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The Games People Play...........

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And the loser had to pay.


To keep the thrill we would sometimes outdo ourselves

My wife, Nicky, and I would often play various board games which resulted in the loser having to pay a forfeit or dare. They were usually harmless and we got a lot of fun out of trying to think up different scenarios that would put us in a position we would not normally be in.
One week-end we opened a bottle of wine (or two) and played a game of Yahtzee. It was a close game, which came down to the last roll of the dice, but I couldn't get a "full house" and therefore lost the game, much to the delight of my wife. When she later left the room I curiously read the forfeit that she had written down.
Tomorrow(Sunday) at a time of her choosing, I was to go to the bedroom, strip off, put lubricant on my cock and balls, place my CD headphones on (to reduce outside noises) and wear her sleeping mask (to reduce outside light). Having followed these instructions I was to masturbate myself to conclusion. Very precise and left little to question.
The following day's routine was usually one of relaxation which allowed us to rest up for the next week's work. I was stretched out in my favourite chair reading the sports news when Nicky came in carrying two cups of coffee which she placed on the table. She picked up her magazine and made herself comfortable on the sofa. She was wearing a long, white robe, which was split from the waist down, and as she relaxed her long legs were revealed. I sat up to get my cup and in doing so was treated to the fact that her legs had parted slightly which displayed her white thong. She glanced over the top of her magazine, caught me leering, and with a warm smile said, "I believe that I won last night and now would be a good time to pay". The feelings were strange. Although both of us were aware that masturbation was a normal part of life we had never got into a deep conversation about it and yet here was my wife telling me where and when I was going to do it. As I left the room I glanced back, noticed the same warm smile and the fact that her left hand was resting on her belly with herfingertips just inside the waistband of her panties.
I followed the instructions and lay on the bed with an attempy to compose myself. My cock was beginning to react to the manipulations of applying the lubricant and with the soft music in the background I soon found myself falling into a relaxed state. The throbbing continued as I cupped my balls and began to stroke myself. While not fully erect, at this time, the sensations were spreading across my body and I knew that when I got down to the firm strokes I would not be able to control myself for very long. The feelings were incredible as I felt my whole body tense up. After a while I sensed that I was not alone. I found it to be very exciting to know that somebody was watching me in these "private" moments. I felt a finger against my lips as if signalling fo me not to speak and this was followed by finger nails scratching very gently on my nipples. This new sensation caused my cock to react, becoming rock hard as the pre-cum mixed with the oil and my hand was gliding down the full length at a steady pace. The hands were removed from my chest and the next sensation was that of her blowing cool air onto the head of my penis. I stopped stroking and enjoyed the feeling as the tip of her tongue and then her lips gently kissed my balls, which she insists i keep clean shaven. To my surprise she then took my hand in hers and placed it back to my cock and by moving up and down she encouraged me to continue to jerk off. I sensed her move away but at that time I had reached the point of no return and knew that i was going to cum pretty soon. I concentrated on the movement of my hand as it smoothly touched each nerve ending and every muscle in my body flexed as I felt this tremendous release rushing from the head of dick. I recoiled as the first shot hit me on the chin, the next landed in the middle of my chest and these were followed by three or four more mind blowing spasms that finished in a pool on my stomach



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