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Away at Play

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Away on business and randy as ever!!!


Being married 17 years to the same woman and only being 37 years old leave a lot of 'unturned stones' that when left alone on long trips activate my thoughts. While traveling to the US on business, I happened to be in the same town as one of my oldest friends, Lee, that had relocated to America. I contacted him and we agreed to meet and catch up. After a couple of hours and a few drinks, he confessed to me that during University, he had a large crush on me and had always wanted to experiment with me. Having so much time on my hands, and all sorts of things started appearing in my thoughts. I admitted that I had on several occasions given the same thoughts a go and wish I'd acted upon them. Lee suggested that why not now? He admitted that after 10 years of marriage, he was hoping for a little more variety in his life. At first, the guilt of the thought almost had me saying no. But then, I was overcome with an animal like lust. I jumped in with both feet and said Yes!

Off to my hotel room we went. As soon as we got into the room, Lee immediately headed for the bed. I turned to close the curtains, and when I turned back around, Lee was already lying on the covers wearing a pair of swimming pool blue bikinis that were quickly stretching out in the front. I immediately joined him and stripped to my string bikinis as well. Lee complemented me on my growing packaging and I pointed out his developing wet spot. Looks like he was even more excited as his pre-cum was flowing greatly.

We both reached out for the others bulges and began rubbing over our briefs. It was a glorious feeling of his exploring hands that got me harder than I have ever been before. At this point, I had to go all the way and touch his rock hard dick with nothing in between us. I reached in and pulled out his superb 7.5' uncut cock. Extremely thick and his matching girth made me lust after it even more. I gently stroked his foreskin back and forth exposing his glistening head and the pre-cum just flowed from its tip. I dipped my index finger in it and brought it to my lips. It was wonderful! I was so fascinated with his foreskin(I'm cut) that I hadn't even noticed that he had peeled my bikinis down my waste and was smoothly stroking my dick. Lee asked me if I wanted to Dock with him, and after realizing what that meant, moved from side to side to directly facing him. We were both now completely naked cock to cock. Lee took his cock and then mine, and placed the tip of my cock, wet with my own juices to the warm wetness of his foreskin. He then slid it over and down my shaft, our penis heads kissing each other in a magical slick sensation. His foreskin slid easily back and forth and almost covered 1/2 of my hardon.

After several minutes of this, Lee grunted and as he stroked us with a fury, his cock exploded and cum was erupting from our embracing cocks. Thick, hot, wet cum spewed from the seam of our two cocks.

Lee pulled back dripping cum from his cock. 'That was wonderful, but too fast!' he exclaimed. Yet even after shooting out the largest load of cum I've ever produced myself, he was still rock hard. He moved his hard dripping wet cock behind me and positioned it between my butt cheeks. With his hard cummy cock nestled straight up between my arse, he reached around and used my pre-cum and his leftover cum to start jacking my cock back and forth. With each stroke, he thrust his cock between my cheeks, timing them perfect. I leaned back into him and arched my back just as my huge orgasm burst up and fell back, coating and covering my chest, cock, balls and his hand.

Lee continued to milk my cum from me as I started to soften, I felt him grunt and thrust once more, and a large warm wet feeling overtook my back, shooting up as high as my shoulder blades! Lee leaned into me, rubbing his chest against my back, and rubbed my cum, now running down my entire front sides. He rubbed it all over my nipples and massaged it into my balls and stomach. It was glorious. I got hard again, and turned over and quickly jacked off onto his cock. While not a huge load, it certainly was satisfying. Exhausted, we both fell asleep with Lee spooning me. In the morning, showered together, and had another jacking session in the shower for good measure. We parted company when we both had to go to work for the day but since I was in town for two weeks, we agreed that we must repeat this event. We did, almost every night, including moving to the next level, but that's for another story/site. I'm back home in downtown London now, but last months adventures will be at my forethoughts for months to cum...



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