other, wrapped our bodies, continued our grind and kissed. He tensed up as he did earlier. He muttered something and I felt a hot sticky gush on my pussy lips and inner thighs. I bucked harder and used the creamy lube to excite my clit against his throbbing bone. YES one of the most awesome orgasms I've ever had. We rested and organized our thoughts. Once reality settled back in I slapped him hard, got up, gathered my clothes and told him to stay out of my dresser. We knew what we had done and it couldn't happen never again. The episode has never been mentioned but I know he spanks off while thinking how we humped. I include it in my midnight jilling fantasies.



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