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Brotherly Love

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My brother and I were very close in age and most always slept in the same bed when we were young, and as young teens.
Soon after we discovered girls, and hard ons, I awoke one night to my brother kissing me; not a brotherly kiss, but a passioniate kiss, real erotic like. I kissed him back and put my arms around him. When he broke the kiss I held him to me in a tight embrace. I wrapped my leg around his and he slid his hand into my underwear and touched my rock hard dick, running his fingers along its length, but not wrapping his fingers around it.
I let go one arm from holding him and slipped my hand in his pants and found a dick as large and as hard as my own. I gripped him and began moving my hand back and forth. He reacted by doing the same to me.
I let go of him pushed him onto his back, pulled down his pants and began jacking him. He pushed down on my head, I leaned over and took him in my mouth.
I had never thought about sucking a boy, but this seemed the natural thing, at the time. I bobbed up and down on his dick while holding his balls in my hand and squezing them from time to time.
All the while he was rubbbing my dick back and forth.
When I thought he was going to cum, I stopped sucking and removed my mouth. I could almost feel his disipointment. I pushed him down on me.
He sucked and sucked, bobbing up and down and letting his saliva run down the shaft of my dick, all the while cupping my balls and running his finger down to the crack of my butt. I stroked his dick as he worked on me. When I was about to cum, I withdrew from his mouth and went down on him again.
This time as he approached the summit, I took him out of my mouth and finished him off by hand, watching his cum pump out the end of his dick. I put my hand over his mouth when I thought he was going to cry out, but he began sucking my finger.
When he had finished cumming and his dick had gone soft, he went down on me again and sucked me furiously. As I began to cum he took me out of his mouth and watched my cum jump in long strings over us and the bed.
As my dick began to soften, he took it again in his mouth and sucked. In very short order I was hard again. I returned the favor and got him hard. This time we tasted each other's cum and felt a dick paulse to climax in our mouths.
Our fondness for each other intensified after that night. We would often jack each other off, jack off together and suck on one another, although we never did cum in the other mouth again. We shared girls as we got older, doing threesomes and even swapped wives a few time after we married. Our wives wanted to see us together and we put on a show for them, and, they put on show for us. I forgot to mention that we married sisters. We eventfully moved across the country from each other, but we four sometimes talk about how much we had and wouldn't be nice to do it again.



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