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Beach Time Firsts!

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Fun event last year


Have to admit at my age it's been a long time since I had sex with a guy! I have had couple of nice experiences with women, I guess I consider myself bi mainly through lack of interesting men around!

I have a woman friend who I have known for years but never had any sexual contact. During the summer, I was chatting with her, and thought a trip to the beach would be fun. We spent time swimming in area that was pretty deserted, and as we brought snacks, sat watching the waves as the sun went down. She said it reminded of her of a boyfriend of some years back and the sex they occasionally had on the beach.

She asked me if I had had beach sex, I had only a couple of times. Not my favorite as the sand is kind of hard to lay on being in the open and next to the sea makes it a neat experience.

She surprised me by saying it made her horny thinking about those times. I had never heard her speak of sex before, other than at times she missed having a boyfriend.

I did not have the same feeling but was wondering where this was leading. I replied that I had enjoyed the beach sex too. She answered with 'It's not often I get horny'

I half laughed and said, 'well I guess you take care of it when you do!!!'

She looked at me, I guess wondering if I was going in her direction and looked at me and smiled 'Probably the same way you do?' And her hand went into the shorts she was wearing.

'I guess this is your technique?' She asked, smiling a bit nervously..and took her hand out of her shorts. I decided to be more brazen. 'Yeah, but I take my shorts off it makes it easier!!!'

Seeing this was what she wanted, she removed her shorts (after making sure no-one was around it was getting dark by now). I saw she had a very hairy bush and by now I was pretty turned on, it does not take much once I get started!

Her hand was now rubbing her clit and I decided this was a rare opportunity for some sexual fun. I leaned over, and put my finger into her really wet pussy! 'Do you need help?'

She took her hand out and let me finger her clit which was much bigger than mine! I rubbed hers around, as I do mine, and she moaned softly 'Oh you feel so damned good don't stop!' I told her I wanted to know when she was going to cum, as I wanted to put my fingers deep in her when she did. I did not take long!!!

She soon came, and her body went wild when I had my finger in her! And she was close to what I guess is squirting, as there sure was a lot of cum dripping out!

Finally it was over. 'Now it's your turn', She said. I was more than ready! I pulled my top and shorts off feeling the great cool breeze over my naked body! She wasted no time finding my clit and working it as I have never had before! Once I get horny, I cum fast and with her squeezing technique, I came so hard I almost yelled (though remember I was on the beach!)

After I had rested for a few minutes, she leaned over and sucked my nipples (I still have firm breasts and nipples get hard fast!) 'I am still horny, I usually cum at least twice, can you help!!!'

This time I did something I can't remember ever doing before; I pushed my fingers up into her wet pussy, pulled them out and sucked them moaning 'Oh you taste good!' Looking back I am shocked I did it! What turned me on was her large clit that I really wanted to suck in my mouth, and play with my tongue!!!

She moaned loudly I was glad we had the beach to ourselves! When she came, she pulled my hand into her, and this time I felt her juices squirt, a new one for me!

'Oh wow, I never expected that', she said after she relaxed' 'Now I am totally satisfied!'

After we both recovered we decided we needed a motel room for the night! And of course, did not sleep much thank goodness.




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