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Brother's First Time

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What a great web site you guys run.


First a little background. My brother and I live with my mother who is out most of the time, she has lots of social functions so she leaves me in charge of the place when she is away.

The only person I have to look after is my sixteen year old brother, Danny. He's a good kid and never gives me any trouble. We have always been close and the following events made us even closer.

It was a little after Easter this year when he and I were at home watching some comedy show on tv before heading off for bed.

He was sat next to me as we watched and I was relaxed, leaning back and stretching my legs out. I glanced over at my brother and I could see that his eyes kept fluttering closed. He was tired.

Dude, you might want to think about hitting the sack. I said to him.

He nodded and then he looked at me.

Can I ask you something? He said to me as he pulled himself up.

Anything. I told him.

Do you jerk off?

Okay, at first the question surprised me but I kept my cool and told him that I did. I was sure he knew that I did but I let him ask the question.

Do you? I asked back.

He seemed embarrassed by my asking him the same question and he looked away before shaking his head.

I don't know how. He told me and I looked at him with pity and a little amazement. I had known what to do since I reached ten.

I thought about that for a few minutes until I asked him if he wanted to do it.

Eagerly he said yes, so I switched off the tv and knowing that we had the house to ourselves for the rest of the night I decided to do it here, on the sofa.

I told him to take off his pjs which he did, he wore boxers underneath and he left them on for now. I took all my clothes off aside from my own boxers and I looked at him. He had a nice body and I could see a nice erection hiding behind the boxers. He looked at me and I approached him.

Now, I had always thought he was a bit of a hotty but never once had I done anything about it in case he was scared or offended. But now I reached out and pulled him to me.

We kissed. Full on french kissing and he reached round and slid his hands into my boxers to grab handfuls of my butt cheeks. I thrust into him, humping his pelvis as he grabbed my ass and we kissed.

Then I pulled away and told him to remove his boxers.

He was big, bigger than I had been at his age. I told him to sit back on the sofa, at the edge so that his ball sack hung over the edge. He did and I got on my knees and knelt between his legs so that his dick was just inches from my face.

I reached out and ever so gently stroked his hanging balls. He sighed and I saw his nipples stand to attention. I cupped the sac and as gently as I could pulled back his foreskin. His purple head shone through as he was already seeping precum, quite a lot of it. He shuddered as my hand encircled his rock hard member. Slowly I moved my hand up and down jerking him off but very slowly sending his young body into the stratosphere.

Ohhhh, don't stop.

He managed to speak but the words were whispered and soft.

I won't. I told him and slowly increased the speed and pressure as I continued jerking him. After a few moments he started breathing harder and faster, I could see his heart throb beneath his chest and I reached up with my free hand and stroked his nipples. He moaned deeply, a sound that turned me on and my own boner was sticking out of my boxers. I continued jerking him and he started lifting his hips up and fucking my hand.

He raised his butt off the sofa as he reached orgasm and he had his eyes half closed, his face was a picture of ectasy as I continued pumping him.

I reached down and with a lubed up finger I slid it into his ass massaging his prostate as I pumped.

He started to moan and then he gave three grunts before he exploded all over my face and chest, seeping over my hand.

Ahhh he said and his whole body shuddered. I carried on milking every last drop out of him and he had a lot.

He relaxed and fell back on the sofa. I slid my hand out of him and slowly stroked his head. He opened his eyes and told me that was amazing.

He couldn't help but notice my boner.

You need help with that. He asked pointing to it. I nodded and removed my boxers. He sat up and reached across wiping his cum off my chest and he used it to lube my cock which he started pumping fairly quickly.

Faster. I told him wanting to cum myself now and he complied. I started sighing and moaning when he kissed me and then he felt my cock throbbing in his hand and he quickened his pace. It felt soooo good that I gripped his shoulders and as I came I licked his nipples.

We cleaned up and fell asleep on the sofa in each others arms.

When I woke up there was a sheet over us and I knew mum had come home.

I walked into the kitchen after pulling my boxers on and my mum was stood there drinking a mug of tea. I started to apologise and she hushed me saying there really was no need, she thought it was great that I had helped Danny.

There were many times when I carried on helping him.

They are stories for later.

Happy Jerking



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