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Male Trainer for Girls Volleyball Team

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Here's my latest fantasy, for better or worse.


My job was coach's assistant for the college volleyball team. The girls team, that is. Sometimes, I'd pass volleyballs in drills. Sometimes I'd suggest better footwork when approaching for spiking, or devise a bumping exercise. But most of the time, I was a massage practitioner. We've got to keep our girls in good shape.

I was rather surprised when I took this nearly minimum-wage part-time job that it would be so much fun. It was just something to do in retirement. What was surprising was what my duties included.

You see, I have no experience in massage, yet I was supposed to massage the girls. The previous assitant recently left, and I was given no instruction in what the girls were expecting.

The first tall, thin girl came in to the little office adjoining the lockerroom. She said she had a sore ankle. I went to work, imagining whan a trainer might do for a sore ankle.

"No, not there," she said.

I thought she meant that I didn't have the right spot on her ankle.

"Here," she said, as she grabbed my hand, and placed it on her upper thigh.

I was shocked, but said nothing. I knew where she was going with this, and wanted no part of it. Well, actually, I totally wanted a part of it, but though I might get in trouble.

I rubbed my hands all up and down her legs, even getting within two inches of her very short shorts, but that's as far as I dared to go.

When I was done, she gave me a look like I was a prude, or maybe even downright stupid, saying "Thanks" in a cynical way.

I thought the girl was just abnormally horny or something.

The next girl came in, and the situation was somewhat similar. She had a sore back, but seemed disappointed that all I did was work on her back. She was sexy, and I got a bit of a boner in my pants.

The next day, I got another horny girl. She sat on the massage table, and to my utter shock, totally disrobed, then laid face down, giving me a great view of her amazingly shapely butt. I tried to get a good look at her small, but very attractive tits, but she was already on the table before I really realized what was happening.

I kind of figured by now that it would be OK to massage this girl's butt, especially since she said her 'very lower back' was feeling 'strained.' So, I massaged her butt, again hardening up in my pants. I got braver than I would have expected. You see, I really wanted to get a look at her asshole. I love female assholes. I'm kind of bisexual, but somehow, the female anus is much more interesting to me than the male version. Anyway, I wanted to see it. So, during the massage, I occassionally spread her ass cheeks so I could have a peak. I was in heaven! This tall, thin girl, of mixed race, with long, flowing black hair, wanted more. It was obvious by the way she was squirming. But I was still concerned about getting in trouble, so she got nothing more than the butt massage. I didn't touch her asshole, although I certainly wanted to.

When she got off the table, she told me the big secret. The girls all knew what the previous training assistant had been doing, but I didn't have a clue. He was sexually assaulting them. Well, not really. He was simply massaging them the way they wanted. That's not assault at all, if everyone is adult, and everyone is in agreement. However, it could certainly be misconstrued.

So, armed with the new information, I proceeded slowly. Over the course of about two weeks, during which I worked on more than a dozen disappointed girls, I slowly worked up my courage.

Finally, the day came where I had mastered my new position. The girls were no longer disappointed, telling my 'treatments' were even better than the last guy.

Basically, they came in for massage, complaining of one sort of ache or another. No doubt most were entirely fictitious. Most would end up disrobing entirely, Some were a bit more shy, so I'd have to remove their shorts, maybe even their sports bras to get proper access. Oh, I'd start by massaging the part they complained about. But soon, I'd be massaging the parts they really wanted. That would be their breasts, especially my super-special super-light nipple tickling, which they loved. I didn't stop there. In time, I saw every anus on the team. All were lovely, from the first-generation, short frizzy-haired African girl who was as black as midnight, to the Swedish girl who never seemed to get out in the sun, with long, straight blond hair and a super slim build. I even massaged the team manager, a heavyset, but beautifully curvy girl with remarkably large breasts. Most of these girls kept their crotch hair totally removed, which was to my total delight.

I did massage the inside of their anuses as well. This is important if one is going to do a thorough job.

Finally, for every single one of the girls, every time they were on my table, I'd start with a good super-light tickle of the clitoris, taking an achingly long time while they started bucking and moaning. Some even shivered as if they were cold, but the room was warm. They were shivering and jittering from sexual excitement. Finally, I'd work one, then two fingers into their pretty vaginas, curl my fingers upward, and stroke the inner wall - their G-spots. If necessary, I'd massage their clit at the same time with my other hand. Some girls came so hard, I had to wrap my arms around them to keep them from falling off the table. Oh, they'd squirm and buck like crazy, literally crazy, as they screamed in orgasmic frenzy.

For most of the girls, my wicked side came out. I wouldn't stop after their first orgasm. Now for guys, this would be torture, but for the girls, this was just the beginning of a long series of orgasms. Some of the girls would be in non-stop orgasm for several minutes. Others would come time and again over the course of perhaps ten minutes. A few, like guys, only came once.

Several of the girls wanted to see my penis. Some wanted to suck it. A few actually wanted to have sex with this old guy. I stopped short of that, knowing the value of a good massage, and the confusion of doing something sexual with a man they didn't love might cause.

I think we all ended up happy. I kept the job for three years, and just as I was starting to get bored, the funding was cut. So, it worked out well. Every now and then one of the girls still comes to my home for a private session. Some bring their husbands or boyfriends. I'm cool with that, and the guys get nice treatments also.



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