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Caught Neighbor In Bathtub

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As I've said in past stories I was a late bloomer to sexual things.  But once it started I ran into a multitude of events. I was 16 at the time and my buddy asked if I could stay at there house over night to watch there dog.  My parents agreed especially since it was a duplex and we knew the women who lived in the next unit.  My parents lived 10 minutes away to.  So Friday I drive over to the house and get situated. They left money so I ordered a pizza.  

I knew the house well and knew my buddy's parents, well dad, had a good porn stash.  I was waiting to later and then planned a night of jerking off. It was about 8 pm and I decided to take the dog out for the last time.  The back yard was fence in so I let her run free.  It was a duplex with a walk through separating the two properties. Irene lived next door,  I greeted her once I got there and she said if I needed anything to let her know.  Will I'm in the yard with the dog and notice the dog is doing something on the other side of the fence.  I wonder over and she chased a squirrel into a corner. I grab her collar and the squirrel runs.  The dog follows to the other side of the yard.  As I turn around I see Irene's bathroom window cracked open and the light was on.  Irene was nothing special. Mid 50's, bbw, blonde hair and big breasts.  She was a widow, we never met her husband.  As I look towards the window,  I can see Irene taking her blouse off. Being a horny 16 year old boy I couldn't resist. 

I creep towards the window.  It was a small single hung bathroom window with a screen. She had it opened half way with these weird curtains that didn't cover the whole window.  I get right up next to the window and peak in.  Irene has her blouse off so she is in just her bra and pants. She pulls her pants down and sits on the toilet, which happened to be up against the window side. I can hear her pee going into the toilet. Oddly, the situation had me starting to get hard.  While peeing, I can see from behind she undoes her bra and takes it off.  By the way she is facing,  I can't see anything but her back. She leans forward and wipes her vagina. I see her ass crack and I feel my heart pounding. 


She stands up and flushes the toilet, still facing the other way but I can now see her huge ass. She has veins throughout, but the sight had me excited. She walks over to her shower and turns it on.  I'm so excited,  I get to see her shower. As the water gets hot I'm guessing she turns to grab her towel. She is now facing me,  her breasts were amazing. Not sure the size but massive, her areolas were large and thick nipples.  The color was very light like her blonde hair. I immediately look at her pussy. Being a bigger women,  her belly cover some of it but I could see she had a hairy pussy. Oddly the hair was blonde tho. It was so hot.  I'd never seen that color hair down there in any porn. I can't help it,  just seeing this my cock is hard and throbbing. I put my hand in my shorts and start rubbing my hard cock onto of my underwear. Irene hops in the shower but leaves the curtain open half way.  As she showers,  I can see her soaping up her huge breasts and rubbing the soap on her hairy pussy. I can't take it anymore,  I drop my shorts and underwear. I'm in a fence in back yard,  nobody can see me.  I put my shorts and underwear on the chair next to me.  


Irene washes the soap off her soft body and then opens the curtain and proceeds to lay into the tub. While laying in the tub,  she takes the faucet of the shower and turns it into full pressure. I'm stroking my hard cock not sure what she is doing.  Then she faces the faucet to her pussy area.  As she does this she lets out a moan.  At that moment,  I realize she is going is masturbating in the tub.  I start pre cumming instantly. I'm so turned on.  After a couple of minutes Irene turns the shower and water off. She's laying in the tub, facing my direction. She has one hand groping her huge breasts and his back and forth with pinching her now hard nipples.  She reaches with her other hand to the outside of the tub.  She grabs this purple item from a bucket next to the tub.  I realize it's a purple vibrator. She takes it and rubs it gently on her nipples.  I'm stroking my cock,  just admiring this big beautiful women masturbating. She then puts the vibrator by her pussy. 


As it gets close to her puss, she takes one leg and puts it up on the tub ledge. From my view, I can see Irene's pussy lips. They were thick juicy looking lips.  She begins rubbing her lips and slowly opening her pussy. Then she rubs the vibrator on her clit. Once it hits her clit, she lets out another moan.  With the window open, I can hear her moans,  they were so hot.  After rubbing her clit,  she slowly sticks the vib into her pussy.  She must be tight,  because as she inserts it at first, she goes really slow, and moans as it inches deeper inside her.  I'm getting close but don't want to cum to far so I stop. Once she gets it inside her,  she slowly thrusts it all the way in and almost all the way out. 


She did this for 5 or so minutes.  Then she start thrusting faster, as she does this she takes her one hand and really starts groping her breast. She is breathing heavy and moaning.  I start back in myself.  I felt like in that moment I was pounding at the same pace Irene was trusting. As her climax built, so did mine.  I could tell she was close,  her body started arching in the tub.  Just then she lets out this loud moan, I shoot my load all over the wall.  Everything happen at once,  the excitement I to let out a quiteish moan. I catch myself but it happened. I hoped with her moan she didn't hear mine.  I watched as her body pulsed in the tub.  I kept jerking, draining everything I had.  She puts the vibrator back in the bucket,  I grab my stuff and head inside. I clean up and shower.  I couldn't believe what just happened.  I couldn't wait to tell my fend what happened the next day when they got home.  


After my shower I went out front to make sure my car was locked, Irene was out with her dog,  off to the side.  I say hello and tell her I'm going to call it a night.  She says OK, and asked if my buddy's dog threw up while it was out with her.  I told her no, she said her dog find something in the back yard by the wall and it looked weird. Just then I realized it must have been my cum. I knew I hadn't cum in days but I thought it just went on the wall.  I go in the house and look out the window. Irene is now in the back yard with her flash light looking at the wall and ground outside her bathroom window.  My heart is pounding. What might she do?  I just go to bed.  


I get up on the morning and get ready to leave.  I get outside and Irene is out cleaning her car out. I say good morning. She says it back and says I hope the dog was good last night.  I said, oh she was why? She says I found this mucus looking fluid by the wall.  I said, oh wow maybe she ate something.  She smiles at me and says maybe.  Then she says I hope you had a good night,  and I wasnt to loud. I laugh and say. Oh you had a party.  She says something like that.  I say, everything was good, no issues here.  She says glad you enjoyed your night.  I got in my car. She never said anything else about that night but by the conversation I'm guessing she either saw me outside, or knew that was cum on the wall.  Either way,  it was a great cum watching Irene. 




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