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Between Her Breasts

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I have a female cousin who I'm very close to. She's Caucasian and I'm Asian - we're connected through marriage - my cousin married her many years ago and hence the connection!

Anyway, I've always adored her and what started off as a crush when I first met her as a kid blew up into sexual feelings when I hit puberty and she became the source of many of my sexual fantasies.

I never told her how I felt (but how can I?) until many, many years after her husband passed on. She's now a single mother of two and after telling her how I felt about her (she was quite open and cool about it), we became very good friends and confided a lot of things in each other.

We see each other perhaps once in three or four years and communicate mostly via e-mail, sometimes via text messages on the phone.

My cousin, we'll call her Linda and who is in her early 40s, is a beautiful brunette. She's about 5'7' and is, well, full figured.

She has the most amazing breasts on a woman - they're 38DD and have been the object of many fantasies of mine.

Anyway, the last time we got together, we had some private time together at my place with no where around and we really got to do some fooling around.

It was the most amazing experience, as I had been fantasizing about her for nearly 20 years!

Anyway, it first started out with us just cuddling, than we started kissing and making out. Finally, I told her that I wanted to make love to her, but she told me it wouldn't be right as we were 'family.'

I asked her if it was ok for us to make out in the nude and she had no issues with that. She wore a white sleeveless top and shorts.

First came off the top and shorts. She was wearing a matching black bra and panties. I have to say one of the things I remembered most about her was that she smelled amazing! Once the clothes came off, the smell of her skin became more intoxicating!

Anyway, we made out for a while more and than I begged her to take off her bra. Just seeing her breasts in them was already enough to make me hard - and wet!

She finally took them off and I think I must have heard angels singing when she did! My God, the sight was completely amazing - divine-like!

I couldn't stop staring at them! They were large, pear-shaped and sagged quite a bit. Her large pink nipples, about the size of my index finger, pointed downwards.

I held them for the first time ever, and they felt massive and soft but at the same time, powerful, in my hands.

I played with them for what seemed like an eternity - kissed them, licked them, fondled them, stroked them...Oh! It was bliss!

Finally, I told her that one of my favourite fantasies had always been to have sex with her breasts, namely, to be able to titty-fuck them.

To my surprise, she obliged!

'Go for it,' she said.

She lied down on her back, and waited for me. I ripped whatever clothes I had on (I can't remember the state of undress I was at that point - my mind was just transfixed on her pale, delicious boobs)!

To be honest, I'm not one of the most endowed people in the world, sadly. Fortunately she didn't say anything. By this time, my penis was so hard, it could literally explode with the slightest touch!

I climbed on top of her and positioned myself gently over her torso - my balls touching her sternum as I lowered myself.

I placed my hard penis between the two mountains of love and was in total awe at what happened next!

Placing each hand on either side of her breasts, she pushed them towards each other, gripping my penis in the process.

Because of the disparity in size (her large breasts and my not so large penis), my penis totally vanished as they were engulfed by her amazing breasts!

The sight of that, together with the friction and pressure of her breasts squeezing against my penis was just too much to take, and after thrusting just once or twice, I exploded - and I exploded hard!

Cum shot out the top of her breasts (through the valley and into her cleavage) and onto her chest and neck! It was the most amazing feeling and experience I had ever had!

She gave me a smile as she slowly let go of breasts - and the grip on my penis in the process.

The orgasm was so strong I just collapsed next to her. I was practically stoned for a couple of minutes. We just lay there, not moving not saying anything. I apologized that it had happened that way, but she was fine with it.

She got up and wiped herself clean.

Then she came back and lay beside me and held me. We kissed and cuddled a bit more, than had another round of titty-fucking. This time, I lasted longer and it was amazing!

To anyone who's never had this experience, you should try it. It is simply out of this world!



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