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At the 'Stroke' of Midnight

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Actually, it was about 2 a.m., but I took a little literary license. My cousin, who was a couple years older than me, was sleeping over at my house. He had told me about having sex with his girlfriend and then going home and masturbating by a tree in front of his house, right next to the street. (He lived in suburbs, with houses all around.) He said he was so excited about the sex he just had, that he had to jerk off before going inside. Of course this made me very hard, picturing what he was describing. We talked for some time, and then realized that it was quite late. So he suggested that we go outside.
By this time, everyone else at home was asleep. Now I leave in a semi-rural area, which means it used to be farmland, but now there was a ranch-style house every 100 yards or so. We were standing outside in the moonlight on a summer night in the driveway, when all of a sudden he whips his shorts down to his knees, exposing himself, and said, 'I've always wanted to do that.' Now, even though we were cousins, and had talked about sex and jerking off, I had never seen him naked.
So I was taking a good look (he was soft), when he quickly pulled his shorts back up. My heart started pounding harder, because he had made a move, and I knew that I needed to make a move if anything was going to happen. So I told him, 'That's ok, you can do that here.' And I pulled his shorts right down to his ankles and invited him to step out of them. He gave me a surprised look, but did as he was told. I then hung his shorts on the side mirror of my car, and proceeded to strip naked myself, hanging my clothes on the other side mirror.
When I came back around the car to where he was, I could see that he was getting aroused, with his penis filling up, but not completely erect as yet. I had a full-blown erection, but I didn't care at this point, and just walked up to him with my rod leading the way. He looked at me and laughed, and said, 'You're really getting into this aren't you?' I told him that I love to roam around outside in the nude, and suggested we go for a walk.
'And leave our clothes here?'
'Sure,' I told him, 'I doubt anyone will be up now, and if a car does come, we will see its lights before the driver will see us.' So we started walking down the drive to the road.
By now, he too was fully erect, and he was touching himself gently. We started walking down the road a ways until we got to a streetlight. I suggested that we stop under the light, so we could see ourselves well, and pretend that people were watching us from their windows.
Then my cousin asked me if I ever touched anyone else. I told him no (I lied). He asked if he could touch mine. I said, 'Sure!' So he reached over and ran his fingers along my shaft. I shivered with excitement and reached over and put my hand on his shaft. He then asked me if I wanted to jerk. I said, 'Of course.' So then we began to give each other hand jobs. I suggested that we see who could hold out the longest. He grinned and agreed. I tried every trick in the book. I used the pre-cum to rub around his rim (we were both circumcised). I tried the gentle rubbing of the sweet spots. I tried going faster with my whole hand. I tried using both hands. But the truth was, that this was like a fantasy come true. The whole deal. The fact that we were right out in the road under the street light. The fact that my cousin, whom I had never even felt up now was playing with my dick, and I had his cock in my hands, was just too much, and I lost it first.
I turned us so that we were standing side by side facing as many houses as possible with the light directly on our cocks and I began to shoot. I erupted with a gush that went shooting several feet out into the road. Then spurt after spurt came until I was spent. It was such a rush! 'You've been saving it,' my cousin observed. Then I turned to finishing him off. I got behind him and reached around with both hands and fondled his balls while stroking him for all I was worth. I had my head at his side because I wanted to see him shoot. I felt him tense up and start breathing faster, so I pumped even faster.
I was sliding up and down his 7' with some of my semen as lubrication. It was slick. It was hard. It was engorged. It was ready to explode. And finally he, too, just gushed a stream up and out into the road, followed by several more loads. My cousin thanked me and told me that was even better than sex with his girlfriend because it was so intense. We walked back home, dripping cum from our now softening penises.
When we got back to the car, before getting dressed, I fondled his privates and said, 'Maybe we can do this again.' He said, 'Absolutely.' Early that morning, I woke up feeling his hand feeling me up again (and I was hard as a rock), but that's another story...



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