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An End To My Frustration

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I love college, but I never expected the problem that would come with my move to school...


When I stepped into my dorm room on my first day of school, I had no idea I was about to begin one of the most sexually frustrating periods of my life. Within a few days of arriving, I discovered that I, thankfully, liked college a great deal, but also had a huge problem on my hands. You see, when I lived at home I had a room to myself and never had to worry about having private time. With nobody to disturb me, I had been giving myself a 'helping hand' at least once every other day, and frequently quite a bit more. As you can imagine then, it was pretty hard to get used to sharing a room, particularly since my room mate was constantly around. Without any privacy (besides the bathrooms, but those were too gross and crowded to do anything in), I spent my first days, then weeks, itching to get off.

While I like my room mate, Jen (not her real name, of course), living with her presented another problem. In addition her to hanging around our dorm constantly, which was enough of an issue on its own, I developed a pretty big crush on Jen (Yes, I'm bi; I remember liking girls as much as boys from the time I was 9). While I haven't seen her naked or anything like that (you can bet I want to though), I have seen her strip down to just her bra and panties to change. Needless to say, this gets me pretty hot and bothered, and the fact that I can't do anything to help myself has been driving me insane!

Anyhow, on to the fun part. Last Friday I was feeling a bit under the weather and told my friends I was going to stay behind in bed and study instead of going out with them. I had been back for about five minutes when Jen burst in, with a huge smile on her face: she and her friends had been invited to a party and she would be out having fun for most of the night. As Jen started to get ready for her night out I tried to concentrate on my studying, but I was too excited by the idea of time alone to focus. As I lay on my bed, getting progressively more and more turned on by the idea of what I would soon get to do, I looked up to see Jen in the middle of changing. Normally Jen dresses a bit on the conservative side, and doesn't wear much that I would describe as sexy, but that night was different.

Jen was digging through her dresser in just her underwear, as she often did, but to my happy shock I saw she was wearing a fairly tiny green thong! To say the least this got me soaked within seconds (she has a great butt) and when she bent over to pick up a dropped sock I could have come on the spot. When Jen finally walked out a few minutes later I practically ripped off my shirt, jeans, and now soaked panties. For the first time in almost four weeks I got to really rub at my swollen clit, and in less than 10 minutes I had brought myself to two sorely needed, although not all that powerful, orgasms.

It was as I began to move towards my third cum of the night that I began to feel something well up inside of me. I was feeling unusually good and, without thinking, slipped two fingers inside myself (something I don't usually do). I kept on rubbing and fingering myself for longer than I thought was possible; climax constantly felt just seconds away, yet somehow I kept on going, the sensations I was feeling only continued to get better and better. Finally, fingers moving in an absolute blur, I began to feel myself push over the edge. What followed for the next 30 seconds (not a typo, it really lasted that long!) was one of the most incredible, nerve shattering, back arching, breath taking orgasms of my life. All the pent up desire from my last few weeks came flooding out at once, I moaned out loud more than I would like to admit and squirmed half way across my bed. I felt my whole body get hot from head to toe and my pussy contracting hard and rhythmically around my fingers. It was so intense I felt like I would black out. When I finally pulled myself back together I was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and had a considerable wet spot soaking into the sheet underneath me (never thought I could squirt, but I guess I was wrong). When I finally decided to get up and get dressed, my legs almost gave out from under me. I got into pajamas, fell into my still wet bed, and slept until noon the next day. I don't think I need to tell you that the next day I was feeling MUCH better.

Hope you guys (and girls) enjoyed, I'm a huge fan of Solo Touch and will fill you in if I have anything else fun to tell!



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