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Watching Michael

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A few years ago I shared a dorm room with Michael. I used to jerk off at night after the lights were turned off and I could hear Michael rustling around in his bed. He used to spend a lot of time breathing kind of heavy so I guessed he was jerking off too. Except he would go on and on for a very long time so I wasn't sure if he was jerking off or rubbing himself or whatever. We never talked about it. The last week of September I left on Friday night for a weekend hiking trek. Our group was supposed to return on Sunday. The weather was really lousy and we decided to call it quits on Saturday afternoon. I got back to the dorm after dinner. Michael was already out for the evening.

I was kind of bushed from the trek so I turned in around midnight. Our room was sort of 'L' shaped and my bed was around the corner from the rest of the room. Shortly after I turned off the light and settled in, Michael arrived back. I was in no mood to talk so I stayed in bed as though I was already asleep. As it turned out, Michael did not even notice that I was there, he would have had to walk to the far end of the room to see me in bed. He obviously had been partying, humming and being kind of noisy. So I realized he hadn't noticed me.

I could see some of Michael's movements from my vantage point as he moved about the room. He usually slept in his boxers and a t-shirt but this time he stripped off all his clothes. As he got ready for bed I caught a glimpse of his hard-on. It was thin and straight out, about six inches. Michael isn't circumcised but with a hard-on his cock head was completely exposed. Anyhow, he picked up MY bottle of hand lotion from the study desk and shut off the light. He still hadn't noticed that I was in my bed.

Our room was quite dark. Within a couple of minutes I could hear him breathing heavily. It's that kind of breathing that you do when you are working hard. You know, you hold your breath, then let it out fast and quickly take in another breath. I guessed that he was stroking his cock. I quietly leaned forward to see what I could. The room was pretty gloomy but I could make out Michael lying on top of his blankets, stroking his dick. He thought he was alone so his vocals were loud. Like every breath was a moan. He kept repeating 'Oh, man'.....'Oh fuck'....

His 'stroking session' got me all hot too and soon I was busy taking care of my own needs, but very quietly. After about ten minutes I shot my load onto the sheets to avoid having to make any noise. But not Michael of course. He was really loud, and he just seemed to go on and on. After a very long time he let out a couple of really heavy 'ugh, ugh's'. Then silence. There was some stirring around the room and he left, I guess to go to the washroom. I checked my watch and it was almost 1:00 a.m. He had been jerking off for almost an hour. I fell asleep before Michael came back into the room. The next morning he was really surprised to see me. I told him I had arrived during the night.

From that night on, I used to notice how long it took Michael to settle in for the night. His breathing was never as heavy as that night though. We didn't talk about our jerking off habits, but with our beds out of sight of one another we were able to continue taking care of ourselves without being too obvious.



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