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Breeding Fire (4)

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Sorry it's been so long...


'I have an idea,' Susan said as Sam finally got as naked as us. Sam was so wet I could see her wetness glistening from the interior of her thigh.

'Here, Sam, lay across us on the couch. My backs all tired from being on the floor with Aimee.' Susan commanded.

Susan and I got up and then sat on the couch and then Sam came and lay down on our laps. Sam's head was in my lap and I looked into her excited and blue eyes. The bottom of her head covered my pussy and I remember getting all excited and wet all over again because of the surrender of the moment and Sam's open proximity to my bare genitals.

'Do you want the blindfold?' Susan asked Sam.

'No, I want to see what's going on the first time,' Sam answered.

Sam's 14-year-old wet, blonde, and dripping pussy was laying on Susan's lap and you could tell by Susan's expression she was ready to unleash on her sister. 'Ready Sam?'

'I'm ready. OK, make me come, guys,' Sam said and then a look of total committment came over her face.

And with that, Susan went to work. It was then, during that 20 minutes or so that I witnessed Susan totally and lovingly molest her sister, that Susan was a genius. Of course she wasn't performing the feats of Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison, but I've come to believe that there is genius to be found in the art of sexual pleasure, and furthermore, I believe Susan was a natural at this. I mean, to see the firey gleam in her eye as she perfectly manipulated her sister's vaginal walls, clitoris, and labia. The way she penetrated and teased Sam's vagina and womb-opening, to see her do this to her willing and writhing sister was to believe. As I sat with Sam's pleasure-emitting head on my leaking and aroused lap that day, I believed in Susan's genius. As I sit and type this story years later over a cup of tea on this wintery afternoon, I believe in Susan's genius.

How else except by genius could Susan have broken me free sexually? Up until that fateful mutual session earlier that Spring in my bedroom before our early soccer tournament departure I would have never conceived of the sexual acts and pleasures that Susan had opened me to. Such sights I have now... such memories... and such revelations that I owe all to Susan and her sexual genius.

As Sam's stomach started to quiver and undulate with erotic crisis, I began to stroke and play with Sam's young nipples. Hers were so red and sharp, I remember, with purplish goosebumps all around them. I remember at one point bending down and sucking on one of them, (oh remembering the feeling of that unique and wonderful point of flesh in my mouth! I confess in writing my accounts so far on this site I've never felt the need to masturbate afterward, but I believe today will be the exception.)

The whole scene was beautiful to behold: like a transcendent and erotic painting a child may stumble upon in a forbidden book. Here was Sam, a young teenage girl lying across two other older teenage girls, naked all, with Sam being voluntarily violated through near-transparent blonde pubic hair, and Susan with that delicious look on her face the entire time.

'Oh! ...Oh... uh... I'm coming! I'm coming, Oh my god, I'm cumming!' Sam finally erupted. And come she did. The living room nearly vibrated with Sam's unabashed, unabridged shouts and squeals.

When she was done, Susan stretched out her arms. 'This has been quite the workout! Let's get this place cleaned up!'

She was right, the whole living room smelled deeply of our pussies. While still naked we dusted, turned on fans, and cleaned the place of our odours.

After cleaning up a bit we went into the kitchen and made lunch. We were so giddy! We danced and twirled around the kitchen as we got stuff from the fridge, or plates from the cabinets, to make sandwiches. We laughed and giggled as we sat on the island stools naked as the day we were born. We talked of what we had just done, of boys, of a million things! It was such a wonderful lunch, I was so hungry, we all were. I was so alive.

I realize I am making this sound so grand but really girls, if you haven't eaten lunch with your best friends all naked yet, try it. I can't really explain why it's so beautiful and fun but it is.

After lunch we went up to Susan's room and Sam and I fondled and masturbated Susan to climax. After that we all masturbated ourselves on Susan's bed at the same time. At one point I asked to suck on Sam's nipples again and she let me. When I was close to making myself climax, Susan noticed and paused her onslaught on her own pussy and asked, 'Do you need my finger down there?'

'Sure,' I replied between gasps, and without hesitation, Susan slid her index finger up my rectum.

It was well into the afternoon by the time I left the sisters for home. I was in wonderland. The whole way home I was in a pleasant shock of the reality of it all. The entire day had been given over wholly to sexual pleasure. The most erotic day of my life. Or sure I was in store for more erotic encounters, by now I've had, and continue to have, erotic earthquakes, but there's something about your first ones...mmmm... It lingers.

The next few days were a blur. Susan and Sam, and I saw each other a few times, but we didn't do anything sexually. We did, however, begin to make plans for our next escapade together. Sam was now masturbating multiple times each day now that she was turned on to it, just as much now as Susan and I. In order to get what happens next you need to understand my mindset at this time. I was so turned on and curious, and willing to explore that curiosity. That whole tired metaphor about Pandora's box really does strike home when I think about that summer.

So, my attention then turned to my fifteen-year-old sister, Kate. If you remember, I did not let Kate in on any of the things that Susan and I had been doing. Unlike Sam, I don't think Kate even suspected what Susan and I did in my room. She seemed oblivious, and initially, I was glad to keep her out of what I was experiencing. But now, during those days following what Susan, Sam, and I had experienced, I had to know how much Kate knew about such things. I had to know if she masturbated. In fact, after seeing Susan and Sam break the barrier together, I was now growing determined to try and masturbate with Kate. I know it sounds odd and weird, and I would have never approached Kate with this if it wasn't for Susan and her ignition that she started within me, and quite literally within me.

But anyway, with all that being said here's what happened between me and my sister, Kate.

