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Best Christmas Ever

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Lets keep the Holidays fun!


When I was 16, I had an experience I will never forget. My mother and father had a tradition around Christmas to go out with my aunt and uncle to dinner, a movie, and then finish off the night at a nightclub. Since they usually got home late and often inebriated my aunt and uncle would stay over night.

They always brought their daughter, Shelley, who would also stay overnight. When she was younger, I used to think of myself as her babysitter. Now 13 years old, she is definitely too old for a baby sitter. However, I guess in keeping with tradition she decided to come along with her parents again this year. I really didn't mind because she was fun to be with.

Since I had not seen her for a while, she looked older. You could see the outline of her breasts under her sweater. Her tight dungarees accentuated her body. Her red hair was slightly down below her shoulders and the style looked more natural.

My parents, aunt, and uncle left about 7 p.m. Since I did not really plan anything, I suggested to my cousin that we get our pyjamas on, make popcorn, get some soda and watch Christmas movies. She looked as if she liked the idea and quickly left the living room.

I went and put on my pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt. My cousin put on a large shirt that went down to her mid thighs. Underneath I assumed she had panties on.

As I sat on the couch, Shelley asked if she could sit on my lap. I didn't think anything of it, since this was how we watched movies when she was younger.

I asked her to get up for a second so I could put the DVD on and start the movie. She quickly got off my lap but as soon as I returned to the couch, she moved back onto my lap.

I am not sure why but she started to squirm around on my lap and I could feel her soft bottom that was now rubbing against my cock under my pyjamas. Slowly I got aroused and soon had a full erection.

She seemed to ignore my erection at first but then she said it was funny that my 'thing' got so hard and tall. At first, I did not know what she was talking about and maybe I did not want to know. She continued that she had seen her older brother rubbing his stiff penis but did not understand exactly why he was doing it. She also said he made funny noises just before some thick white stuff shot out. Then he got soft again.

Wow, what was I to say. I stuttered not knowing whether I should explain to her what her brother was doing or kind of make a joke and ignore her questions.

Searching for the right vocabulary, I started to speak. First, I told her boys get erections when they are sexually aroused. Sometimes it is when they see naked girls, pictures of naked girls or if something rubs against their penis. The boy has no control whether his penis gets hard or not. It just happens.

I went on that the boy needs an erect penis to enter a girl's vagina. However, I did not want to get into too much detail about this part.

Lastly I said, when the boy rubs his penis long enough, semen comes out which is white. It usually squirts out in streams but a girl has to be careful if it gets too close to her vagina. Should it get inside, it only takes one sperm to fertilize her egg to make a baby.

Expressionless, she asked if she could watch me shoot out my semen. I really freaked out. Within an instant, my sexual urges took over and any rational thinking was gone.

I hesitantly said OK but ONLY if you promise not to tell anyone. She agreed and I figured I could trust my cousin.

Let's go to the guest bedroom. As we were going, I thought of an alibi just in case my parents, aunt, and uncle came home unexpectedly. If they asked me why we were in the guest bedroom, I would say that we got tired of watching the movie and I was helping Shelley find extra pillows so she could go to bed.

With the alibi problem solved, we went to the guest bedroom. I lay down on the bed, pulled my pyjama bottoms down, and started to stroke my member that was already hard. Shelley got on the bed and sat Indian style right next to my left side so she could see everything.

I poured on some baby oil that was next to the bed. She asked why and I said because it makes it slippery so it feels better. I started to stroke my member when she asked in a soft voice if she could touch it. I have to admit I went crazy and almost came right then. She slowly put her hand around it and started going up and down. Being inexperienced she did not have the right rhythm so I put my hand over hers to show how to move up and down, sometimes with fast short strokes and then longer slower strokes.

After a few minutes in pure ecstasy for me, she stood up and removed her shirt and panties. Why I did not explode right then, I will never know.

She straddles my legs and with her hand starts to rub me again. Now I know why she looks older to me. Her mound has short curly red pubic hair and her smallish breasts are firm. Her nipples are hard and protruding from her darkened areolas.

I could not help myself so I put my hand on her left breast. At first, she shuddered. I think she was more nervous than sexually aroused. I circled her nipple with my finger and gently squeezed her breast. She started to make soft sounds so I think she was starting to enjoy it.

To my shock and delight, she moved further up my legs until she was sitting cowgirl style. My member was rubbing up against her vulva lips. I know I could not have sex with her and it took all my will power not to put my dick inside her.

After a few awkward minutes, she moved back onto my legs and once again grabbed my cock. It was too much for me at this point. I exploded, squirting over my chest and her stomach as she moved my cock back and forth.

She actually giggled and touched the semen on her stomach. She said it was warm and gooey. With a little more confidence, she asked if I would do it again. This time I stuck to my guns and said that was enough for the night, and left the bedroom while she washed up. I am certain if she were a little more experienced, she would have masturbated herself.

Bam! I heard the front door open. As I gathered my wits about me and cleared the fog in my head, I realized my parents, aunt and uncle had just come home. Still dazed I looked around for Shelley. She was on the floor curled up with her head on a pillow watching the end of 'It's a Wonderful Life'. I could hear the famous line, 'Ever time a bell rings an angel gets its wings'.

I suddenly realized that I was sitting on the sofa. At this moment, I don't even remember actually moving off the sofa. Quickly my mind tried to sort things out and make sense of everything. My first thought was maybe I had fallen asleep during the movie. That what happened with Shelley was just a dream.

Still rubbing my eyes, I looked over to Shelley. She had a coy grin on her face and made a subtle motion with her hand as if she was stroking a cock. A dream or not, it was the best Christmas ever!



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