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Stuck in Traffic

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Love this site.


This happened a few months ago, although since then I've done it a few times. I didn't hear the alarm clock and woke up late, so grabbed clothes slurped down a mug of coffee. I had a raging piss-hard on, but couldn't do a thing about it, except a weak trickle that I knew wouldn't do a damn thing until my hard on went down.

It was a chilly wet dull morning and I set off nearly 45 minutes late for work. I drove for 20 minutes and then the traffic ground to a halt. I heard on the car radio that a five-car pile up had occurred four miles down the highway and to expect delays until the road was cleared. 15 minutes of edging forward a fraction and my early morning hard on was gone, replaced by a desperate need to take a piss.

Another 15 minutes and the cars were not moving at all. I was squeezing my cock and wondering if I could risk getting out the car to relieve myself. Looking round I saw hundreds of cars filled with women and school kids, so I knew it wasn't an option. I also knew I was beyond desperate and had to piss, no matter what. The coffee was taking effect on top of the fact I hadn't relieved myself of the night load.

I drive a SUV so at least I was higher up than the cars on each side of me. I had a sports bag on the back seat and knew there was a towel in it. As I reached back and grabbed the towel I noticed there was a pretty girl in the car beside me. I looked down into her car and she gave me a wry smile with a shrug. I shrugged back and hoped she wouldn't figure out I was unzipping my cock.

I moved the driver's chair a little further back and edged forwards. I had the towel folded and refolded, holding it in my left hand. I snuggled my cock head into the folds and ohhhh the relief! I must have pissed for over two minutes with the towel getting heavier and hotter in my hand as it got soaked. I also began to feel very horny, as I looked down into the pretty girl's car. My dick was in my hand, wrapped in a towel with hot piss. I quickly threw the soaked towel into the sports bag before it began to drip.

The traffic moved a bit, so I drove forward about 100 metres with my cock still unzipped before we stopped again. By this time my cock was feeling good at getting rid of the piss and felt good being out of my pants. It felt even better with the girl smiling at me.

I put my arm over the steering wheel and rested my chin on my forearm, looking very nonchalant. My other hand was gripping and squeezing my cock. My balls were tingling, so I knew I had to cum and I wanted to jerk off right here in the traffic jam. The thing is, I'm a lazy sort of wanker and have got used to lying down on my bed with my legs splayed open, while watching a good porn movie. I usually spend an hour or so on long strokes and thrusting hip movement. I also do a lot of ball fondling and am in no rush.

I spent the next ten minutes squeezing and giving my cock hardly noticeable strokes. My balls seemed ready to burst and I swear the skin on my cock was ready to split. Pre-cum was all over my fingers, but the feeling of the cum rising wasn't happening. I knew I had sweat on my upper lip and was even mumbling dirty words to myself, hoping to go over the edge, but it wasn't working. Finally I was so far gone I thought fuck it! I slid the drivers chair as far back as it would go, grabbed a handful of Kleenex, let the back down and went for it.

I knew the pretty girl was still looking at me from time to time, but she couldn't see my cock, she could however see I was now almost lying down and could see my face. My heart was pounding, I glanced over into her car and she looked a bit puzzled. Then she made a sign, putting her head onto her hand and laughing, meaning was I nodding off to sleep. I took a chance and shook my head, grinning at her and then made a little movement with my fist. She blushed, looking away and then to my joy looked back at me, giggling. She then pretended to crane her neck up to see into my car.

We played this very sexy game of charades for a few minutes and I asked her if she wanted to see. She finally said yes, so I edged almost bumper to bumper with the car in front. My door was a bit in front of her car and I opened it as far as I could. She got a good look and proof that I wasn't joking. When I closed it, the idea of what I had just done was enough.

I cupped my balls with my left hand and gripped hard, fucking my fist. I didn't care what movement she saw and I must have shot about nine thick strings of cum, as many aftershock spasms shot through my ass. It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had. We were stuck side by side for another half hour. She laughed a lot and giggled. I pretended to be very embarrassed and apologised. I've wanked off a few more times in traffic, although never long enough to cum, but its been good. Not as great as that first time, but always a real turn on.



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