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At Last I Got Caught

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I would like to say how good its been reading all these stories, a real turn on and a relief. Why because I was finally able to let my g/f know why, how and what I do. We read this together and some other Masturbation Forums. I was always shy about her or anybody knowing I masturbated, but now I know it really is a turn on for her.
Lets start at the beginning though. I started playing with my self pretty young, maybe 7 or 8. I used to take my little stiff cock between my fingers and squeeze and rub, I did it so often it was often red raw. I couldnt get enough of that feeling. the intense itch. the excitement. the pounding throbbing I felt in my balls and all the way up into my ass. I think I was hard nearly all the time. I was raised by my grandmother and even if she noticed she didnt say anything. She never mentioned sex at all. Then one Christmas her younger brother came to visit us. He was about the age I am now. over 50. Then I was around 11yrs old. It was good to have a man around and I really had a hero worship thing going on. I think he realised what I was doing all the time.. Anyhow one afternoon just before Christmas eve my gran went shopping in town and he stayed home. We were watching tv and as I was watching some girls I got a hard on and was wondering how I could get away to enjoy *my feeling* He laughed and said she has a nice set of tits doesnt she.. wouldnt mind fucking that. I was amazed. just sat there couldnt believe he had said it. then he asked me how often I jacked off I didnt know what he meant. I hadnt talked to anyone about what I did. So then he unzipped his pants and took out this huge hard cock. I thought my own little stiff one was going to explode. He spat into his hand and started to grip it hard and slide his whole hand up and down. and then slide his slippy palm over the dark purple swollen head. I was tingling and itching so much I thought I was going. to piss my pants. My knees felt weak. Then he slipped his pants off to his ankles and lifted his shirt up. he began to fondle his balls with one hand and still stroking with the other. he stopped winked at me and said want to join in its fun, feels great doesnt it.. and he kicked a footstool right in front of his chair I sat on it quickly I didnt know how much longer my legs would hold me up. he told me to take my pants off get comfy. so I did I was blushing my face on fire . My 11 yr old cock standing straight up all four inches of it. He looked at it and said youve been rubbing it raw son.. use some Lube.. he spat into his hand again and then squeezed his huge cock and what I now know as precum oozed out. he then reached over and stroked it onto my cockm I thought I was going to die fromt he feeling. it was a hot wet slippery hand and not mine and it felt sooooooo good. Then he started stroking his cock again and told me to do the same. Idid the same movements longg and tight gripping hard and then short fast I brought my balls up high like he did only his were huge compared to my hairless nuts. He was breathing hard and moaning sometimes. a low growl.. he asked if I SHOT.. I didnt know what that meant either. I had been coming dry. hadnt ever seen cum . I was going at it as fast as he was and was close to *My feeling* and he sat on the edge of the chair and pointed that big red veined cock towards mine. he let out a loud series of grunts and he shot all over my cock balls and belly.. as soon as it hit me it was so hot so wonderful I went into spasms of pleasure. We played many times before he left. I was kinda disapointed that his could CUM and mine couldnt but he said not to worry as soon as I got hair on my balls it would happen. He told me he did it sometimes three times a day. even if he was having sex as well. I think i take after him. because I have always done the same.
Then came the teen years. I have a lot of stories there. at some point I was masturbating six times a day. Ive had a lot of lady friends and live in lovers. . now I live with a beutiful sexy lady 20 yrs younger than me, and I love her dearly. I dont want to ever lose her she is my life. So I was terrified a few months ago when she came back unexpectedly and caught me in a complicated game of self love. We had just had sex early in the morning ( I always wake up hard) so she thought she wasnt making me happy. She was very upset and I was pretty humiliated. I had been masturbating into her panties, I didnt even hear her come in I was moaning so much and thrusting into the silk, tasting the precum and watching myself in the bedroom mirror. I was also saying some really dirty stuff which I would never have said to her. I thought she would leave.
So thanks to these stories she can understand that even though I love sex with her. its incredible I still need to masturbate, I have a very powerful sex drive. even now at 52, she understands it now.. and asked if she could watch sometimes. and has even masturbated for me to watch. oh my god. that really does it for me. This morning she was pretty tired so i lay in bed next to her and really had a long drawn out session. She was half awake and watching when I let it all go over her breasts. So she asked if I could play with her with my cum covered fingers while she dozed.. we finally got out of bed in the afternoon. after fucking twice and masturbating three times .
Thanks again to all the people who posted here



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