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Begging for More

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What started as an innocent e-mail chat turned into hours of begging and (mostly unintentional) teasing. . .


The first time I’d ever heard of this site was yesterday, and after reading only a few stories, I’d instantly regretted not finding it sooner. :)

The person who turned me on to the site is a user who I met yesterday on Craigslist. I live on the West Coast but I’m currently out on the east end of Long Island to help my mom and grandma move to a new home. I grew up in this house and am going to miss it, so between that and having to move all the stuff that my mom and grandma have accumulated over many decades, I was physically and emotionally drained.

Looking to break up the monotony, I posted on Craigslist yesterday looking for an e-mail buddy. I wasn’t getting my hopes up because the ad was tucked away in a random category now that the strictly platonic section has gone away, but I did get a few responses. I replied back to the one person who put some effort into his message.

In the second message he casually slipped “When I woke up I took my time getting out of bed since I'm off, I had to masturbate! Hope you don't mind my sharing that!”

I’m not uptight, so I didn’t mind. Plus, if you chat with a man on Craigslist, there’s a good chance the conversation is going to steer that way. I just wasn’t expecting it to be so fast. :)

We talked about clothing-optional beaches and the speedo he wears when clothing isn’t optional. I asked him about his masturbation comment – and received a very detailed response about what he likes. He’s especially big on seeing face and nipples together, and doesn’t like disembodied boob pics.

At this point, I can figure out where this is headed, but there is no way I’m sending naked pics, much less one with a face attached. I’m an elected official back home, so scandal is the last thing I need. I’m not a high-level one, but I do have designs on a bigger office in the next decade or so, and I’m well liked and well known in my circle right now.

 After a few more e-mail exchanges, he suggests texting. I’ve never been a fan of texting because I prefer a larger keyboard, but I was having fun and feeling a bit horny so far so I said yes.

Once the texts started, conversation turned toward this site, and I said the stories I read were pretty hot. He said that he had submitted a few stories here and there, which then led to:

Me: Of course you will have to tell me your screen name :)

Him: My profile pic is pretty, well . . . it’s pretty, uh, pretty . . . it’s got some stuff in it :-).

Me: Penis profile pic?

Him :)

Me: Screen name please ha ha ha

Him: Your first time saying “penis” to me! :)

Me: Ha ha

Him: Should I send you a speedo pic first? ;-)

Me: Sure, probably should do speedo before penis profile ha ha

Him: If I took a special pic for you. . .

Him: With my face and dick. . .

Me: Face and dick would be pretty brave ha ha

Me: But then you’d ask for face and boobs from me ha ha

Him: Should I skip speedo and take face and dick for you right now? :)

Me: I’m too chicken to return the favor so soon, so proceed at own risk ha ha ha

Me: Let’s go speedo. Build anticipation.

 Unlike him, I didn’t mind a disembodied speedo, because then he couldn’t push me to respond with a face pic. Ha ha. So he sends the speedo . . . along with his face! Nooooooooooooo! Now I knew I’d be locked into having to send something. I was pretty sweaty and gross from moving boxes so did not want to take a selfie, which I hate doing anyway, so I dug out a pic from a year or so ago. I told him it was a pussy pic, and then proceeded to send a pic of me holding my pet cat. I thought my face was pretty clear in it, but he still wasn’t happy. Not a shock, I guess. Ha ha.

He then sends a pic of his face . . . and erect penis! 

 Him: Like you said, “Face and dick would be pretty brave ha ha”

Me: Nooooooooooooooooo! Damn you ha ha.

Me: You skipped right over flaccid cock and went right to boner ha ha”

Him: In all seriousness, I hope you don’t mind what I sent

Me: Ha ha too late to put the genie back in the bottle even if I did mind. . .

And I didn’t mind at all. It had been a while since I’d seen a cock and was pretty horny at this point. But that’s really as far as I intended to go. But after much back and forth, mostly me trying to avoid sending another pic, I asked if he liked tank tops.

Him: If your boobs poke through or over it

Him: If you show me your face and boobs I’m going to cum!

Me: If you had to guess, am I big or small?

Him: I don’t know. You mean your boobs or your body?

Me: Boobs

Him: Hmmm

Him: Small?

Me: Would that be disappointing?

Him: Not at all!

Me: You are a boob man, after all

Him: Face and nipples means a lot to me

At this point I assume he guessed small because I’m Asian. And the pic I originally sent was blocking my body. But my tits are pretty big for an Asian woman — probably for a lot of women actually — so I send a pic of me overflowing out of my tank top.

More than five minutes go by without a comment from him, so I start to worry that the pic horrified him into silence. Luckily, it just didn’t go through. So I send again, and the reaction is “Damn! Making my dick dance.  Looks fucking big!” — which is of course much better than misinterpreted silence. :)
I send four more of me in the tank top, which I hope is enough for him. To which he responds “I’m dying to see your face and boobs :)”

Shit this guy is persistent. I neglected to mention to him that by this time I’ve been massaging my clit for a while, as the dick pics plus my own nervousness are making me super horny by this point. He tells me he is furiously masturbating, which only gets me more heated.

