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Built Wierd

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This story is long but 100% true. It's all about my struggle with having a 'freaky' looking cock and how I resolved that. The bottom line is, no matter what you have, if it works then the rest is just frill that won't help enhance pleasure at all. Here are some highlights of my handjob history.


Let's begin from today. I'm 32 years old, six-feet-one, 187 pounds. I swim laps twice a week and play squash regularly. In appearance I am a typical enough guy, slim with very long legs. Typical you might say, except for one important detail. My uncircumcised penis is different from most other men. When erect it measures fully eight inches around. So you'll agree that's big. But not so fast. The length of my penis is short in comparison, usually five-and-a-quarter inches. Maybe five-and-a-half inches long if I am super horny and rock hard. So despite having a thick dick, it looks small for my overall body size. My balls are big enough but the short length of my cock makes my package look disproportionate.

And if I'm short in the shaft when hard, you should see it when I'm soft-like about two long. I am one case in a hundred (or so a urologist told me). When flaccid, most of my penis shrinks back, right up into my groin with only the round hooded head sticking out from my pubic hair. It's the size of a slightly flattened tennis ball. Everyone's soft dick pulls back somewhat but mine REALLY pulls in, the shaft virtually disappears. The foreskin hood covers my cock head when soft, leaving just a bit of pink head showing at the tip. When it's soft my cock head is about the size of a door knob. That part doesn't expand much when I am erect, maybe a half inch wider. It just pushes forward as the shaft hardens and comes out of hiding. So you get the picture.

I have long since come to accept my package. It gives me (and others) heavenly pleasure (when it's hard, that is) so there is nothing to complain about. In fact I sing its praises every day when I caress it in my hands. But that was not always the case.

Back up twenty years ago to a pool party I attended as a kid. At twelve years old I was blissfully unaware of anything sexual and was very shy around girls. A gang of school friends (boys and girls) was invited over to my friend's house for a pool birthday party. After splashing around and goofing off for awhile we sat down to burgers and cake. My friend's mom tried to organize a dull party game but no one was interested. She got the hint and left us on our own. I don't remember exactly how this all came about but at some point we were sitting around on the pool deck playing truth or dare. We were still wearing our swim suits and the dares started to involve showing this or that.

I lost a dare and was supposed to show one cheek of my behind. Big deal! I hesitated and immediately several boys pinned me down on my back while someone else pulled my trunks right off. Everyone laughed when they saw me naked. One of the boys yelled out something about my 'freaky dick'. I had no pubic hair so all they could see was a ball sack pulled up tight into my groin and a round skin-ball that was my cock. The cool pool water had shrunk it back even more than usual so it looked like a big bump rather than a penis. My balls were shrunken right up out of sight and the sack was like a wrinkled prune.

I was humiliated especially being seen naked by the girls. I scampered back into my trunks and the party went on. A few of the girls showed their budding breasts and other boys had their jewels exposed too. But unlike me, their dicks hung down or stuck out. I didn't forget how everyone had laughed at mine and called it freaky.

But after that party experience, I knew my equipment looked different from other boys. Puberty was setting in but it provided no relief. Pubic hair started to grow and so did my cock. I was hoping that it would stretch out. It did grow longer but mainly a LOT thicker. It still pulled way back into my groin when it was soft. In the bathroom mirror, it looked like a ball surrounded by black pubic hair. Only my hooded cock head stuck out and it continued to grow bigger.

Just after I turned thirteen, my dad and I went to visit my grandparents. An older cousin Timmy was staying with them at the time. He was sixteen. Timmy and I slept on the floor in the TV room. No sooner had we got into our sleeping bags, Timmy asked me if I wanted to jerk off. The term was familiar but I had no idea what it was. He unzipped his sleeping bag and pulled down his underwear to show me his six-inch hard-on. He was uncut like me but his shaft was really thin or so it seemed to me. He showed me how he pulled his foreskin back and forward along his cock. He said it felt really good to do and kept up the stroking.

I hesitated to drop my drawers because of my 'freaky dick'. I didn't want to show it to him although I was now hard and fully extended. Eventually I pulled down my boxers and he got to see my short cock. 'Wow. You've got one fat cock.' Timmy didn't even notice that mine was short. All he noticed was that it was twice the thickness of his. And he was much too intent stroking his own to cock to pay a lot of attention to mine. He invited me to stroke his dick. I did as he asked and within a short time he stiffened, let out a heavy gasp and spewed cum all over his belly and chest. Cum run down my hand too. Man was I amazed.

