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I'll Never Forget

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I will never forget my first night with this girl.


When I was in ninth grade my friend Phil and I had gone over to our friend Sara's house for the night. We had a big test on Monday so we were studying together and we had rented a movie and got some popcorn. We decided to take a break and watch the movie. While we were watching Phil and I started talking about some of the girls in our school saying things like, "she's hot," or "no she's fat and ugly." Sara was laughing at this and out of nowhere asked if either of us masturbated. Phil and I looked at each other and replied "yes". We had been friends since we were really little so we didn't have that big of a problem talking about masturbation.

She asked if we had seen a girl masturbate and I said only in porn. She asked if we would like to see her masturbate. We both agreed quickly and then she said on one condition, that Phil and I masturbate each other. We were very hesitant at first but after 10 minutes of her persuading us Phil and I were taking all our clothes off and sitting next to each other on her floor. I leaned forward and took Phil's cock in my hand and started jacking him off. I took my other hand and started massaging his balls and circling the outside of his anus with my finger. Sara was sitting next to us the whole time and was in her bra and panties. Her panties had a wet spot on her pussy and she was rubbing the wetness. Phil said he was about to cum and Sara told me to stop. Phil started jacking me off only he spit on my cock and used it as lube. I was very surprised at this and somewhat turned on. I told him to stop before I came and he wiped his spit and my pre cum on his thigh.

Sara said that she would take off her bra and Phil and I couldn't keep our eyes off her breasts. They were bigger than normal for her age and being the first actual pair of breasts we had seen we were mesmerized. She told us to lay on our back with our cocks and balls touching and we did and when we were in position I reached for our cocks and took Phil's idea and used my spit for lube and started stroking. The pre cum from our pulsing cocks was oozing out and mixing on our heads. We both orgasmed at the same time. We both squirted our loads all over each others cocks. Sara asked what cum tasted like and we both said it tasted salty. She bent over our cocks and sucked the cum off of both of ours until they were dry.

She went through with her part of the deal and took off her panties and revealed her tight pink and wet pussy. She took a finger and started circling her clit. With her other hand she stuck a finger deep inside her pussy. She asked me to get her one of her smaller shot glasses that she collects whenever her family goes on a vacation. I got up and walked across the room and grabbed the glass never talking my eyes off her pussy. And also never taking my hand off my cock. I sat back down and Sara said to stick the glass in her pussy. I inserted it and put it in and out. Her breathing started to get heavy and her movements got faster. Phil was about to orgasm again and he got up and squirted what cum he had on her face. She licked it off her lips and told me to leave the glass in her pussy. She leaned more on her back and said she liked to have things in her anus right before she cums. She pulled me close and slid my cock in her anus. The second my cock was all the way in her anus she came with a hard orgasm and squirted into the glass that was still in her pussy.

She took the glass out and it was about a third full and she drank it all and licked her fingers clean. I pulled my cock out of her anus and she remembered that I had only orgasmed once and she laid on her stomach and grabbed my cock and started pumping it. She ran her tongue all over my balls and stuck it in my anus. The visual of her masturbating and her tongue in my anus was too much for me, I came and squirted cum all over my cock.




I collapsed on the floor with my eyes closed catching my breath when I thought I felt Sara licking my cum off my cock and balls however when I looked down I found it was Phil. I was enjoying it to much to be surprised.




We were all very tired and just fell asleep on her floor. She was in between us and Phil and I were facing each other and our limp, hot, sweaty and sticky cocks were in between her legs and were resting on her pussy lips and our cocks were laying on each other.

I will never forget that day with Sara, Phil and I. Me and Sara are now together and we still get together with Phil to have even more interesting sexual encounters. I'll be posting what happened the next day when we woke up but that won't be for a while, I need to go tend to "business."



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