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Bar Mitzvah Fun

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Living in a heavily Jewish area, I went to quite a few Bar Mitzvahs in seventh grade. I thought the ceremonies were terribly boring, but I loved the parties. There was one ceremony that wasn't so bad. I was at my friend Jordan's Bar Mitzvah, and I was sitting next to our mutual friend Joe. He and I were both sitting there really bored. So Joe suggested that we leave. That's when it got interesting.

We got up and went to the bathroom. When we first got in there, there was some old guy. So we both took a piss at the urinals. He was standing right next to me so when I looked down I accidently saw his dick. Normally I would've ignored this, but his dick looked huge and pubic hair was coming out of his fly. As soon as the old guy left, Joe said: 'You like what you see?' BUSTED. He saw me looking at his dick. I said nothing. He finished peeing and kept his dick out and started shaking it. He laughed while showing off his dick. I began to get hard. When I finished a second later he said 'Don't put that boner away. I have an idea.'

He looked around and dragged me into the handicapped stall which was big even for a handicapped stall. I just stood there stunned while he started comparing our dicks. He then asked if I jacked off. I said yeah, and he admitted he did too. Then he asked if I wanted to jack off right then and there. I was stunned. He took my silence as a no. But then I spoke up and said that I was actually in the mood to jack off. The incident was making me really horny, even if it didn't seem like it to him. He said 'cool' and started to pull on his dick which was hard by then. So there we were, jerking off with our dicks sticking out of our trousers in a synagogue bathroom stall with ties getting in the way of our dicks. It was a sight.

After a minute he turned toward the toilet, flipped his tie over his shoulder, and started shooting semen all over the place. That set me off and I came like never before. Unlike him, I wasn't expecting to cum quite so soon so I couldn't aim at a good target. So I kinda shot my huge load all over his dark blue blazer. When I said 'Shit!' he looked down at his jacket and didn't say anything for a minute. He then said 'Smooth move asshole. You came on my fucking jacket!' I apologized and he got over it quickly. We tried to get as much off as possible with toilet paper. By the end of the cleaning process, you really couldn't see anything. You could just feel it. Later when we rejoined the ceremony I also realized you could smell it. Oops.



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