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Bottle Jacking

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Embarrassing incident with my Mother


My favorite toy when I was 19 was an aspirin bottle. It was about half the length of my erection and barely wide enough to get into when soft. I would squeeze the bottle up to my penis, and let the bottle suck it in. I'd get hard and yank the bottle until I was ready, then squeeze the bottle off and finish jerking.

It occurred to me that the bottle could get stuck, and I used to fantasize about having to go to the emergency room and having a young female doctor work the bottle off. In reality, I figured I would probably get some old dude.

I was bottle jacking one evening with this fantasy when I was startled by a knock on my bedroom door. I threw my blanket over my penis. It was my mother and she wanted to know if I had any laundry. In an instant my brain went to pervert town and I made my voice sound distressed. She asked if I was OK, and I started a phony cry and said. 'No'. She came in and the act was working, she looked at my face and immediately sat down and asked what the problem was.

'I did something embarrassing and I need to see a doctor,' I said.

'Did you hurt something? Where?' she asked.

'It's private,' I pleaded, and faked more sobs.

'Is this about your... your penis?'


'Do you want me to take a look?'

My heart started thumping. I slowly lowered the blanket and my bottle-covered penis sprang up. Her eyebrows went up and she laughed a little bit. I kept with the charade.

'Mom! Please! It's not funny'

'I'm sorry. Have you tried squeezing the bottle?'

'Yes, but it really hurts, I can't do it,' I lied.

'Did you try... umm... masturbating so that the erection goes away?'

'I can't! It hurts!' I lied.

'May I try?'

It worked. 'OK, but I think you should just take me in,' I sighed.

With that, Mom went to work trying to free my penis from the bottle. First she tried squeezing the bottle. This would have made short work of the job, which I didn't want, so I jumped back and yelped as if it hurt. Then she grabbed the base of my penis and tried to 'unscrew' the bottle. This legitimately hurt, and I yelped for real. She sat back and laughed. 'Looks like we'll have to chop it off!'

'Mom! This is serious! Can I just see a doctor?'

'I have an idea,' she said. 'Is your foreskin pulled back?'

'No, it's over the head.'

She grabbed the bottle again and pulled it taut, and with the other hand, pulled down on the skin of my penis. A little bit of skin slid out of the bottle. She pulled harder and a little more slid back. 'OK, relax,' she said, 'I think it's moving.' With that she gave the shaft a final tug, pulling my foreskin out of bottle. I gasped and stiffened up, eyes wide. My bare glans hit the neck of the bottle, and I was edging.

I started to have an attack of conscience... this was wrong. I needed to stop it.

Before I could say anything, Mom grabbed the bottle and tugged hard. It came off with a SLURP! and I immediately pulled the blanket up over my bare penis, trying not to cum. Mom was left holding the bottle, with a comically long string of pre-cum dripping out of it.

'Well, let me see it! It might be injured!' Mom demanded. There was no way out of this. Underneath the blanket, I quickly pulled the foreskin back over the head to maintain some dignity, and pinched it to try to stop the inevitable. 'Show me your penis!' Mom insisted. I took a deep breath and lowered the blanket again.

The damned thing was bright red, with a string of blood blisters on the foreskin. 'Oh, honey, that looks bad,' Mom said. 'Let me check the glans. Pull your foreskin back.'

'No, Mom, it's OK. I'll be OK.' I was regretting the whole thing already. I was still edging and the last thing I wanted to do was ejaculate in front of my mother.

'Don't be silly, you could have hurt yourself,' she replied, and with that, grabbed my penis and pulled the foreskin right back to the base. I grunted involuntarily and the first spurt of cum jumped out, onto Mom's hand. She gasped and froze until the second, then third shot oozed out, finally letting go, and just watching me cum.

After a moment of awkward silence, Mom burst out laughing. 'I guess it still works,' she said. 'Put some ice on it and I'll have a look tomorrow.' She grabbed the laundry and walked out, closing the door behind her.

For a week I had to show Mom my penis until the blood blisters cleared up.

That was 15 years ago. Neither one of us have mentioned the incident since.



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