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Brian and I

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We're both straight, but we were bored. TRUE STORY


One day, my friend Brian came over. We were both sixteen, but Brian is much smaller than me. Brian has brown hair and brown eyes, just like me. But, he does not seem to be as far through puberty as me. He only has a small moustache that he always shaves off. And he only has a little bit of leg hair. I, on the other hand, have much more facial hair that I shave off, and much more leg hair. Brian is very skinny and small. I am tall and more of a built person.

Brian was over and we were playing games in the basement and watching movies. I said I was going to go to the bathroom to get changed into more comfortable clothes to sleep in, and he said he would do the same. But then, Brian said that we should just change down here since we were both guys. Sure, why not... I turned around and got out my clothes and then when I turned back around Brian was COMPLETELY naked, digging through his bag trying to find his boxers. I didn't really say anything to him, and I just got changed right there too. Since Brian was completely naked, I could clearly see his dick. It was a little but on the smaller side and cleanly shaven. I hadn't shaven mine in about a month and a half so it was a bit hairy. But, mine was definitely bigger than Brian's. He commented and said 'Dude, do you ever shave??' I said yes but not in a while.

We were eventually changed and Brian put on a pair of red and black boxers. I put on a pair of light blue boxers. We were both in t-shirts and basketball shorts. We played some more games and eventually got to talking about girls, porn, jacking off, and you know...stuff like that.

Brian showed me pictures of this girl he thought was hot and told me stories about her. He said that one time they were like dry-humping, and that was the biggest, hardest boner he ever had in his life. He said he went into the bathroom after that, jacked off, and had the biggest orgasm. Then we got to talking about porn and what websites we used. He pulled up this video that he said was the best. I actually was going to show him the same video because I thought it was the best too. We watched it and I could see that Brian was starting to get a boner. He could not hide it at all in the basketball shorts. I had like a half-boner, so it was still a little soft.

He eventually said to me, 'Dude I am so hard right now.' I laughed and said 'Yeah I kinda am too.' After the video was over, Brian stood up with his boner sticking straight out in his pants and went over to get a drink. After he came back and sat down (still with a boner), we started talking about jacking off. You know like when we do it, how we do it, how often, techniques, etc. I told him I did it at least once or twice a day, in my bed at night and like right after school. I said that I use my full fist and just pump it. He said he does it whenever he can, but he shares a bedroom with his brother so sometimes it can be awkward. But, he said that his brother is a freshman and probably does it too. So, sometimes when they both get home from school Brian said he just goes up to his room and does it, naked, in his bed, even if his brother can see him. I can just imagine Brian laying there in his bed, naked and shaved, not a hair on his body, except his head. His brother just sitting there not saying anything just watching TV with his naked brother jerking in the background. But, Brian said he doesn't care, and laughed. Brian said he does it naked because its more exhilarating.

At this point, we were both hard. Brian said that he had another technique. He started explaining it but I really didnt under stand. He said 'Here ill just show you...uh I guess.' So, he pulled down his shorts and revealed a tent in his red and black boxers. The he took off his shirt put in in a ball and put it on the floor. Then he slowly pulled down his boxers. His hairless, 4-5 inch boner popped out, followed by his nice balls. He pushed his boner up against his stomach, laid flat and humped the t-shirt. He said nothing for a while but eventually said, that's it, I need to jerk.

He got up, wearing nothing but socks and sat to my right on the couch. I said I wanted to too because that video made me crazy. I went over to the computer and pulled it back up and then went back over to the couch. I stripped, and slowly took off my light blue boxers. Brian said wow, yours is bigger than mine (he sounded a little embarrassed) He stood up and said 'lets see...' He came over and stood next to me and compared. My dick was about seven inches hard, about three inches bigger than Brian's!

Anyway, we both sat back down and began to pump our dicks. Me with a full fist, Brian with his thumb and pointer finger. Brian's hand was making the classic slapping noise, so luckily no one else was home to hear it. We both got faster and faster and started moaning. We blew our loads all over our clothes that we left on the couch. I looked over at Brian who was just laying his head back, exhausted. We couldn't put our clothes back on, there was jizz over all of them. I said we should go upstairs to get bath towels to wrap ourselves in until the jizz dried up.

So, I started up the stairs, Brian behind me. Our dicks were swinging back and forth. Brian's hairless dick and balls were really saggy. We put our towels on and went back downstairs. We eventually got changed back into our clothes. This was the first time I ever saw Brian's dick and with a boner. I've seen him in his boxers before though and he had seen me in mine. But this time, we saw each others dicks to the fullest.



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