He keeps begging for more. And begging. And begging. 

Me: Let me build up the courage ha ha sweating already

Him: Build the courage

Him: Face and nipples

Him: No hiding

Him: My dick is throbbing already

Me: Not sure I’m brave enough tonight. Need to build up to it

Him: You’re brave enough tonight

Him: Fuck yeah!

Him: Life is too short

Him: I have every confidence in you :)

And at this point it takes a weird turn. . .

Me: I just found a Mexican wrestling mask in basement. I can wear that ha ha ha

Him: Start with the mask

A few minutes pass . . .

Him: How’s it going?

Me: Scared shitless ha ha

Him: Don’t be :)

Him: It’s OK :)

Him: Trust me on this :)

Him: You’re wearing the mask?

Me: I was but it looked fucking ridiculous ha ha

I send the pic. It’s a side profile of me . . . in a lucha mask. I can clearly see nipple, and my hand is buried in my own crack. He apparently sees nothing and still wants more.

Him: Did you take a picture of the front?

Me: Man, you are greedy ha ha.

I sent pic of front view. Lighting isn’t great, but my boobs are flowing over the top of my folded arm. My other hand barely hides my pussy.

Him: I’m proud of you. Show me your face and nipples!

Me: I’m screwed if anything leaks. I’m an elected official back home. Ha ha

Me: I should not be doing this.
But as my brain says no, my hand is saying yes and I’ve cum multiple times. Apparently being nagged is a huge turn-on for me. Ha ha ha

More begging. I inform him that I look terrible after being in that damn mask, and I vow to hunt him down and kill him if I get booted from my position.

He begs some more. He tells me he is stroking his cock and needs face and nipples to cum.

My niece barges in and cock blocks him. (Not sure what that is for me. Clam jam? Twat swat?)

I need to put her back to sleep after a nightmare. I’m gone from chat for a while, but I’m sweating like crazy and my pussy is sopping wet. I finally get her off to sleep. I sneak into bathroom and check messages. There are about 20 from him begging for face and nipples. He tells me his dick is throbbing for me.

That puts me over the edge and I muster the courage to do it. I take a video with a lingering opening shot of my face. There’s no fucking way he can ask for more at this point. Extending my arm and tracing my body with the phone he sees everything – side boob (with nipple) and very artistic beads of sweat falling down my back into the crack of my ass.

He tells me I have a beautiful face . . . but that he wants to see my face and nipples together. His very specific fetish has now reached comical levels.

Me: The face/boob thing is clearly a strong motivator for you ha ha

Him: Are you going to send me my fantasy picture? :)

Me: That’s all for tonight. I didn’t even want my face out there ha ha

Him: I’ve had a tissue waiting for hours!

Him: I’m proud of you but please help me

Him: I’ve never delayed cumming so long for a woman in my life!

Him: You’re torturing me

At this point my niece wakes up again. I disappear while I soothe her back to sleep. I continue to read his messages, getting hornier and hornier. He apologizes for seeming ungrateful. He thanks me and tells me he came to the video. At this point I actually feel bad that he had to finish to something that left him wanting more. I guess all the begging and cock shots wore me down.

I go to the fridge to get a banana with the intent of a really sexy pic. I take the pic and proceed to give myself one of the most explosive orgasms I’ve ever had. I have to imagine my mom heard, and I’m shocked I didn’t reawaken my niece.

I text to ask if he’s still awake — but probably subconsciously hoping he’s asleep. He’s still there.

Me: Took a pic trying to look sexy with a banana. Didn’t work. Ha ha

Him: Are you going to make my dreams come true now?

Me: Well, the banana pic does have bare nipple

Me: And face

Him: Show me :)

Me: But hair blocks some face

Me: No complaining ha ha

Me: After this I go to bed (it’s 2:53 a.m. and we’ve been going back and forth for hours and hours!)

Me: Are you ready?

Him: You’re getting me excited.

Me: Good. Take cum video later :)

Me: And pretend the banana in my mouth is sexy ha ha

Me: Beg me for nipple now ha ha

Him: Please Ms. Politician savior

Him: You’re my goddess

Him: Is that good? :)

And it was. I take a deep breath and hit send. The pic is now out there. Face looking straight ahead. Banana unsexily in my mouth like a jaundiced penis. Big boob . . . with big nipple . . . on full display . . . in same shot as easily recognizable face if you live near me.
Me: Is that a nice nipple?

Him: Oh my God!

Him: Yes!

Him: Are you really a politician?

Me: Small-time one, but yes

Me: No blackmail ha ha

Him: I’m so fucking proud of you

I’m drenched with sweat and the room smells like pussy from playing with myself for hours.

I really need to go to bed, and he ends with describing his fantasy:

Him: I imagine you look like that and I’m titty-fucking you/jerking off, ready to cum on your beautiful breast. 

Him: And I ask “Republican or Democrat?” And as you answer I cum all over that breast :)

Me: ha ha ha wow

His fantasy turned me on even more, which should have been physically impossible. I say goodnight and masturbate myself to sleep.

But not before he says “Great boob! I look forward to seeing the whole set :)”



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