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Baby Pillow Masturbator

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Anyone else hump this way? I am fascinated by all these masturbation stories; especially involving pillows, as I thought that I was alone in the world.


I have used pillows or cushions to hump since I was about four years old, I think. I found that if I rolled up an old down-filled cushion from corner to corner, and lay on my belly and grip it with my legs, and rub up and down against my cock, I would get a very pleasant feeling in my cock like tickling. Then all of a sudden, I would get a warm fuzzy feeling in my groin. I called this booping, and the cushion was my boop pillow.

Being innocent, I didn't know this was antisocial, so one by one my cushions went missing when my parents found me doing my humping. I graduated to using one of my sleeping pillows, taking the pillow slip off, shaking all the stuffing down to the bottom and humping it with my hands underneath it to give more pressure. I could boop many times in a row with no mess prepuberty, but once that happened, I had to be more judicious, using tissues or cut off balloons to catch the jizz.

One night, Dad caught me humping my pillow just after curfew, to my embarrassment. I knew I had to be more careful and fortunately, I came across an old bassinet pillow which was the same material as my normal pillow. It was a good size to push down the front of my jocks(underpants) and thus inside my pjs. With some sewing skills, I was able to put more stuffing into it to give more pressure against my cock and balls. I could now go to sleep with my baby pillows safely in my jocks and I could rock myself to sleep lying on my side without using hands and I still do this today.

It was a great comfort to sleep this way. It was sneaky humping and it felt great even if I didn't cum. I, unfortunately, must have been particularly restless one night, 'cause one morning when Mum came into the room, when I was maybe 15, it was lying on the floor at her feet. I think she knew what it was for, but she never said anything.

Right through school years, it was all study and no socializing so I even had the pillow in my jocks when I studied. It was my only form of sex and it was impossible to stop. I started to become an exhibitionist wandering around the backyard with the pillow in my trackpants when no one was home and then going to the front to get the mail, hoping to see a female. If I did, I would quickly hide, but I'd hope they would see my bulge in my pants.

As I got more daring, I would sit on the front porch only in my jocks with a pillow in them. When a female would pass, I would rub the pillow up and down in my jocks. In my mind, this was NOT offensive as I was not exposing my cock. I kept on doing it more and more till I got caught and charged for indecent exposure? I guess the action was meant to be and luckily I got probation.

Unfortunately, I still was not lucky with my sex life so I still masturbated this way as my outlet. One interesting thing I did, was to go up to different brothels with my pillow in my pants wanting to hire a pro to watch me rub myself. I didn't want sex with them but just to get their reaction. In my mind, this was not exposure, as they were pros and got plenty of abuse and plenty of shock also, which almost made me cum in my pillow. Shock value was what I was after all these years!

This pillow was now probably 20 years old and as it wore down with all my rubbing, I would just patch it up and put more stuffing in it!It was hard to explain to my soon-to-be wife, and she thought I would stop it when we married, but I am still going after 26 years!

As the pillow fell apart, she has actually made new ones for me. I used just one, but now I use two and sometimes three to get enough pillow pressure on my cock and balls.

She makes them about 12' x 8' out of microfibre and filled with Dacron stuffing. The second one is slightly smaller.

I now wear Bravado maternity panties instead of jocks as they have expansion for pregnant bellies and so is more comfortable to hold the pillows between my legs. I have actually a prego-woman fetish, so if I look prego, it is a turn on.

I have a huge amount of prego tapes and dvds which I masturbate to. My wife knows I have this fetish and is not really happy about it but knows I will not stray if I have this outlet. She has even tried to put pillows down her knickers to do it with me but it doesn't work for her. She sometimes watches prego dvds while I rub my cock with my pillows but she prefers straight sex stuff.

I have actually hired pregnant women to do mastubation and pillow humping while I video them while wearing my pillows in my maternity panties. Weird, I know, but a great turn on for me! I am actually wearing my pillows now while I type this story!

Are there any others who do the same or similar to me? I have noted that there are some guys who put full-sized pillows down their jocks and there was one girl who stuffed a big pillow and a small one down her swim suit. I have seen mock pictures of people with pillows in their jocks and one photo of a guy with a big maxipad in his jocks. I would appreciate any comments or your stories.



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