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Brother's Girl

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Brother's girlfriend walks in on me.


Just this past week, my brother (25) and his girlfriend (24) came into town and stayed with us for a week. My parents and I spent quite a bit of time with them, eating out, swimming, and the such. The bathroom that they used was also the one that I used, and one particular morning I was glad that we shared the same bathroom.

I woke up one morning and went to the bathroom for a shower. When I walked in, I thought to myself of how messy things were: bathing suits hanging up, towels on the floor, and stuff all over the sink. But then I realized that my brother's girlfriend's bathing suit was hanging up. I went back a few days and thought of her swimming in the pool on a hot day. I remembered her tall perfectly shaped body, with her large B sized breasts in her bikini top. So beautiful, and such a memory.

I picked up her bikini bottoms and decided to smell the crotch, something I have never done before. They smelled so sweet, and I just kept remembering her swimming in the pool. I pulled off all of my clothes and leaned back against the counter of the sink; my dick became as hard as chinese arithmatic. I slowly started to wrap my hand around my dick and moved it up and down. I grabbed some lotion from the closet and let a few drops land on my dick and hand as I kept moving up and down. I used my other hand to rub and massage my balls, smelling the bikini bottoms every once in a while. I knew this was going to be a great masturbation session.

Then I heard what I thought was the worst sound ever, at that current moment. The door came open, and the rush of wind blew against my naked body with my dick in hand. It was my brother's girlfriend! I just looked down in shame as she asked me what the hell I was doing with her bikini bottom. She didn't yell, because I only know her so well, and she didn't want to be mean about it. But then, something happened that I cannot begin to explain, but I will try.

She looked at me and asked me if I liked to smell her bikini bottoms. I told her yes, but that was the first time I had ever tried it. She said it was okay, and that she understood, since I was 20 and typically horny throughout the day. She told me to smell them again with her there, and let her know what they smelled like. So with a look of confusion, I agreed and lifted them up to my nose. I told her how sweet the crotch smelled, and how wonderful it was indeed.

Then, she slowly leaned me back against the counter of the sink and got right in front of me. She leaned towards me and kissed me. I asked her what she was doing, and not to feel bad for me since I was just caught masturbating. But, what she said next, almost made me cream. She said that my brother and my parents were out getting food for the cookout that we were having that afternoon and that she could 'help me out' before they got home.

She slowly got naked, giving me a short strip tease, rubbing her ass against my throbbing cock. Once she was naked, she sat on the edge of the tub and, with my dick right in front of her, she slowly grabbed it and started to work it back and forth. She got a small glob of lotion and asked me with a small chuckle if that was why the lotion was out. I said yes and told her that she was masturbating me so perfectly. She smiled and said good and said that she was going to rub herself to cum at the same time. I knew for a fact that this was going to be the best masturbation session ever.

She worked her clit, sticking her fingers in and out repeatedly. After about ten minutes, we were both ready to cum. I told her that she would need to get some toilet paper or something to catch it, but she shook her head and said that she wanted my warm cum to shoot against her face.

I smiled and chuckled with joy while saying okay. Then, the moment came, and I closed my eyes, leaned back, and shot huge globs of my load all over her face. I had about ten spurts...all of them went on her face and in her mouth. She just looked back into my eyes and said it tasted so good. It probably was not good, but I wasn't going to argue at that current moment.

Then she stopped working on me, and I could see it in her eyes, she was ready to go, too. She leaned back, and cum started to drip onto her fingers. After she was done, she lifted her fingers to my mouth, and I tasted her cum. It tasted just as the crotch of her bikini bottoms smelled. We both smiled and we both agreed to never talk of this again.



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