Then he offered to do me. I laid back and Timmy stroked me. My dick was too thick for him to close his fist around. But he managed just fine and began stroking me for my first trip to paradise. It didn't take long for the tingling feelings to build up into a blast of pleasure like I had never ever experienced before. My first orgasm was awesome. Not a lot of cum shot out but enough to make me feel like a man. We both cleaned up. But before going to sleep, I managed to jerk off, this time by myself. So as it happened, the first person I jerked off was not me but my cousin Timmy. And the first time I ejaculated, it wasn't me who brought it on-Timmy did it. Sounds kind of backwards, right?

That night marked the beginning of my jerk off career. I haven't stopped. I used to jerk off at least twice a day even when I had a steady. Sheila and I met in tenth grade. We were both fifteen and dated for two years. She came from a very strict family and was terrified of getting pregnant. So our making out would end up with mutual masturbation. She didn't find my package weird at all. Mine was the first hard-on she had ever seen so there was no one else to compare it with. She had some misgivings about the thickness of my cock and whether or not it would 'fit'. We didn't find out because we never actually f-ked. She showed me the intricacies of her vagina - so different from my penis - and how to stimulate her clitoris and the surrounding area until she reached ecstasy. And she could two-finger my cock better than I could - her thumb on top and index finger underneath against the frenelum. We had many homework sessions that ended up with wonderful orgasms. But sadly for us both, Sheila and her family went on mission work at the end of eleventh grade so that ended our relationship.

I reached full body growth by seventeen, topping off at six-feet-one inch. I was very skinny back then (I've managed to put on a few pounds since). My package stopped growing at that time too. I concluded that my cock had reached its full length and would not be getting any longer. But it had really thickened. I tried penis pills and ointments to make my shaft grow longer but like all that stuff, none of it worked. Thanks to a talk with a neighbor, I eventually accepted what I have.

Chuck lived beside us while I was going up. I used to mow his lawn in the summer and shovel the driveway in winter. He was a urologist. He and his wife Linda didn't have any kids so I didn't spend much time over there. But they did have a pool and one summer day after I had finished cutting the grass, Chuck invited me over for a swim. For sure! I was soaking in sweat from working in the sun. I ran home for my swim trunks. He and Linda were already in the water when I got to their back yard.

A bit later Chuck put some hamburgers on the BBQ and invited me to stay to eat. I had brought along a pair of shorts to change into after the swim. Linda pointed me to the bathroom to change. Chuck was in the kitchen when I went into the bathroom. I was there only a minute and hadn't locked the door. Just as I stepped out of my trunks, Chuck opened the bathroom door. 'Oh, excuse me, Eddy, I didn't know you were in here,' and quickly backed out closing the door. He had seen my bare package and having been in the cold pool water, my dick and balls were pulled up tight into my groin. As usual, I was embarrassed to have been seen by anyone, in this case the neighbor, even if he was a doctor. After all, he wasn't my girlfriend Sheila.

After eating Chuck and I went inside to watch a game. The score was kind of lopsided and boring. I knew he was a urologist and wanted to ask him about my abnormal package, now that he had seen me naked. I sort of talked around the question but Chuck didn't understand what I was driving at. Finally I just blurted out that I was born with this abnormal penis and I wanted to know what could be done about it.

Chuck understood instantly and seemed to be able to read my mind. First of all he assured me that there likely was NOTHING WRONG. He said between 1% and 2% of men have a penis that is completely retractable just like mine. As I poured out my story of frustration and embarrassment, his answer was that there was no need to feel freaky. He said there were a thousand types and shapes oc penis. But just to reassure me, he had me book an appointment at his clinic for an examination.

