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Band Friends

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This is the story of one Saturday with my first girlfriend. We met each other in Marching Band in High School. She played the piccolo, and was two years my senior. During practice over the Summer she took a liking to me and it was obvious that she was into me, though I pretended that I didn't notice.

When school started we sat together on the band bus on the way to and from games. We would talk and joke around, and she would usually end up sleeping on me and whispering things in her dreams. I started to fall for her around this time, problem is she had a boyfriend, and I wouldn't allow myself to like her till she was single.

Fast forward to the following year, she had broken up with her boyfriend, and I figured that this would be the chance to ask her out, so one day I worked up the courage and did. 'What took you so long!' she said.

This is where the whole Solo Touch stuff comes in. The following week after we started going out we had our first kiss on the band bus. For those of you who don't know, band bus's are where a lot of relationships are formed. We would make out all the time kissing, licking, fondling, she would even let me touch her breasts a lot, which were 38DD pretty awesome too. Once or twice she even let me massage her crotch outside her shorts, squirming and moaning the entire time, but on the bus we never went any further than that, we didn't want to get caught.

Then one day her friend invited us over to watch some movies with her and her boyfriend. Of course we accepted as it would be our first opportunity to be alone. The other couple soon retreated into a different room in the basement to do their own thing. So we started to 'Not watch the movie that was on' our usual routine of kissing and fondling except this time she took off her shirt revealing her pearly skin and creamy white bra. After more kissing and touching she allowed me to remove the bra. Seeing my first pair of tits up close was amazing, I got an instant hard on that was pressing up against her leg and we lay on a blanket on the floor. While I rubbed her nipples and sucked on them she was softly moaning on my neck whispering my name and 'ohhs' and 'Ahhhs'. This progressed rather sporadically as we were interrupted several times by different people. Finally I worked my way down towards her pants line, pausing for consent, I slipped my hand down into her panties, she had brown hair and was unshaven and had on lime green panties.

I slowly worked my way around her mound, being my first time I was really nervous and didn't want to screw up, she was very quiet and didn't give me much instruction. Moving my hand around I noticed that she was sopping wet, it was like a fountain. So I slipped a finger into her tight vagina and began to work it in and out slowly at first and then in a 'come here motion' this made her crazy she kept saying is this really your first time? Yes it was.

After a couple of minutes she started to fuck my finger thrusting herself into the air and yelling my name! I could tell she had orgasmed from the contractions in her vagina. Even though she had just cum she wanted me to keep on going, she could do two or three without a break. At this point I was ready to explode, and gave her all the clues that it was my turn too but all she would do is give a couple of squeezes on the outside of my shorts. She gave me a couple of thank you kisses then told me to wash off her juices, which I did after taking a taste.



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