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An Orgasm, My Foot!

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My first time wasn't by my hand, but by my foot! But not in the way that you think.

I was sixteen, and back then I was pretty free to do what I wanted. It was Europe in the late 1970s, and I was an American girl living in Bristol. Me and a bunch of friends decided to go backpacking during holiday. We planned to go down to Italy, then Greece, then back up through some of the Soviet Block countries, through Poland and Germany, and they stay for a few weeks with a friend of mine in France. It didn't work out that way. We had gotten as far as Yugoslavia when one of our members got real sick.

While I was at this old style communist hospital, I met a young man by the name of Vildt or Velt. I am not sure, since he had a thick accent. He was a tall, lanky guy with medium length blond hair, blue eyes, and he usually wore some baggy dress shirt or some other loose-fitting clothes. Vildt hung out with us because he wanted to learn English. He became kind of like our guide and servant, and he took us around Belgrade, showing us where all the real cheap places were. He also said his grandmother was a healer, and he knew how to fix practically any ache and pain.

He gave the best massages. I am not kidding. He knew how to twist, pull, push, knead, or just poke anywhere on your body to cure almost anything from a sinus headache to just plain muscle pains. He became a favorite companion who loved to drink bad Slavic wine and sing badly with us (usually Beatles music, which he loved). He was also a great cook, and could make a meal for six with just a couple of dinars.

One day we were joking about sex. Somewhere along the slightly tipsy conversations, Vildt said that women didn't need sex, and the girls in our group agreed. He said he could pleasure any woman without taking off her clothes, and my good friend Maria at the time dared him to do it to her. He got very shy, but she said she'd teach him another Rock and Roll song, so he agreed. He was just like a big, lanky child. He asked her to sit in her chair, and take off her shoe. There were a lot of 'Ooooh...' noises made, so Maria took off her shoe in a very flirtatious way. Vildt started to rub her foot, and every now and then Maria would sigh.

'Is it better than sex?' someone asked. Maria said it felt good, but it was not sex. Vildt said the same thing he usually did when a massage would take a long time. After about a few minutes, Maria began to blush. She had dark skin, so that was saying something. Her flirtatious manner and silly grin all but ceased, and it was obvious she was feeling something better than a foot rub. Her face began to contort, her back began to squirm, and then she asked him quickly to stop. She was gasping for air. Vildt smiled and asked to continue, but Maria put her shoe back on and limped to the couch.

'You try,' she said to me. 'It's a bit much for me.' Wow...Maria? The flirt? I decided I would last longer than her.

I took off my shoe and Vildt's hands were already warm. He rubbed my foot. Like Maria said, it felt good, like a good foot massage but not better-than-sex-good. But after a while, my foot felt disconnected from my body, like it had gone slightly numb. Every so often, Vildt would run his thumbnail against my arch. This really tickled, so my leg became tense. But it didn't feel bad. Then he'd do it again. I thought, 'Aha... he's testing to see how ticklish we are, and Maria couldn't take it.' I am not that ticklish, so I was determined to stick it out, because Maria and I had this competitive thing going.

After the fourth tickle, I realized that when my leg tensed it made my back arch. And my pelvis felt funny. I thought maybe this was subliminal suggestion, because a few people were giggling, but I decided to keep going. Soon my hips began to feel sore and tingle a little. At first, it was sort of painful, like a faded bruise, but then it started to feel good. Then it started to feel real good. Like sex good. I had masturbated before and I knew the feeling, but I had never orgasmed. I started to feel embarrassed, but Maria was watching so I stuck with it.

Soon he was pressing his thumbnail on a certain spot on my foot that felt REALLY good. I could feel the energy go up my leg and into my privates. Soon I was wet...very wet. He kept this rhythm where he'd rub the foot, stretch the foot, then run his thumbnail across my arch, and then jab hard. Each time, the energy of a suppressed tickle shot up my leg and started to build up a good feeling in my pelvis. It was a combination of expectation and the muscles tensing that got me past feeling good to horny, to...as we used to call it...really randy.

I was very aware that I was incredibly wet, and even when I rubbed myself I had never felt quite this good. Soon each stab was so incredible that I was gasping. At one point Maria said, 'Oh, now you're just being sarcastic,' but everyone else was quiet or going, 'Oh, man...' I was squirming in the chair and suddenly I became aware I was pinching my nipples and squeezing my breasts. Jesus Christ, Mary, and Joseph, this felt GREAT! Soon I lost all control and I was moaning and panting. Each jab became excruciatingly pleasurable, and it was building up a massive orgasm in my whole pelvis. Everything I did, how I moved, how I moaned, gasped, or sighed became pleasurable. My nipples were hard and I kept pinching and pulling them like taffy, squirming back and forth. He was getting closer and closer, and I felt totally out of control. I couldn't have stopped now if I wanted to. He'd get me right to the edge, then stop, and build me up to the edge again. Over and over. It started to feel so good, I was crying.

Then it came. The next wave didn't 'calm down' like the last one. I knew if he jabbed me again, that would be it. I was aware I was panting and sighing at the same time, like when a woman gives birth, but it was so...I can't even describe it. Good, great, fuck-tastic, words can't even describe it. But when he started my foot again, I didn't feel ready, like I wouldn't be able to handle what was coming. I asked him to stop, but it was too late.

I came. I came so hard, I broke the back of that cheap chair, and rolled onto the floor, gasping and convulsing. I lay on my stomach, gasping over and over. The orgasm seemed to last forever, and I think I might have passed out for a few seconds here and there. After a few minutes, my pelvis stopped pulsing and I felt very sore, but a good kind of sore. I just wanted to lie there on the floor for the rest of my life, no matter how dirty the carpet might have been.

The to speak was Maria, who asked, 'My God, was that REAL?' Vildt rubbed my back and helped me up. My friends asked me if it was really that good, and all I could do between breaths was nod dumbly. I was covered in sweat, and my thighs were so wet they squeaked. One of the other girls was next, but I don't remember what happened to her because I fell asleep.

After that, I was able to come after masturbation. Pretty quickly, I might add. It's like Vildt opened the floodgates, and now I can come just my squeezing my thighs enough times and tensing my hips. Vildt stayed with us until my friend was well enough to leave on her own accord. Sadly, Vildt was not allowed to leave, so we had to say cheerful goodbyes. I still think of him. I wish I had a picture.

After that trip, I felt I had become a woman.



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