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Billy and I...and Our Penises

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Billy showed me how to masturbate...


My friend Billy liked to show off his penis. He showed it to me the first time when we were in music camp together. We both got sick, with a fever, and were put in the infirmary all day, a big room with half a dozen beds on the second story, looking out on a large oak tree. We didn't feel sick, just had fevers, and had lots of energy, but the camp nurse wouldn't let us out of the room. They left us there all day, by ourselves, except to bring meals and check our temperatures.

We did all sorts of things, and once started jumping up and down using our beds as trampolines. We had pajamas on, but when Billy was jumping, he got an erection, and his penis stuck out of his bottoms and he started to laugh about it and pointed to it for me. I was laughing and jumping on the bed next to him, and I got an erection too.

I knew about erections, but I didn't know about masturbation. Billy did. He was jumping and holding his penis and playing with it, and then suddenly he stopped jumping and lay down on the bed and was rubbing his penis really fast and breathing hard and kind of twitching his legs, and making sounds. I was watching him a little afraid, but transfixed, and, now that I look back, I was sexually excited watching him. He had an orgasm, with cum. I watched him wipe it up, holding his penis by the tip to get all around with his Kleenex. I had never seen cum before.

I had seen evidence of it, when I had wet dreams, but never knew about it. Billy told me all about it. He pulled down his pajamas and showed me his penis. He was more mature than I was, with strawberry blonde hair around his balls, and fuzz on his legs. His penis was bigger, too, but then he was a little older. He'd been playing with his penis for a long time, before puberty, and had had cum for about a year, I think. He wanted to show me, and was excited to do it.

I lay on my bed next to him, and pulled down my pajamas, too. I still had an erection. He told me to stroke, and I rubbed the way I had seen him. I was just getting hair around my balls, and my whole body felt sooooo good, in ways I'd never felt before. It's funny, I don't remember my first orgasm with Billy much; I remember how really good it felt to be so excited, and I remember him watching me and encouraging and stroking himself, with his legs up and his loose balls. I remember all that, and I remember cumming and watching drops of semen ooze out....

We jacked off a bunch of times before camp ended two days later. Billy and I tasted each other's cum, and the memory of licking his cum still excites me today. We lived a long way apart, but Billy was in a big house and could invite me to sleep-overs on weekends, and his mother left us alone, and Billy would get naked and let me watch him do exercises and goofy things with his erection, and then would let me play with his dick and he would play with mine. He got more and more hair, and more and more cum, and I still remember the taste of his cum while I masturbate. I wonder now if he thinks of that, too. It was so beautiful playing with our penises together....!



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