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OMFG! And I Couldn't Do Anything About It!

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A walk. My former school. A convenient bush to hide in....and keen eyes. 


I know when someone's up to no good, mainly because it's usually me! I went for a stroll past the playing field of my old school which happens to be close to part of our land. 

The kids were out, enjoying the last of the summer weather, and I noticed a boy. He was just standing and looking towards the main body of kids. But I then noticed he would take a step towards the fence. Slowly, very slowly, he was edging towards it. 

Now, there is a small slope that leads to the, and when you are at the bottom of it, you can't be seen from the main field. It is the home of lost cricket and tennis balls, and where you go for a bit of fun....if you can make it without the duty teacher catching you. 

So....I knew he was up to something. Suddenly he just dropped and rolled down the bank. When he got to the fence, he looked out into the field. I was hidden behind a hedge, but I could see him clearly. In fact, if I reached out he would have been about six inches away from my finger tips. That close! 

He unzipped, and took his cock out! He was already hard, I guess he knew what he was going to do. With a final look over his shoulder to make sure he hadn't been noticed, he began to wank himself off. Not only that, but he was edging. I could see from his face that he was almost there, then he would stop for a few seconds, before beginning again, maybe more slowly, or once, with a twisting action (must try that).

I was desperately willing him to shoot his load, but he kept us both in suspense. And yes, I considered breaking cover and kneeling in front of him, but I really think he would have run off. This was just some alone time that he needed. 

Finally, neither of us could take much more, and he leaned right back, holding the fence with his left hand, and he spurted. Fuck ME either he hadn't cum for ages, or he is one of those heavy cummers you see in porn films sometimes. His first ejaculation would have totally filled me up, and there were about five of them. Each one arched through the fence and onto the grass. 

After he finished, he produced a tissue and cleaned the end of his cock and flicked the tissue through the fence. Then he scampered ack up the slope. 

Me? Take a wild guess! I was close enough to smell his sperm, and I was gushing between my legs. 

After he had gone, I broke cover and walked to where he had shot his load. It was still visible on the grass, so I slipped my sandals off and ran my feet  through it. I wanted to wank there and then, but it wasn't possible. The grass track is used a lot and while I don't mind being caught and watched, I didn't really feel in that mood. 

Fresh sperm between my toes, I almost ran back to the farmhouse, feeling my wet panties against me all the way.

I threw myself down on my bed and started wo masturbate thinking, or rather wondering what was in his mind as he anwked. Was he thinking about a special girl?....or boy? Was he just so full he needed relief? What would he have done if I had appeared? Maybe I should have let him fuck me through the fence, or maybe I should have tried to suck him off. 

That's what did it. The thought of me trying to cope with that huge amount of cum in my mouth! I wriggled and writhed in ecstasy as the orgasm hit me, I could even feel the stickiness between my toes, and that helped me get off too. It mingled with the time I stood in a little puddle of pee that a rider from the stables had left in a clearing. 

I've seen girls masturbate a lot, but I've realised, I haven't seen that many boys do themselves from start to finish. I must try and arrange more of that! 



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