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At the Family Wedding

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This is a followup on 'At the Beach House' when I was caught masturbating and then was masturbated by my cousin's friend.


In December of my 19th year, our family had a big wedding in a city about two hours flight from where we lived. We have a large family and many aunts, uncles, cousins from my home town and across Canada came. Some stayed in our grandparents large house, some in a hotel and some in two or three neighbours of my grandparents, so we could all go over there for family events.

My cousin Beth and I were billeted with a woman across the street, who had been a family friend for years. We were given two-bedroom suite, that was actually one very large bedroom, en-suite, a sitting area and a bedroom alcove on the side. I had a large cot type of bed in the alcove. Beth had a large bedroom and bed. A large curtain separated the two areas, but I had to go through her area to my bed.

Beth and I are the same age and our mothers are sisters. We grew up in the same neighbourhood and had lots of the same friends. We always went on vacations with our families together. She is 5'8' with B or C cups breasts and a very shapely figure. She has always been outgoing and friendly. Besides being cousins we are friends. We go to the same University, where I am on the rowing team and she is on the dance sports team.

I spent the first night in the alcove and Beth was in the bedroom. I caught glimpses of her in her nightgown, but nothing more. She saw me going back and forth to the en-suite in my boxers. The alcove room was freezing cold and I don't think the large bedroom was much warmer at night. Apart from that my bed was lumpy. We compared notes in the morning about it. Beth said her bed was comfortable and since it was so large, we could draw a line down the middle and each have our own side. She drew a pretend line on the bedspread and smiled, all completely innocently.

After our family events in preparation for the wedding that day, we went back to the neighbours and got ready for bed. I went to the en-suite and got ready and came back to bed, while Beth brushed her long light brown hair and looked for her nightgown. I slid into bed in my boxers and not much else, which is my usual way. Beth came back in her nightgown, and I let my eyes watch her across the bedroom as she slid under the covers. It was large king-size type of bed and there was no trouble knowing the line in the middle.

As the night went on, I was sleeping soundly, but dreaming of the girl beside me, cousin or not. Then I heard her get up to go the bathroom and come back. A few minutes later Beth asked if I was awake and how was I keeping warm? She said she was freezing again. I went to the alcove and came back with an extra blanket, putting it over her side. I then crawled back in my side and it was so cold. I don't know what the neighbour did with her heat at night. The first move came when Beth slid over and cuddled up to my back to keep warm.

'Is this alrigh?' Beth asked as she pressed her chest and legs onto my back. She was cold and she shivered onto my back. I could feel the centre of her legs pressing into my behind and her breasts on my back. I immediately sprang a hard on. Beth's arm wrapped around my chest and it was good. Just two cousins keeping warm. After she warmed up Beth thanked me and rolled over her direction, but she took my arm and rolled me toward her. My hand went up onto her shoulder and my arm between her breasts. This was more than two cousins now, but nothing was spoken. My cock was now pointing to her thigh and poking her, my hand caressed her shoulder very lightly and we slept for a short while.

My cock still rubbed on her thigh and we both knew it. I could feel it poking out the hole in my boxers and my pre-cum oozing. As the next few minutes progressed Beth started to move herself in bed and whispered how good it felt to cuddle. She then moved her hand over mine and pulled it down to her breast saying, 'You can touch them if you want'.

With that I caressed my hands over her breasts, through her flannel nightgown. I could feel her nipples and the curves of her breasts. This was so much more than cousins and so unexpected. Beth was beautiful, but I knew she didn't have boyfriends in the past, maybe because too many guys thought she was off limits. She is also a church girl and always seen to be pure but not now.

As the moments continued I could feel her unbuttoning her nightgown and my hands could now feel her bare skin, over her nipples. They felt like the hard, small button size nipples of a teen girl. My cock was rock hard and as Beth moved and cuddled and sighed her turned on approval, my cock rubbed up and down her thigh. Beth now moved my hand down to her stomach and let me caress over her flat, tight belly. I didn't know how far to go, but I let my fingers slide over her panties and onto her pussy. I didn't need to ask, her hips bucked onto my hand begging for it to press and move and caress her pussy, her upper thighs.

We lay under the covers for a long while letting my hand move over her body. Her panties got wetter and wetter. Then she took my hand and pushed it under the band of her panties, so I was touching her pussy hair and finding her slit. What I found was two engorged pussy lips and her slit begging to be rubbed. Her hands moved down and pushed her panties all the way off and her hand found my cock which she lightly rubbed, but she was focussed on her pussy. It was electrifying and I don't know how much time past, but she exploded in an orgasm. Bucking, writhing, clamping my hand over her pussy. Beth suppressed her moans and if she hadn't I think she might have woken the homeowner.

Beth now lay exhausted while I scooped up as much of her pussy juice and rubbed it up her stomach and onto her breasts. Beth has always been talkative and she told me how wonderful that was, and that her friend from the beach house had told her about those mutual masturbation sessions. (See At the Beach House).

Beth then rolled over me and took my cock in her hand and said she had never seen one and wanted to see what her friend had seen. I reached over and turned on the side table lamp and pushed the cover back far enough so that my cock could be seen popping though my boxers. I took Beth's hand and placed it around my cock and lightly rubbed her hand, so my cock oozed more pre-cum. Beth was like, 'Oh my god, its huge, does that really fit in a girl, it's so slick!' (My cock is only average size.)

I pushed my boxers off and started to jack off, so Beth could watch. I showed her how to touch my balls and to rub jut underneath. As I came close to spurting I took Beth's hand and placed it on my cock then rubbed my hands with her until I shot my load. Since she was sitting beside me, some of it went on her legs, belly and breasts. Beth was so excited by this, she took the cum and rubbed it over me and into her skin. Then she laid down beside me and we cuddled the rest of the night. Her leg was over mine and her head was on my shoulder, while my hand ran down her back and over her bum.

In the morning we got up, showered and went to our family events. During the day I could see that she had a glow about her and several times she walked by and nonchalantly let her hand rub over my behind or crotch. We were in a crowd and only slipping past each other (smile).

That night we had another episode and every night for the next three, until our family wedding and reunion were over. I will write about those soon.



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