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Christopher is my stepbrother. We both live with my Mom and her husband (his dad). Christopher is the hottest guy I've ever seen in my life. Oh yeah, I'm gay btw. I haven't met anyone I've fallen in love with, or wanted to go out with, and I'm still a virgin, but I masturbate all the time, and most of the time it's reading stories on here.

I've fantasized about Christopher ever since I met him four years ago. He's a few months older than me. He's a complete jock, who plays almost every sport, and girls are always coming over to hang out with him. One night I heard him having sex with one of them, and I was a little jealous he wasn't having sex with me. I opened my door a crack, since our rooms are across the hall from each other's. I listened to the moans and creaking of the bed for almost an hour.

After it got quiet, I heard footsteps, and watched his door open. The girl walked out naked, and went right into the bathroom. Christopher walked out after her, naked as well. He still had a boner, and his dick looked really wet. They messed around a little in the bathroom, and then they went in his room. She left the house a little after that, but our parents go to bed really early, so no one noticed. Except me.

Last night our parents were out on a date, and it was just Christopher and me in the house. I was in my room playing PS3 most of the night, and I think Christopher was on the phone. Anyway, I got hungry, so I went downstairs to warm up some chicken my Mom had made, and I thought I heard the TV on in the den. I went down to turn it off, but Christopher was in the den, masturbating on the phone. His back was to me, and he was in his Dad's recliner. When he leaned it all the way back, I could see him jerking his boner. He kept saying dirty things, probably to the girl that was there the other night.

I walked down the short stairwell into the room, and got a closer look. I've seen him naked a bunch of times, and we've changed in front of each other upstairs in the bathroom before school, so I didn't care if I got caught. He kicked the reclining foot rest out, and I stopped. He adjusted in the recliner, and I had a full view of his super hot body. He's very muscular, and he has the faint signs of chest hair over his pecs, and the hairs get darker in the middle, then they go in almost a perfect line all the way down the middle, and he has bushy pubes. He's got lighter brown hair, but his body hair is really dark, either brown or black (I haven't looked that close).

He was talking about fucking her pussy, and moaning in the phone. He had his hand all the way around his dick, which looked huge by the way. He kept stroking it slowly, and then he'd speed up for a couple strokes. Then he would hold his fist tight around the head of his dick, and shake it really quick. I'm going to try that method tonight after I finish writing this.

Anyway, so he did this for a few minutes, and then I heard him moan louder and tell the girl he was going to cum. 'Oh fuck, here it cums, here it cums bitch...yeah, fuck daddy's dick.' I never heard him talk like that, but it made me get an instant boner. He started thrusting his hips, shooting his load all over his hot body. It was almost clear, and it coated his chest and abs. After a few shots, his cum got a little thicker, and whiter, and then I could see it oozing all over his dick, and getting all messy in his pubes. 'Milk daddy's dick...take my cum bitch...yeah....fuck yeah...mmmm.....' He was slowly stroking his dick, and milking his cum out.

He stopped thrusting his hips, and let go of his dick, which fell against his abs, in a puddle of cum. He was giggling on the phone, and kicked down the foot rest, sitting up. I turned, and quietly went up the stairs. I went into the kitchen, and opened the fridge like I was getting food. I saw Christopher peek his head in, 'Oh I thought our parents were home.' He looked nervous, and disappeared. I heard him run down the hall, and then up the stairs. I was so excited to go back up to my room and masturbate! I waited a couple minutes, forgetting about my food, and then went upstairs. I hope I get to see him masturbating again soon, cause it was as hot as he is.



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