So, while Sam and Susan planned and plotted our next sexual encounter I became determined in the meantime to expose my sister to this new world I had discovered. I still laugh at myself thinking back to this. Here I was plotting to seduce my own sister into masturbating with me. Why? Goodness... probably 90% horniness and 10% desire to place myself in a somewhat safe, but very erotic and taboo situation. And seeing Sam and Susan. Watching them that day... wow. There was such a closeness it seemed in the act, it was indescribable then and still is now.

So anyway, it took a couple of days to even see a time where I could even start this kind of conversation with Kate. But finally, one evening, late, our parents had already gone to bed, it was just us up watching TV, with her in Dad's big ol' recliner and me huddled on the couch I asked, 'Hey Kate?'

'Yeah,' Kate responded absently, still zoned out looking at some random commercial.

'I want to tell you something. Something secret...'

That perked her up. Kate loves secrets.

'What? What is it?' she asked.

'I'll tell you, but you can't tell anyone OK?'

'Come on, Aimee, I won't tell anyone. What is it?' Kate exclaimed, totally focused on me.

I swallowed, leaned forward, and then said nearly whispering, 'Kate, I've... I've been masturbating a lot and not always alone.'

Kate's eyes got huge. I don't think this was anywhere near what she was expecting to hear. Her face flushed before saying, 'What? Are you serious? Who have you been... been doing that with?'

I grinned, Kate was very interested, I could tell this was going to eventually go where I wanted it to. 'Susan,' I answered.

'Are you... are you two lesbians then?' Kate asked.

Until that very moment when that question came across Kate's mouth I honestly had not even thought one second about whether this activity could mean that I was a homosexual. And in the moment of that question I was as sure as sunshine on what my sexuality was.

'No,' I began answering gently, 'No, we're not lesbians, but we've been doing some stuff I'm sure lesbians do. But what we're doing is more like 'sex practice.' It's all getting us ready for boys, and it's also letting us know a lot of stuff about our own selves and what we're like in that way.'

I could tell Kate was in overload. The following minutes were a flurry of questions and answers and Kate's confessions of masturbating and even touching our boy cousin's penis once! As we kept talking I realized Kate was just as curious as I had been, as every girl must be at the beginning. We began to peel away the layers of what we had been taught was wrong, or gross (What is gross about masturbation anyway? Talk about disservice and bad parental programming. I don't know so much about how boys are raised, but girls need, NEED to be taught that this is not gross but needed. Girls need to explore themselves early before boys and the rest of teenage-hood come in and everything explodes with a million decisions at once! Many catastrophes could be avoided if girls were better prepared, sexually. I have come to believe this.)

'I actually do it a lot in order to relax myself to go to sleep,' Kate said.

'How do you do it?' I asked.

'I like to lay on my belly and then reach my hand between my legs and...' Kate blushed again... 'and, you know, touch myself in circles down there.'

'DOWN THERE.' wow. To bridge the gap between our lives 'down there' and the rest of our lives in the world, there's the true struggle for women. But more of my thoughts on all that mystery later...

'How do you?' Kate asked.

I pulled my sweatpants down to my ankles and placed my hand on the crotch of my panties in a cupping motion and watched Kate's stare turn to a gape.

'You're wet through your underware...' Kate noticed as I was simulating my technique.

I looked down. She was right, I was soaking. I then seized the moment.

'Here...' I reached out and grabbed Kate's hand, for now she was kneeling before me on the couch. 'Touch me...'

'OK...' Kate accepted and let her hand be guided to my moist pussy.

I moaned. It was my turn to be in overload. My sister was touching me sexually, so surreal and yet it was so natural.

'You want to get totally naked and do this together?' I suggested.

After just a little hesitation, Kate said, 'yeah...'

We stripped and masturbated each other to climax on that old couch. I was shocked to see that Kate was very well groomed as far as her pussy hair went. I had never really took the time before this to ever really notice. Although in my defense she hadn't been shaving too much before this.

I don't know if I can really put into words how special that first time was with my sister, I don't know if I can really say if it was smart or stupid for us to do what we did to each other. But I can say it was special, after all the awkwardness it really did feel natural, even more natural than any of the stuff Susan and I did together.

I have just a few more stories from that magical summer, and I will share them with all of you, but understand that today, I really have no idea what has become of Susan and her sister Sam. We fell gracefully out of contact many years ago after going to separate universities and when their parents moved that sealed it. But what started that night, and that summer, with Kate and I has continued for years, and I'm sure it will continue for years to come.

Like I said, the right or wrong of it aside, it has felt as natural as masturbating with myself as it has with my sister Kate. From that summer on, Kate and I have been open and frank with one another that we have continued our occasional masturbatory relationship.

I remember one Christmas break when we were both back from school I came into the bathroom to blow dry my hair after my shower and Kate was taking her shower. We were just talking and blabbing, when I just up and decided to jump back into the shower with her. I masturbated her pussy with wild abandon in the shower.

Even now, even though she's been married a few years and now has a young daughter we still find time to masturbate each other from time to time, like I said, it feels like it's the most natural thing in the world. Her husband doesn't know, and sometimes we giggle about telling him. But mostly we find it precious, this little secret among sisters that we keep to ourselves. This secret intimacy that is set apart, almost holy, from every other sexual act and partner I've ever had or will have.

But back to that summer...

I still have one more story to tell of that ravenous summer of ignition. A story of just how horny we got. But it's a cautionary tale, our sexual escapades got us into a little trouble, but at least I came out of it with some sort of lesson.

Till then....



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