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An Appointment with the Masturbationist

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I had heard about this guy, and thought about booking an appointment for a long time. Finally...


My friend George told me about the masturbationist. Evidently, there's this guy who will give you a treatment similar to a massage, but it's a handjob. And, according to George, it is a great handjob! It sounded intriguing, but of course I'd never do such a thing. I mean, paying a guy to jerk me off? Heck, I can do that myself. Then Franklin said he, too, had an appointment with the masturbationist, and while he refused to tell me any details about his session - and I did ask several times - he said it was absolutely wonderful, and that I should book an appointment. When not one, but two separate friends recommend a movie, a good book, a new sport, you start to think about it.

In fact, during the next the next couple of months, I jerked off several times, while trying to imagine what it would be like to visit the masturbationist. Then, one Saturday afternoon, not having had a girlfriend in a while, I was particularly horny, and I gave the guy a call. Oddly, my heart was in my throat. Why should that scare me? Just talking to the guy on the phone scared me. Go figure. But he did have a smooth, calm voice. Sounded like a nice guy, yet not affected, girlish, or anything like that. Kind of sounded like my recently departed father. My father recently took a job as professor of mechanical engineering in Capetown, South Africa, so I don't see him anymore, but we Skype from time to time.

At various times, two days before my appointment, my mind was racing. Why should a simple 'massage' appointment affect me so? I was, well, I don't quite know what. Maybe scared, apprehensive, concerned, yet also excited, looking forward to it very much. I think if you had tested my blood pressure during the last two days before the appointment, it would have been through the roof. It was even hard to eat well. My appetite was out of whack. Can you spell n-e-r-v-o-u-s? Geez, I even considered cancelling the appointment - several times.

So, the day and time arrived (Wednesday, 3:15pm), and I drove to the guy's apartment. He greeted me at the door. I was a bit taken aback. He was a very fit, bald man, kind of on the short side, at around 5'7", well tanned, and old. He was probably around 65 years old. I don't know what I was expecting, but not that. On the other hand, it didn't concern me. The minute he opened the door, there was something calming about this fellow. He was, indeed, in some way like my own father, who I've always admired, and gotten along with well.

He introduced himself and beckoned me in. He had a nicely furnished two-bedroom apartment. Did I say nicely furnished? Why it was downright cozy, with a baby grand piano in the living room, and a view of the lake from the sliding glass door. He guided me to one of the two bedrooms. It took my eyes a moment to adjust having come from the bright sunlight outside. The room was lighted by about a half-dozen candles scattered around. There was a massage table covered with some sort of a dark plaid blanket-like sheet in the middle, a couple of chairs, a shelf containing what appeared to be several bottles of colored oils, and the walls were painted a dark wine red. Cozy, really! Some very quiet, almost unnoticeable, Kenny G-like music was playing.

Oh, and the room was almost too warm. I realize in retrospect that it was warm on purpose, so I wouldn't be uncomfortable taking off my clothes.

Jeff, the masturbationist, simply asked me to take off my clothes, and flop them over the back of a chair. Nervously, I did. One of the thoughts that was running through my mind is that this hour is costing $60, so I don't want to waste any time delaying in doing things like taking off my clothes. I think that thought actually helped me be more comfortable as the session started. I was too concerned about wasting time to fully grok the fact that my genitals were about to be professionally handled, even though I had no idea what that might entail or what that might be like. As I was laying my pants on the chair, and about to pull off my underwear, the thought suddenly occurred to me that the feeling was not unlike a trip to the dentist. I laughed out loud - perhaps out of nervousness, Jeff asked, and I told him my thought about the dentist. He then laughed too. Suddenly, it was easy to take off my underwear in front of Jeff.

Now, you would think that I'd have a boner at this point. After all, I was expecting to end up with an orgasm. Perhaps if Jeff hadn't been 65 years old, and like my father, I would have. Well, maybe if Jeff had been female and 25 years old...

But no erection at all. Jeff had me lay face down on the table. I wasn't expecting face down. He then started gently rubbing my neck, shoulders, thighs, calves, back and buttocks while he explained a couple of things:

First, his service might not be strictly legal, so not only must he advertise only by word-of-mouth, but that I should be careful not to talk about him with the 'wrong' people. Although in his 25-year career, he has never been bothered by any kind of trouble. He took a minute to tell me why he thought his service was valuable, and should not only be fully, certifiably legal, but should be lauded as an important service for all ages and sexes. I interrupted and asked him about that. It turns out he won't work on clients under 18, just to protect himself from legal implications. He has worked on many female clients, but says his practice is mostly men. And most of them are 20 or more years older than me. His oldest client just turned 94 - and yes, he can still get an erection. He explained that a service such as his combats horniness, and that makes people better behaved. Imagine a society in which people can just associate and work with each other, without the constant thoughts of chasing tail. If people were sexually satisfied all the time, they'd really act better. I completely agree with that. Hearing that also calmed me down quite a bit, after all, I was just here to make me a better member of society, right? But I was still nervous about what was going to happen.

