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To the Farm with Sis - Part Two

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I had been caught jerking off by my sister, Jen. This is what happened later that night.



I had just been caught jerking off by my sister, Jen. I was taking a pee by the back of the barn, and she had hidden in the loft, as a joke. She got more of an show than she expected, I was sure.

I walked around the corner of the barn, looking to see if Jen had stuck around to tease me, but she was nowhere in sight, so I headed back to the farm house across the broad backyard. What would I do if my sister had told mom or dad what she had seen? Oh, God, the humiliation!

I went into the big kitchen and said hello to Uncle John. The grownups were at the table, talking and having coffee. The ceiling didn't fall in on me, so I figured out Jen had kept quiet-for now.

'Go and clean up for supper.' Mom ordered. 'It'll be ready soon, and your Aunty Marge and cousins will be here before too long.'

My Aunt Marge and cousins arrived and we all had a great time at dinner. We hadn't seen each other in months and we were happy to be able to get together and catch up on things.

Jen was her normal self all through dinner, except she didn't say hardly anything to me. She was talking to Mom, Caroline and Aunty Marge mostly. Our Dad and Uncle John headed for the TV to watch a ball game with a can of after-dinner beer. Mike and I headed outside into the warm dusk. Before I knew it, we were out behind the barn,

'I gotta take a piss' Mike said.

He unzipped his pants, pulled out his dick, and let fly at the side of the barn where only a few hours ago I had been caught jerking off. I joined him pissing, and our streams hissed and splashed down the wood to the concrete below, making a bubbly puddle. Should I tell him what happened? Why not? After all, we had jerked off together. It wasn't like he didn't know I did it.

The summer before, Mike and I had discovered the pleasure of jerking off, and we had even done it together. It had happened just a few times-once behind the barn, and a couple of times when we were sleeping out in the tent alone. We didn't do each other, we just watched each other as we took care of ourselves. The one thing that I was really curious about, though, was Mike's foreskin. I knew all about circumcision, but having seen the genuine article a few times in action, so to speak, I was interested in asking him about it-after the grownups thought we were asleep, and he and I could talk alone.

'You ain't gonna believe what happened today when we got here, Mikey. I came back here to take a piss, and I had a boner and I started to jerk off...'

'Yeah, so what?. I do it back here all the time when I want to have a fast one.' Mike interrupted.

'Lemme finish!' I hissed. 'Jen was up in the loft! I didn't know until I shot my jizz, and looked up and saw her looking right down at me. She saw me cum and everything!'

Oh, dude! No way! Oh, God..that's..that's..' Mike started to giggle. 'That's so fucking funny!' Oh my God! Your sister saw you jerking...'

Mike was laughing so hard he couldn't finish his sentence. I watched him, and although I didn't feel that way when it had happened, after seeing Mike laughing so hard, I realized how ridiculous the situation was. I started to laugh, too, and soon we were back there, behind the barn, laughing like a couple of hyenas, rolling in the grass, with tears streaming down our faces.

'Do you think she'll tell?' I asked Mike, who was finally getting control of himself after the outbreak of hilarity.

'Nah-what's she gonna say, Danny?' Mike replied, 'Oh.. I wanted to spy on Danny when he was pissing and look at his dick, but I saw him jerking off instead!'

I thought about what Mike had said about the situation and realized he was right. Jen was stuck: she couldn't tease me about having seen me jerking off, at least not in front of anyone, because then I could tell everyone that she had been spying on me to see my dick.

'Mikey... my dick is pretty hard right now....' I said.

'Mine too.' he replied. ' Ya wanna?'

I already had my shorts down and was laying back pulling on my hard, young cock. The feeling was great, all tingly in my balls, kind of itchy-like up and down the shaft. I spit in my hand, like I did earlier in the day, and stroked my palm up and over the head of my cock. I looked over at Mike, his hand busy rubbing his foreskin back and forth over his swollen cock-head. He sucked in his breath.

'Mikey, I wish I had a foreskin like yours. What's it feel like in your hand?' I blurted out.

Mike opened his eyes, and looked into mine.

'Why don't you see for yourself?' he invited. Mike removed his hand from his dick, never looking away from my eyes.

My heart started to beat faster. I had thought about jerking Mikey's uncut cock, but I didn't know how he would take it if I asked him directly-now he was offering me the chance.

I didn't hesitate. I let go of myself and wrapped my fingers around Mike's stiff cock. I began to stroke it up and down, letting the skin slide up around the head, pulled it taut, and then pulled it all the way down, exposing his glistening knob. Then back up. Up and down, up and down, slowly, then faster. Mikey's back arched up, and he sucked in his breath.

'Oh, shit, Danny... Don't stop! Don't stop! Oh, God, that feels so fucking good when you do that! Oh, Jesus! Oh....'

Just like that, my cousin Mikey shot a huge rope of hot cum that landed on his bare chest. The next squirt landed by his belly button, and the next few spasms brought more of his cum dribbling over my hand.

'Whoa... That was awesome!' I said. ' You shoot like a fire hose!'

Mike was laying back with his eyes closed. 'Your turn. And I've got something better than spit for you.'

Mike grabbed a palmful of his own cum off his belly and reached over and smeared it on the head of my cock.

I jumped at his touch, and felt my balls tighten as his hand clenched the naked head of my dick. Instead of pumping me, he just rubbed his cum-slick hand on my knob.

'Oh Jesus! Oh, shit! I cried involuntarily. The feeling was beyond intense, almost to the point of pain.

'Nice, huh?' Mike grinned. ' I tried this one on myself. Makes me cum really fast.'

His hand stayed firm on my knob, stroking just that sensitive end of my cock. Barely two or three strokes from his young hand, and I was spurting my own stream of jizz, adding to the sticky mess we were reveling in.

'Oh my God! Oh my God, Mikey! Oh fuck! That is fucking awesome! It feels even better when you jerk me off than when I do it myself!' I said.

'Yeah, that was how it was for me, too. It just feels better when someone else is doing it, I guess. Can you imagine what pussy must feel like? To fuck a girl for real, I mean? Oh, jeez.. what if it's even better than what we just did?'

That question remained unanswered and uncommented upon. We both pondered the enormity of the pleasure awaiting us. It was almost too much for our tiny, hormone-addled teenage brains.

'Let's get back to the house.' Mike said 'The mosquitoes are starting to come out real thick.'

The sun was completely down, and the lights of Mike farmhouse home shone across the field and yard past the barn. We got up and headed in. It was going to be a fun summer.

To be continued.



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