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At Thirteen I Knew Nothing

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I was 13 years old and totally naive about boys. One of my classmates named Earl asked me to go to his house to help with his maths. I am really good at maths getting straight a's.

Earl and I were sitting at his dining room table working maths problems, his mom wouldn't be home for a couple of hours.

Earl said want to see something I found the other day? Sure I said, he said to follow him upstairs. We went to his room. As he reached into the back of his closet he said you have to promise not to tell anyone ok?

He brought out some magazines and spread them on the bed. As he started laying them out I was shocked, they were of naked people doing all sorts of sexual things. Cool huh? I didn't know what to say I had never seen a naked male, I never thought much about it.

But I was a little curious and looked at the mags, there were big dicks in all types of sex positions. I felt a funny tingle between my legs. I asked Earl where did you get these? Found them, is all he said.

I looked at his crotch wondering if he was as big as the men in the pictures. I could see the outline of his penis through his shorts. He saw me glance at him.

Want to see a real one? I was afraid to say anything but he stood up and pulled his shorts and underwear off, and there it was one foot from my face I just looked and was blushing.

He started playing with his penis and asked me to touch it. I reached out and felt it was hard and soft at the same time. I was getting wet in my panties and didn't understand why.

Why don't you show me yours. Now I really was scared but I figured I looked as good as the woman in the mags, so why not. I stayed on the floor and removed my clothes trying to show as little as possible.

When I was naked Earl asked me to stand so he could see me better. I stood up and Earl started to feel my small breasts and my pussy. I got wetter by the minute. He took my hand and put it back on his penis and said pump it like this, he showed me how.

I must admit I was enjoying this as we layed on his bed and he pushed a finger into me. I was so excited I got so wet I thought I peed myself. I never felt anything like it I started shaking and then I had some sort of full body convulsion. The feeling shot from my brain to my toes.

I was in heaven and Earl was pushing himself against my leg. I had stopped touching him while I was climaxing. Do me do me he shouted I have to cum, I started to pump his penis again. He let out a long gasp and all this white stuff started to shoot out the end, some hit his face then his chest and my arm then dribbled out on my hand.

He grabbed my hand and stopped me. He asked me to get a towel from the bathroom then he asked me to clean him up. As I wiped him off I now got a good look at his equipment as I cleaned him up he said take it easy on the balls please they are sensitive.

I asked about his balls and he started telling me all about sex we studied the mags and he pointed all his various parts, and all the names dick, balls, nuts, cum he got down and examined my pussy. While he was doing this he discovered my clit and brought me to two more climaxes, I then jerked him off again and watched him come.

I will never forget that day it started two years of sessions between us. I'll always remember Earl.



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