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Early Shooter Gets Helping Hand

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A summer visit from my cousin helped me in many ways


I was always taller than all the other buys in my class. When I was 11 my balls started getting realy big and somehow I discovered it felt good to tie them up with rubber bands and rub my naked nuts and cock on the tile floor or my bedpost. One day while pleasuring myself I felt a really warm sensation go up my spine and this yellowish white fluid started oozing out of my hard cock. I thought something was wrong with me. As luck would have it, I overheard a couple older boys on the bus talk about jerking off. Their description of the great feeling, having to clean up the sticky white-stuff and later identifying this fluid as 'baby batter' made me understand that I had produced my first load of sperm.

That great feeling and the relief knowing nothing inside me was broken led to many rubbing sessions and many big loads of sperm. My favorite position was hanging over a bar on an old grain elevator. I could get off and shoot the sperm into my own mouth. The first time I did it was such a surprise that I swallowed it down before realizing what it was. At first I worried whether it would make me sick, but I liked the taste. To this day nearly everytime I come I eat down my sperm. This practice led to some very hot scenes with jack-off buddies when I was older.

Soon after I started producing sperm, hair started to grow on my body. I wasn't worried about the hair under my arms or legs. Men were like that, but I could not understand why all this course black hair was growing above my cock. I shaved it off thinking it would go away, but all that did was give me a terrible rash and it grew back. So I just let it grow thinking I was turning into some sort of wolf-boy.

That summer, my 16-year-old cousin came to stay with us. I'd always thought he was cute and was glad to have him stay in my room although it would cut down on my cock rubbing fun. Well, things heated up that very first night. I was already in bed and was watching my cousin get ready for bed. Watching as he took of his shirt revealing his square pecs, my cock began to get hard. He then turned his back to me and pulled off his pants and underwear revealing his bare ass. My cock was enjoying the show and just as I was wondering what type of pajamas he brought, he turned around and started walking toward his bed. My eyes immediately went to his crotch. He had a thick patch of black hair above his cock.....just like I was growing.

Suddenly I blurted out, 'Wow, you have hair above your dick.....a lot of it!'.

Standing right beside my bed now, my cousin ran his fingers through his thick bush and said, 'Yeah, I guess I do have more than most guys my age. I just starting growing it early. I was 12 when it started to grow.'

Little did he know I had hair there too. Not as much as him, but well on its way. I wanted to reach out and run my fingers through his pubes, but he sat down on his bed and stated 'I like to sleep in the nude. Is that OK with you?' I had no objections.

Later that night, my cousin got up and went into the bathroom. He was in there quite a while. When he got back into bed, I could smell the distinctive odor of sperm eminating from him. So, my cousin liked to rub himself too.

One day my cousin was taking a shower and I had to take a leak really bad. Even though the door was locked, I knew how to break in. As I was relieving myself, I could hear my cousin in the shower moaning. Then he turned off the water. Just as I was zipping up, he stepped out of the shower. His cock was red and still nearly fully hard with a big drop of sperm hanging off the end. He pushed me out of the bathroom muttering about needing privacy, but never bothered to cover up. In fact as he pushed me out, his cock got fully-hard again. He stayed in there quite a while again and I knew he was going for round 2. Getting caught turned him on I guess.

I know seeing his hard cock sure got me turned on. I'd never seen another hard cock before and his was longer and bigger around than mine. I was curious what he found to rub on in the shower to get off and why it made his cock all red. I immediately went out and rubbed myself to a big tasty orgasm thinking about it.

A couple nights later was his last with us. I heard him tossing and turning. Then he threw back the covers. In the moonlight, I could see his cock was rock hard arching up over his bush and poking him in the navel. Then he grabbed his cock with his left hand and began to move his fist up and down. As he writhed on his bed he breathed heavier and his fist moved faster. I was fascinated by this technique. I knew he was trying to shoot sperm, but had never thought about using my hand. That was ingenious. As he continued to stroke, I sat up in bed to get a closer look.

As I sat up, he looked at me but never stopped stroking his cock. I thought for sure knowing I was watching would make him stop, but instead he stroked faster. My gazed moved from his cock as it moved like a piston in his fist, over his flexing abs and heaving pecs back to his eyes. He was really getting off having me watch. Soon be began to shoot. The first round hit him in the face. It would have gone right in his mouth if his head were not turned to look at me. The next couple spurts shot up between his pecs. More sperm oozed out of his cock and covered his hand. He shot a really huge load. He motioned at me for something. I was not sure at first what he wanted, but them realized he wanted my sock laying beside my bed. He then used my sock to clean the sperm off his face, then his chest and finally his hand. He then handed me the sock, rolled over and fell off to sleep. I laid back down to sleep and put the sock to my face. It was my first taste of another guy's sperm. As I listened to my cousin sleep, I tried out the new hand technique he'd shown me and had the biggest orgasm I'd had to that time. I added my sperm to the sock and savored both our flavors.

To my knowledge he never saw me jack off that night and nothing was ever said about the incident in the future. I often wonder what would have have happened that summer if he knew I had pubes and could shoot sperm too. I sure was thankful to him for showing me how to use my hand.



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