After only a few minutes, Jeff had me flip over. He explained that the state of erection, in fact state of everything, varies considerably from man to man, and from session to session (most of his clients are regulars, it is rare for him to get a new client such as myself). But he wanted me to know that I should not give a moment's thought to whether I am 'normal' in Jeff's eyes. Whatever I want to do, and whether I'm erect or not, and when and if I ejaculate - whatever - it's all normal.

After less than a minute of gently running his hands over my arms, hands, feet, legs and thighs, he brushed his fingertips over my scrotum. It was electric! How did he do that? Just a simple feather-light touch on my scrotum sent chills of delight through my body. My penis even jumped a little bit.

Then a pause. He just stood there, not touching me. And all by itself, my prick started hardening. And Jeff continued to just stand there. After what must have been a full minute, my dick was as rock-hard as it had ever been.

Jeff moved forward, and ever so lightly touched my frenulum. Wow, woah! Amazing. A simple little touch like that, and another electric thrill.

Slowly, perhaps every five or ten seconds, he ever-so-lightly stroked my frenulum again. My penis rose up each time, and fell back to my stomach. I was no longer nervous at all. I was surrendered. I knew I was in caring, expert hands! And I was ready to cum, right now!

But that was not Jeff's plan. For the next fifteen minutes, he alternated between lightly touching his fingertips over my penis, scrotum, and inner upper thighs. I was in heaven!

Then he did something so unexpected, I had to look down and see: He lifted my penis up a couple of inches by the frenulum. He had pinched that bit of skin below the head of my circumcised cock between his thumb and index finger, and lifted. And he just held it like that for a very long time. I've never felt anything like it in my life. It set off a sort of almost-orgasm. I can't really explain it, but it felt like nothing I've ever experienced in my life.

He went back to touching my scrotum. Then he kind of dug in a bit. He lightly pinched each testicle between the thumb and fingers of each hand. The balls were kind of slipping back and forth under his grip, like wet bars of soap. Delicious. He massaged my balls like that for a while.

I happened to glance at the clock. Where did the time go? It was already 4pm, and the session was only until 4:15. I think I had fallen into some sort of hypnotic trance. I realized that Jeff had been doing all sorts of gentle techniques to my remarkably rock-hard penis, and had been giving equal attention to my balls. I was starting to think I could enjoy never cumming again, but just to enjoy the wonderful touching, and super-erection that I was experiencing. For a few minutes, I focused on the feeling of that erection. Guys can easily dismiss the erect feeling. In fact it is kind of hard to notice it, but when you do, when you really notice your erection, possibly throbbing a bit, it is just wonderful. Being hard and not cumming is almost another kind of sex.

I was becoming aware that Jeff was doing something different now. He seemed to be lightly, slowly rubbing the palm of his right hand over the oiled head of my penis while holding the shaft in the fist of his left hand. And his left hand was stroking up and down. And I was starting to squirm because the palm rubbing was both hard to bear, and delicious at the same time. Kind of an intense tickle. At the same time, the 'going to cum' feeling was starting to build up inside me. I knew that I'd be ejaculating within a few seconds.

But that didn't happen. Just when I was surrendering to the inevitable, Jeff stopped and backed away. The cumming feeling subsided. After just a few seconds, he picked up my penis and resumed where ha had left off. I started feeling like I was going to cum again. And he stopped again. Amazing! I wish I had a better command of the English language, because I cannot convey to you how wonderful this all was. I had no consciousness of the fact that I was being masturbated by an old man. As a basically heterosexual, somewhat younger guy, you'd think I might not find this situation sexual. And maybe it wasn't sexual at all, But it was wonderful, and it was triggering my orgasm reflex in the most delightful way, which from now on, I'll accept from anyone, any day of the week!

But anyway, Jeff continued to bring me to the brink several times, stopped for only a few seconds, then continued. It was starting to become almost a torture. I wanted to cum badly. My body was crying out for release. And then, at 4:10pm, it happened. Jeff didn't stop after I was once again nearing orgasm. I came buckets all over Jeff's hand, my stomach, and his soft plaid sheet.

Normally, after an orgasm, I want to escape right away. Not this time. I was more satisfied than I think I ever was in my whole life. Yet, I was in no hurry to get dressed, or even get off the table. Jeff had quietly said I could stay on the table and take as long as I wanted, that his next client wasn't until 6pm, and then he walked out of the room.

After a few minutes, I heard his piano in the distance. Mozart, I think it was. Well played. I dressed, and came out, sat on his sofa and appreciated his music. At the end of the piece, he thanked me and said I was a great client. He hoped to see me again. I paid him, and said that I'd take a second job if necessary to come up with the money to visit him regularly. He laughed. We talked a bit. He told me that many of his clients learn to have several actual orgasms during his treatment. Some even have little ejaculations, a drop or two, over and over again. He said the record is seven times in one session, staying hard the whole time. Oh, I want to learn that! There's a part of me that thinks I can learn that, and eventually hold the new record of 8 or more ejaculations in a single session. I booked next Wednesday at 3:15pm.



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