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On My Way

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I've been accepted by an Inn of Court, and am on my way to becoming a baby barrister! My firm will pay for my law degree, plus pupillage after, although I will be bound to them for ten years after qualification! Jeez....suddenly all grown up....how did that happen?


I don't know what I'd expected from the interview.....maybe a load of old judges all in robes and wigs, and smelling of cigars and brandy. Instead, I got three men, all of whom were friendly and approachable, and interesting to talk to. They also didn't believe in the "We'll let you know" approach. They told me there and then. 

On the train back, I felt amazing. Really uplifted. There's a whole array of legal work I can specialize in, although criminal law is where I want to go. There's too much to decide, and I will have to do it all before specializing, and that will be another three years away yet, before I become a "white wig" (what they call a new barrister).

So, train.....I'm sitting there, reliving the interview, and especially the guy who gave me a hard time over why all criminal cases should be prosecuted fully. I didn't agree with that, and we tangled for a while on the matter. He wasn't sexually attractive to me, but suddenly, I had the image of me sitting there in front of them wearing a legal gown and a wig......and nothing else. Nothing underneath....not a stitch. 

Instantly, I was rewarded with that oh-so-familiar gush into my panties that I get when I'm suddenly horny as fuck. My brain, dirty little fucker that it is, wouldn't let the image go. In my mind, I was sitting cross legged, trying to make it look like I was decently clothed, and failing miserably. Then I'd let my legs spread, so they could see me. "Her quim looks like a schoolgirl's, doesn't it?" Said one of them. "hmmm. Yes....one would imagine that she rather enjoys sex." Said another. "One wonders if she has received it anally yet?" Inquired the third. In my head, they talked about me like I wasn't there, or like I was a piece of meat for their inspection....and it made the contents of my rapidly wetting panties worse....far...far worse! 

By now, I was squirming on my train seat. At that time of day, the train was almost empty, and I looked around wondering if I dared.......

The nearest person was two blocks of seats away near the end of the carriage, and I was smack in the middle. I knew there was no risk of anyone coming up behind me because I was sitting in the car that was also the drivers cab, and I therefore had sight of the only door through which anyone could enter that carriage while the train was moving. So, one person, one door, and no stopping before my station in about half an hours time.

A quick adjustment and my skirt was up over my bum at the back. I felt the material of the train seat against my bum cheeks, and also knew that my little thong had given up trying to absorb the flow from my quim and that I must be staining the seat.

I popped my coat over my knees and let my hand travel up to my quim.....fuck....I was wet though! Stressful situations do that to me.....I wonder what I'll be like when I'm arguing a case in court, or cross-examining a witness. A little tickle over my clit and I was on the way to a delicious orgasm. 

I tugged the thong aside and stroked the full length of my crack......fucking hell!.....what I wouldn't do with a good stiff cock right now.....I felt wetness oozing down my bum cheek and over my finger. When I brought that finger to my nose (pretending my nose itches) it had that mid-cycle freshness/mown meadow flowery scent that only happened between periods. It smelled of me when I am at my horniest. 

The other passenger had her eyes closed and had earphones in. A quick glance down to the door....and I went for it. I even managed to slip a couple of fingers inside as my thumb danced over my clit. 

Then that feeling welled up......girls know this feeling well....it's the "pee or cum" feeling. I decided I didn't give a flying fuck which, and just punched myself over the edge.

My knees clamped together to the point of pain, and I came long and hard........I may have peed a little too, so I was glad I got my skirt out of the way at the back. 

When I arrived at my station, I had about two miles to walk. It feels so lovely to have soaking wet panties, and the air making them feel even cooler. When I got to the lane leading to the farm, I reached up and slipped them off. They were, as I suspected, totally wet. Smelling them revealed mostly my quim, but there was a distinct scent of pee as well. I walked up the lane, really enjoying being naked under my skirt. 

One thing popped into my mind though. I haven't done much deliberate panty peeing lately. I need to do some more. I find it incredibly sexy, and since it's something naughty, well, that only adds to the sensation. 



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