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Brother's Girlfriend

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I'm a 24 year old woman who, although I have had some bisexual experiences, am mostly interested in men. My brother Tom, who is four years younger than me recently started going out with a new girlfriend, Liz, who at 26 is older than both of us.

The first time Tom introduced me to Liz, I was amazed. She is small and curvy, shortish blonde hair, green eyes and a lovely smile, and lovely large boobs. I fancied her as soon as we met, and we got on really well. I masturbated a few times thinking about her, and thought about how I could see more of her body. Could we go swimming together or to the gym?

A few weeks after we first met, Tom asked if I was going out one night as Liz was coming over (our parents were out for the evening). I said I would go and give them some privacy, and intended to, but when Liz arrived, I was so turned on that I decided to sneak back in to the house half an hour after I'd gone out.

I shut the front door quietly and sneaked upstairs, hearing talking and laughing from Tom's room. I knelt and looked through the keyhole, my heart pounding. I could see Tom's bed which is at the far end of the room, at 90 degrees to the door.

Tom was lying on the bed, apparently naked, while Liz sat astride him, wearing a red bra and fishnet hold-ups. She leaned over to kiss him and he undid her bra. Her large breasts flopped down as Tom threw the bra onto the floor with the rest of their clothes. I slipped a hand down my jogging trousers and ran my fingertips lightly over my pussy lips through my panties. I shivered with desire as I looked at Liz's tits, latge but firm, with dark areolas and thick nipples. Tom craned his shoulders up and began to lick and suck at her nipples, Liz tossed her head back and gasped, I pushed my panties aside and fingered my hardening clit.

After a minute or so, Liz shuffled back against Tom's thigh, pressing her pussy, which I saw was surprisingly hairy, against my brother's thigh muscle with gusto, causing her to moan and grind her brown-haired twat into his leg even harder. I saw that Tom's penis was erect, pointing at the ceiling, his foreskin sliding back over a prominent purplish helmet. His cock shuddered and bobbed as Liz rubbed her fanny on his thigh, and she reached forward to grab at it, sliding her hands up and down his shaft.

I was so turned on that I scrambled to my feet and pulled my joggy trousers and panties off, and kneeling again with my knees apart, began to wank properly, sliding two fingers into my wet vagina, curving them upwards for maximum stimulation. I flicked my clitoris with the other hand too, but only a few times, I didn't want to come too quickly.

When I looked back through the keyhole I saw them passionately making out. I watched him fingering her hard, his fingers glistening with her wetness. Liz moaned and clawed alternately at Tom's chest and her own nipples. I had lifted up my own t-shirt by now and was twisting my nipples through my bra, the pain only turning me on even more as my sopping vagina rode my fingers.

I watched as they lay next to one another, sweating and breathing heavily, Liz's legs still apart, Tom's fingers still inside her.

I kept thrusting away at my pussy, feeling my orgasm approaching, and just as I felt myself starting to climax, I saw Liz gently stroking her pussy, murmuring to my brother.

I began to orgasm, biting my lip so as not to make a noise, and my body jerked as I felt the familiar tightening in my vagina which built to a blinding ecstatic climax.

After I'd come, I grabbed my knickers and trousers and crept into my bedroom, where I lay down on the bed and sucked my soaking fingers dry, breathing heavily, just like Liz.

My next target is to get her to come swimming with me so we can get changed in the same room. I want her to see me naked, and desire my perky breasts and trimmed pussy just as much as I love hers.



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