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Leaving the State

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Wife and her friend at a dance club


A few years ago the wife and I were moving out of state and the wife's friends wanted us to go out for one last night on the town. So after packing things all day we got cleaned up and dressed to hit the town. The wife wore a sexy sundress that I had bought her earlier that summer that always gets my juices flowing. The dress shows off her cleavage just right and it is lower cut. To say the least I was ready to reach up her dress right there and then.
We got in the truck and headed to dinner with her friends. In the truck I started to rub her thigh and got higher up and noticed she had on a garter belt and stockings. She said yes it is the one you bought last week. This was the first time she wore them. It was a light blue with designs and had matching French cut panties. Very hot. I also noticed from rubbing her thigh that her nipples got hard and she was not wearing a bra. That did nothing to lower my hardness.
We met her three girlfriends for dinner. Then we headed to a dance club her friends like. Her three girlfriends are good looking women in their forties and single, so they are always looking to find a young stud to hook up with. One of her friends Lilly has always got my attention. Like my wife she is a natural red head and has a body to die for with her 36DD breast. They all wore sexy dresses but Lilly had one of my favorites of hers on a low cut silk number that I always told my wife she should get one like it.
As the night went on the girls danced and drank, I was not drinking due to driving. I spent the night either dancing with the wife and surprisingly Lilly wanted to dance with me instead of finding a guy for the night. So I spent a good amount of time on the dance floor, which I do not do well. The wife and Lilly headed to the restroom at one point. When they got back the wife slipped in close to me and took my hand and slid it up her thigh to find she had taken off her panties. I started to play with the little patch of hair above her clit and then down and started rubbing her clit in little circles. She was having a hard time not showing on her face what was going on.
Lilly came back from a dance and sat back down and I started pulling my hand away but the wife held it there. So I kept playing with her clit and sliding my finger across her lips, which were soaked. Lilly was talking to the wife and trying to hold a conversation and all she could answer was yes or no. After a few more minutes of playing I felt the wife start shaking slightly and orgasm. After which Lilly looked at us and smiled. I left to go to the restroom and have a smoke.
As the evening went on the wife's other two friends left with some guys but Lilly stayed with us. We danced some more and they drank. Lilly got me out for a slow dance and was talking to me when she all of a sudden said she wanted me to do to her what I did to the wife earlier. I was shocked and stammered that I could not do that to the wife. Thought it might have been a test. When we got back to the table the girls went to the restroom and me for a smoke. I got back to the table before them and when they returned each one slid in next to me sandwiching me. The wife then told me that I needed to play with her again and with Lilly and make her orgasm.
After a short discussion I slid my hands under the table. I found Lilly had on thigh highs and no panties. She was clean shaven after exploring her I found she had a nice size clit and it was nice and hard. I played with both of them and brought them both off almost at the same time. After relaxing for a few minutes the wife said lets go home and Lilly spent the night with us.



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