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At the Dentist

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I hate the dentist. More than that, I get really really nervous even before a check up. I take such good care of my teeth that I have no fillings, but even so I am terrified of hearing 'Hmm, we need to take care of that.'

So, as I sat in the waiting room, sex or anything remotely like it was way off my radar.

I was dry mouthed, butterflies in my tummy and generally feeling uncomfortable. I needed to pee although I had gone the moment I got there.

Then it was 'Miss Dyer? This way please'

The dentist smiled his usual welcoming smile. (In any other context I would probably find him cute!) 'Take a seat' I got onto that awful plastic covered chair and he hit the motor. Why oh WHY do they have to have it so far back? I felt myself bending backwards, and I also felt my skirt ride up a little. Then the exam. All those numbers they call out...what are THEY about? Then.. 'Hmm. We need to take care of that' OHHHH .. WHAT???? He sensed my anxiety and said, with a comforting hand on my shoulder 'It's ok Jackie. You just need a scale and polish.' His female nurse, who until that moment had been sitting on a stool near a counter came over and sat on a stool next to me. If I looked straight ahead, I saw only the surgery light, if I looked left there were only cupboards and a really scary set of dental type stuff. So I looked right...straight up the nurses skirt to her panties! I opened my mouth and he began the scaling which wasn't too bad, but I was really scared. I stared up her skirt... taking my mind off things by wondering....does she shave like me....does she have a boyfriend.... does she masturbate.... how does she like to be touched. As I was thinking these things, she reached behing her for something and her knees parted. I could see her crotch really clearly....and it was obvious that she was, well, moist. When she turned back, she didn't quite close her legs and I was fixed on her crotch. The polishing began now and that was quite nice.. it tickled. Still, here was I, totally straight, taking my mind off things by looking at another girl's panties and wondering about her sex life! Then I realised that I was getting wet too. I took another look and realised that her panties were very tight against her and I could see every contour...what guys like to call the camel toe I think. For a brief nano-second I wondered what she smelled like and I felt a spot of wetness hit my panties.

So, then the dentist said 'That's it, Jackie. Rinse please, and we will see you in a year.' I wriggled out of the chair and went to their bathroom where, I have to admit, I jilled off thinking about that dental nurse. All I had in my head was the image of her slipping her hand into those panties to masturbate, but it was enough to give me a really sweet orgasm. I wonder if I am bi-curious...or if it was just the nerves?



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