Well, the tests all went fine. I was a normal seventeen year old with a cock and balls that were well within normal range. And everything was working just fine too. They even had me jerk off to do a sperm count. My semen was VERY fertile. In fact Chuck warned me to be sure to use protection against pregnancy and STD's. When all was said and done, I just had to get over the fact that my cock was fatter than I wanted(8 inches around) but it wasn't the biggest he said. Chuck had seen bigger penis although he admitted most were thinner than mine. He said many guys would die for a penis as firm and thick as mine. Short? Not at all, he said. The so-called average looking erection was likely about 5 to 5 1/2 inches long, despite what you see in porno flicks. If you've got six inches or more, well good for you. But most don't have that much and all you need for sex is about three inches. All of this was music to my ears and it marked a real turning point for me. I think I can say that from then on I gradually came to accept and APPRECIATE what I have rather than wish for what cannot be.

After high school I enrolled at a college about two hours away. My dorm bro the first year was a real jock. He played football and figured that was more important than anything else. I wasn't much into playing organized sports so we didn't have a whole lot of social life together - he went his way and I went mine. We did get along though and we spent a lot of time in our dorm room discussing just about everything. He never commented on my shrinkable package (which he saw whenever I changed clothes) nor did he ever see me with a hard-on. I used to hear him jerking off at night sometimes. He had allergies and breathed through his mouth so all his little gasps were audible as he approached orgasm. His final gasp before shooting off would be loud and clear.

I learned to do it very quietly but who knows, maybe he was aware of my activity too. We just didn't talk about it. The only buddy jerks I had in college were with another guy who was studying in the same department. We got together in his room sometimes for assignments. Just how it all got started is lost to memory but one night we both sat back to watch a porno flick and ended up jerking off in his room. After you do it once together, well, what's the big deal doing it again? You just make sure the door is locked. It's fun doing it with someone else. And yes, we did jerk off one another. That feels terrific too. How often? I don't know, maybe a few dozen times over the next three years of college.

I didn't have a car during college so it was the bus to get back home at Thanksgiving. It was late Wednesday night and I found myself in the last seat beside Karen. I recognized her from high school but didn't really know her that well other than to see her. She attended a college upstate and had transferred to this bus for the trip home.

We passed the time the first hour and then conversation drifted off. I guess I was a bit horny because I found myself pressing my leg against her thigh. She responded by pressing back. I made a move with my hand and she didn't push me away or say anything. One move led to another and she laid her jacket over her lap to conceal my moves from anybody who might be able to figure out what was going on. I unbuttoned her pants slowly (with one hand) and kept exploring right down into her panties. She was already wet. After I did a bit of caressing of her pussy, she reached over to my crotch. I shifted my position to allow her access and laid my pull-over down to hide her wandering hand as she unzipped my fly.

She wasted no time and found my hard, fat cock. By this time I was jilling her clit with my finger, using her wetness for lube. She knew exactly what she was doing because she found my frenelum and began squeezing and releasing it as I jilled her. It was totally dark in the bus. All this time we hardly looked at one another, each of us just kept up the slow stroking. It was the most heavenly bus ride I have ever taken.

After maybe twenty minutes, Karen stiffened, squirmed and held back from gasping out loud as she went over the summit. I stopped. She paused her handwork for a couple of minutes too and then resumed her slow manipulation of my throbbing cock. I didn't remove my fingers from her dripping pussy but very gently cupped it in my palm as she continued to work on my dick. Finally my innards could take no more and I orgasmed hard. Cum pumped into my boxers like free flowing cream. I felt completely spent.

We arrived at the terminal a few minutes later. My boxers were soaking wet. Karen was met by her boyfriend and they gave me a ride to my parents. When we turned down my street, Karen turned around to me in the back seat. We exchanged a very private smile as I got out of the car. If her boyfriend only knew.

I guess what I really wanted to tell you about was how 'normal' my sex activity had been over the years despite all my worries about having 'freaky' genitals when I was a teenager. It's true that my package is different from most guys because it's fat-looking and pulls back into my crotch when I'm soft. But it all works as well as any other guy and hasn't hindered me at all. Today (I'm 32) I wonder why I got so worried about it back then. I jerk off on average once a day, usually at bedtime but sometime in the morning too. I have sex when the right opportunity knocks but I have to say that jerking off is still my mainstay-I don't admit that fact to my friends. I am not married, nor in any amorous relationship right now. I work hard at my job and I date fairly regularly-but my cock is my closest and most faithful companion. When I jerk off, I don't have to fantasize or use porn flicks. The best enjoyment is to just letting my body kick in and do its thing. Those little thrills in my cock will build into an explosion eventually without any help. If not, then I figure I'm not really horny so save it till later.



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