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Almost Caught With Dripping Breasts

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This was quite a few years ago, back when legwarmers and Aqua-netted big hair ruled the planet, but it's stuck in my mind rather vividly.


We were both feeling the urge, but her mother was due home within the hour, so my visions of a few hours spent with my face and various other parts of my anatomy buried within her fell by the wayside. What to do...what to do...

Being the kind and horny soul that she was, she wanted at least a 'quickie' of some sort. She sat down on the couch and motioned me toward her. Oh, yes; I knew what THAT meant.

She pulled her T-shirt off in one practised motion and sat there before me, smiling; her generous, firm breasts still restrained by her lacy bra. As I stood there between her spread legs, my cock throbbing to full extent with anticipation, she reached behind herself and unsnapped her bra, freeing her breasts in a soft white tumble of glorious, silken flesh.

She reached forward and pulled my elastic-waist running shorts down over the considerable protrusion that I was by now sporting, my swollen member proudly surging forth; a small drop of precum already oozing from its engorged head. I moaned; my whole body now seeming an extension of my cock.

She reached for my hardness. Her delicate hands with their long fingernails precisely gripped the thickness of my inflamed shaft. Oh, yes, please...please.

But instead of doing what I thought she was about to do with her mouth, she instead used it to smile as she began to stroke the length of my cock with soft touches from her fingers. Stroking turned to lightly pumping and then to harder and faster rubbing and pumping of my rock hard cock. I was beside myself; my legs unsteady from lust and sheer sensation as I watched her jerk my cock toward orgasm. Her beautiful tits bounced wildly with every motion.

She adjusted her position, moving to her knees on the couch so that she was higher, and indicated that I should take over the masturbation duties. I did, altering my rhythm so that I wouldn't come too soon and to prolong the sensation as I watched her massage her full breasts and pinch her nipples. Both of us moaned and gasped; me wanting to fuck her tits like never before.

For a moment, it was as if she read my mind. She moved her breasts toward my cock, squeezing them together and up, and I jerked my cock's flared head against the softness of her mammaries, a sticky trail smearing across their roundness.

It was all I could take. I was about to come. She grabbed my cock, her hand covering mine as we both stroked hard and fast toward my impending explosion. Right as I came, the first powerful jet of white, hot cum aimed at her throat. She released her hand and squeezed her tits together to receive my flood of slippery jism. It seemed like stream after endless stream of semen spurted from me, leaving me all but screaming from exquisite sensation; my ecstasy magnified by the sight of my hot loads spilling across her magnificent breasts and dripping toward her belly. Oh, fuck...I thought I was dying, it was so intense a feeling.

Coming down, I was rubbing my still pulsing cock slowly across her saturated globes, both of us smiling deliriously and flushed beyond belief; the scent of my cum in the air. What seemed like gallons of it garnishing her torso, thickening as she rubbed her slippery tits around and over my sensitive cock. Sheer heaven!

And then, the house's back door creaked opened and loudly shut.

I still don't know how we got her shirt back on, her bra concealed, and my pants up in the few seconds that it took her mother to walk into the living room. It hardly seems possible. And did she really fail to notice our red faces and general air of flustered depletion? I'll never know.

But I do know that I'm now going to stroke my cock to another orgasm in tribute to that close-run thing. Where do the years go?



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