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At Night With the Wife

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A once every two or three week ritual with my wife of fifteen years


I think I am quite lucky in that, being an avid fan of masturbation I have been able to have experiences in my life that have put me together with others who enjoy it. I am also lucky that my wife of 15 years also enjoys mutual masturbation. While I have a couple of stories to share, I will first go onto a current activity we both enjoy.

Once dinner is cooked and the dishes clear, and whatever work around the house or jobs get done we like to settle in on the couch for a night of television, reading or what have you. Suits, ties and workclothes are swapped for shorts, sweats for comfy clothes and we settle on the love seat.

Some evenings are tame, other times other things happen. My wife will be watching t.v. and her hand which is at her sides or on my lap will travel slowly up my shirt. She will then slowly tease my nipples (Which are quite sensitive). She will run light circles around them, lightly pinch between her individual fingers, squeeze and pich harder between her finger and thumb. Removing her hand she will lick her fingertips and again run lines, circles and pinch them while I lightly moan. Suddenly she will stop.

'Is something the matter' I ask.

'No, nothing, it's just the shirt is in the way' she says coyly

I offer to remove it

'No' she declines 'I really don't want you to, I am just playing'

'Are you sure?' I ask

'Well, if you want to, but I am warning you, I might not do anything'

I stand up and strip off my shirt, a devilish grin on her face. I sit down and reach for her short only to be met by her hands 'No' she says 'I'm all warm and cozy right now.'

I sit back and, without the shirt she goes to town sometimes for over 10 minutes teasing and pinching my nipples. At some point her hands run over my hard cock, which is jutting out in my sweats. 'Did I do that' she asks innocently as she grabs my cock.

All I can do is mutter a 'mmm hmmm'.

'Poor sweety' she says

I sit back and now she continues on my nipples but begins playing with now erect penis. Stroking, grabbing, down to the balls which get massaged and back, occasionally playing with the waistband and just getting her hand in touch with the head. I offer to remove my sweats but she just smiles...'No, they don't bother me one bit'

Again she suddenly stops.

'What' I moan

'The window, the drapes are open, anyone could see in'


'Just close them'

I get up and close the drapes and she looks at me.

'I guess you could remove your sweats'

I strip them off and stand naked before her while she sits, fully clothed

'My my, one of us is a horny little thing tonight....go upstairs and get me a towel, lube and a toy.....bitch'

The last word is my cue that things will get kinky. I walk past and she playfully swats my ass.

I come downstairs and spread the towel on the couch and hand her the lube and toy....her vibrating 'flower' and a vibrating short dildo. She lubes the dildo 'Okay my little slut, let me see that tight little asshole. Slowly she lubes my ass, balls and cock and then gently slides the dildo in and turns it on, it vibrates right near my prostate, making me even harder. She sits me down next to her driving the dildo in even further. She begins stroking my cock. Precum appears and she wipes it on her finger and places it in her mouth. 'MMMMMM' she says. Another drop appears and this goes on my lips.....'A little lip gloss for my little slut' as I lick the slightly salty semen from my lips.

Finally she stops one last time.....'WHY???' I groan

'Too horny' she says huskily, shaking out of her clothes revealing her 36D boobs and nicely trimmed pussy. She takes her flower and begins humping it. 'Stroke for me' she says breathlessly....'Stroke that huge cock'. Between the teasing, stroking, prostate and her naked body I am super close.

'On my tits baby, shoot it on my tits'

I jump up and the dildo falls to the floor from my ass, but I don't need it I arch my back and cum, I am usually good for 3 or 4 long streams before the rest comes out. If done right we come together.

Breathless I sit down. We both come down from our orgasms.....then comes the words 'I want to taste it'

That is my cue to lick her breasts and my hands clean and give her a deep lasting kiss and pour my semen from my mouth to hers. 'You like it slut?' she asks. I nod having learned to accept (if not sometime like) my own cum. She opens her mouth and shows me the cum in her mouth as she plays with it. Now it is my turn...'Swallow it whore'. She smiles and swallows it down.

Occasionally we are turned on enough to head upstairs for another round, doing other things...and other nights, we lounge naked until bed.

Hope you enjoyed.



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