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Awesome Night With Teammate - 3 (actually daytime)

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This one actually didn't happen totally at night, but it's related to the other two stories and I figured the same title would help


It was about two weekends later when Audrius invited me to go and swim with him at a community centre near his house after practice. We finished practice at 5:00 and he said I could stay over afterwards. On the day of, we went to his house quickly after practice and got his stuff and his mom then dropped us off at the pool and said she would be back in about 1hr 30min.

We went to the change room and there were a few other people in it at the time so Audrius, being as shy as he is, went into a stall to change and I followed suit. I was upset cuz I wanted to see his dick again, but I decided it would have to wait. We raced a few times and then spent about 30min on the water basketball net playing one-on-one. It was a lot of fun, we were rubbing up against each other while playing and getting really horny too.

We looked around and saw that there wasn't many people left in the pool and figured nobody else would be coming at this hour as public swim was almost over. His mom was coming to get us in just over 30mins so I thought we had to do something to take up the time.

"I have to go pee," I said looking at him slyly, "wanna come with me?" "Sure," he answered. We got out and went to the change room to find that nobody was in it. Just our luck and he went to check if the front door was locked from the outside which it was, meaning they weren't letting anybody else in. I suggested we pee in the showers and wash off at the same time. He agreed and I ran to my bag to get my soap.

We went into the shower area and took two shower-heads right next to each other and started to rinse off. Without warning I grabbed his hand and turned him towards me and started to make out with him. I undid his swim trunks and he undid mine and we slid them off. I grabbed his dick and started to stroke it while squeezing his ass. He grabbed mine and did the same. It wasn't long before we were cumming all over each other and moaning like crazy.

We decided to use the soap to wash each other off but only after we checked to make sure no one else was going to come in. We checked the pool deck and saw that there were no more males left in the pool so we had the change room to ourselves until closing time. We went back to the showers and continued to soap each other up and wash each other. I paid special attention to his legs and he to my ass. As you probably could guess, it wasn't long before we were hard again and I decided I wanted to taste him completely.

I went down on him and started licking his pubes and scrotum. I took his dick in my mouth and sucked like crazy taking breaks to suck on a testicle or very lightly bite his foreskin, which I mentioned was awfully long and pale. I started to get very into it and brought him off to cum in my mouth. I swallowed every last drop.

He then went down on me and instead of mimicking my movements which he usually did, he used a technique that I loved so much I thought he was a pro. He sucked it in strokes, but he was constantly playing with the underside of my dickhead and fingering my ass. I asked him where he learned that and he said he wanted to show me something cool if I could wait for him to finish me off. I said sure and he proceeded to quickly get himself hard and lay on his back. He flipped his legs over his head and started sucking his own dick. It was SO HOT. I tried it but couldn't get close. He could see I wanted to keep going so he left himself and finished me off and I had the best orgasm ever up to that point.

It was just about time for his mom to pick us up so we finished washing off, got changed and exchanged a quick kiss before leaving the change room. She picked us up and brought us to their house where we ate dinner and played video games late into the night. Audrius said he was scared to do anything cuz his parents might catch us so I said it was ok, we had a long day already. We shared his bed, a double, and spooned all night and kissed silently until we fell asleep. In the morning we kissed some more before breakfast and then went on with our days as if nothing happened.

So far nobody has discovered us and I hope they won't, I'm having a lot of fun, he's just so cute. We're still going at it and have done more since.



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