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Before the New Shop Opened

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This happened when I was in my mid 20s and my friend was in his 30s. When I have trouble getting off, I think about this experience.

This is my first story and I have been an ST fan for years.


I was walking down Cary Street one Friday afternoon in the fall when the owner of a local coffee shop stopped me and asked if I could lend a hand for minute. Anthony was getting ready to move his shop a short distance to expand his business and he needed help moving a large espresso/cappuccino machine into his new space from his double parked car. He grabbed one end and I took the other as he led us into the new shop which had butcher's paper covering the storefront. After we put the machine in place, Anthony asked if I would like to stay and have a drink after he parked the car.

Anthony cracked open a beverage for me and I was to wait for Anthony while he parked the car. As I sat enjoying my soda I watched Anthony leave noting the proportion of his wide shoulders to his narrow waist and buttocks as he walked out in his t-shirt and shorts. His Converse All-Stars punctuated a jaunty stride that exuded self-confidence.

Fast forward ten minutes and Anthony returned and to lock the door. Both of us are sitting in straight back chairs facing one another and we are talking about all sorts of things. Anthony offers me half of his sub sandwich, which I accept. He hands it to me and our hands accidentally touch and there is a spark between as I look into a face that round glasses and a droopy mustache adorn. Think of Sgt Peppers era John Lennon. Anthony and I drop our touch which has become elongated and awkward. Then I glance down and I see it.

Anthony is freeballing . I am doing my best to try and not notice, but it is difficult not to see it staring me in the face. We discuss the weather, the Redskins, his business plans and I keep stealing peeks. Between stolen glimpses I am able to see a dick that is quite different than mine. Anthony's pronounced urethra forms an almost buttocks-like countenance on a helmet-headed penis. It's flaccid, but Anthony doesn't appear to shrivel much unlike mine. I am convinced the shrinkage line in Seinfeld was written in my honor. His hairy legs lead up to hairier balls which jut his penis out to where it cannot be ignored.

I tried to keep up with the conversation, but got distracted as Anthony shifted and moved presenting a new view each time. The tension kept building. Finally, after we addressed the upcoming election of Bush the Elder, the tension was broken.

Anthony said, 'You must like what you are seeing, because I see you are developing quite a wet spot on your shorts while you are looking at my dick. Do you want to jack off?'

I was stunned since Anthony was very masculine and which did not betray his interest in men until he specifically mentioned it. It should be noted that I don't need a hard on to produce pre-cum. I prefer women, but have some prior JO buddy action and I was doing the best that I could to repress that to the past. I deflected, saying that I was concerned that homosexual contact might lead to AIDS, it was the late 1980's afterall.

Anthony countered that he only wanted to watch and be watched. There would be no swap of fluids. He reminded me of my ever growing spot in the front of my shorts as the indication of how I truly felt and said that he would keep this just between us. After some more reassurance, I was in.

I followed Anthony and again admired that stride and his proportion as we made our way back behind the counter to where the bakery ovens and kitchen would be. Once in a more private sanctum, Anthony was standing on my right and he hooked his thumbs on the elastic of his shorts plunging them down to his high tops. When his head and shoulders arose back to a standing position, I got to see his cock at three-quarters staff encircled with wiry pubes and top heavy hourglass of torso hair above it. My shorts were quickly at ankles at his visual invitation. I felt like Superman as I looked at his sex and it appeared to grow as my gaze intensified. Anthony casually moved his right hand along the bottom side of his turgid cock. Unlike looking directly at his flaccid meatus while seated, I was able see his circumcised helmet head from the portrait view. His glans was quite different than mine, that was the first time I really got to compare the qualities of cock shape against mine. The tip of his head was bigger than the coronal ridge. This was just the opposite of my cut tool which had a flared head with a coronal ridge that was much wider than the tip. His shaft was a smooth tan from the dick head to his body while my shaft has a meringue-edged ring where my foreskin would have been should my parents have left me intact.

Both of us started stroking our cocks in unison enjoying watching each other. Anthony reached up to pinch his nipple and I pulled my balls to intensify and prolong the pleasure we were giving ourselves. This size issue came up as a give and take. Anthony breathlessly noted that my dick was longer and thinner than his, but that his bullet-headed spear was thicker. We both moaned as the visual was spoken.

By now, I had a handful of pre-cum and it was starting to soak my pubes. Anthony told me that I looked beautiful and he leaned over to me and took my left nipple into his mouth. I felt his lips-covered teeth and tongue lick my nipple while his moustache tickled the areola and surrounding skin and hair. I shrugged Anthony off and reminded him about our 'watch and be watched' ground rule. He respectfully backed off as we continued to stroke ourselves.

When Anthony backed up his cock came into view again and I was hypnotized by the way his hand deftly caressed the bullet-ended head. I could feel my balls drawing up into my body and could no longer pull them down. Anthony recognized the rise of my balls and even more pre-cum which was now spider webbing onto my thigh as it slipped between my fingers while my tube shaped grip kept tripping on the purple corona that just kept flaring more and more with each pass.

Anthony growled, 'Go, ahead and shoot buddy, it looks like you are ready.'

I always stroke with my left hand and use my right hand to add pleasure where I want it. I decided I wanted to pressure between balls and perineum to feel the throbbing as I started to let loose with my load. My left hand blurred, buttocks clinched, eyes closed, neck tensed as Anthony interjected, 'That is hot, spill it already, spray your seed all over!'

And I did. You could almost hear the cum leave the tip of my dick and then a pregnant pause as it flew through the air to hit the polished concrete floor five times. I felt my perineum muscles contract and cum pulse forward. I hated myself for breaking my stare down on Anthony's dick, but the pleasure was just too intense.

When I gathered my senses enough to open my eyes, I could see that Anthony was very excited, but not quite there yet. I side-stepped over toward him and reached under his balls. I felt that silken sack with his testicles as I gently tickled and tugged on the package under his erection. Anthony did not remind me of the ground rules, but I pulled back as I could see that he was now on his way.

The wide split of his meatus and the entire head of his dick turned purple threatening to turn to an eggplant color. His stokes quickened, he announced that he was cumming with a punctuating shout afterward. And come he did. His load splattered across the streaks I had left just moments ago but with a longer distance. His cum was thin and watery while mine was thick and creamy leaving a cross-hatch on the floor. Anthony sort of staggered, but centered after the orgasm subsided.

With a little residual cum on the tip of his dick, he said, 'Let's get cleaned up.'

I followed Anthony back to a small bathroom. I was finally able see his small ass and broad shoulders. Anthony had a surprisingly bare ass given how hairy he was. He checked me out on the way back saying he really wanted to touch my bubble butt and toned hamstrings. He also wanted to play with the hair on my lower back which treasure trails into my ass crack down to my hole. Unfortunately we never got around to that.

Anthony grabbed a wet mop nearby and did a quick clean up of the concrete floor. He shared another beverage and we went on our way without repeating this scene,his business became way to busy after he opened his new shop.



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