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Babysitter Loves Back massager

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I felt like I was too old to have a baby sitter but my mom didn't, so for two hours everyday a girl that was about 16 would watch me from the time I got home until the time my mom got home. This girl would get me from my bus then walk me back to my house and sit with me. She was the cheer leader type. She would brag about high school and how good she was at gymnastics which I happened to be interested in. She was a cool girl that I hoped to be like someday. Anyways there was a tv room where she and I would watch tv together. In our tv room there was a couch and a love seat. I would typically lay on the love seat and she would lay on the couch. Next to the couch on the floor was a back massager that plugged into the wall. My mom had a bad back and would use it all the time. This particular day she picked it up and turned it on. She was like wow that's powerful. She put it on her back and said oh that feels good. I then saw her grab a blanket that was folded up at her feet and pull it over her. I then heard her turn on the massager. She was trying to lead me to believe that she was using it on her back by saying things like this really helps my back. But I may have been young but I knew exactly what she was doing. Then she got real quiet and I looked at her. She looked as if she was in pain. I wondered if she was. I said are you ok? And she said a breathy yes. Her eyes were shut and she, at ths point, didn't care I was in the room. It must have felt so good. The restraint on her face combined with the ecstasy was intriguing. Her upper lip fluttered and then she shut it off. She then asked me if I wanted a Sandwich as if nothing happened. She repeated this routine day after day. Sometimes she would get me from my bus and race me home. I didn't realize until after a few days of racing home that she was just rushing to masturbate. It was always the same except she became more and more obvious that she was really enjoying my moms massager. Then one day we raced home and we went to the tv room and she was like where is the back massager and I was like I have no idea? She was like I really need my back massaged. I was like right your back. She was begging me to look for it. I didn't budge. She was getting mad. She was pulling me by the arm to get me off the couch to help her look. she was saying help me And please I need it. I couldn't believe how much this meant to her and how much power I had over her. We started to look around the house and finally in the spare bedroom plugged into the wall I saw it. She was in another room. I yelled I found it. She literally came running. She was so happy. She grabbed it and turned it on. Then she turned it off. She looked at me and asked if I minded that she used it. I said no. I knew what she really meant was that she wanted me to leave the room but I didn't. She just looked at me then moved towards the door held it and waited for me to leave. So I did. I guess I tortured her enough. She locked the door then I heard the buzzing of the massager. I listened and could her her moaning. She thought there was no chance of being caught now. She thought she was safe behind a locked door but little did she know that the lock on the door didn't work. All you have to do to open the locked door is pull and turn hard and the door will open. I gave her a minute and then opened the door. I don't know why I wanted to bust her so bad but I was really curious what she was doing and I think I wanted her to know that I wasn't a stupid little girl that didn't know anything. Anyway I barged in. I will never forget what I saw. she was naked from the waist down and was on top of the massager. Her legs were quivering and i could hear her muffled screams in the pillow. She had no idea i was in the room. She began to hump the massager furiously. I could see everything. She was wet all the way down to her knees. there was a white liquid all over the massager. She continued to hump and scream into the pillow. She then made one last violent motion then stopped and laid there in a quivering heap. She then jumped up and turned around and saw me. She looked mortified and said please don't tell anyone. I didn't, until now.



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