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Addicted to Pillows

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I have always loved pillows. While I am sexually attracted to people, both male and female, I also have a big fetish for regular bed pillows. I have often thought about the origin of my pillow fetish, but I just cannot remember it. I guess it might have originally replaced cloth diapers, because I still love to wear my pillow like a big diaper in my underwear. My first really good pillow what was a pale blue kapok pillow and that's why I still prefer pale blue pillows. It was very soft and nice and sometimes I still miss it although modern fibre filled pillows are even softer. Kapok is soft and fluffy but does not tolerate moisture very well.

Over years the pillow lost its bulk and I remember that I could wrap it around my neck like a scarf. I'm not sure if it was just sweat or if I had peed in it. Anyway, when my mother noticed the poor shape of the pillow she replaced the kapok with small chucks of foam rubber. Now the pillow got a little lumpy but also more pee resistant. The pillow of course received my first ejaculation. At first I was very careful to wipe my semen off the pillow not leave any telltale marks on it, but later I would often let my semen dry on it. After some time the pillow was full of crusty yellow-white stains but during daytime I hid it in a pillowcase. I also noticed the pillow felt even better when wet so I often let little squirts of pee into it while humping it, but he pillow was not very absorbent so after the sex session it was often quite wet with big dark stains showing on both sides because my pee went all the way through it.

In my late teens I once had a sleepover at my sister's who was several years older than me and married. Since they didn't have any extra beds, I slept on a mattress on the floor of the living room. I had a sleeping bag and my own pillow with me. My bed was close to the toilet so when everybody was asleep, I got an idea to go hump my pillow in the toilet. At that time all my pillow escapades had been confined to my bedroom, so the idea felt very naughty. After mustering some courage I took my pillow to the toilet, sat on the bowl with the pillow between my legs and started to make love to it. I was already so horny that it took only about 5 minutes to adorn the pillow with a small but thick white glob of semen. Right then I heard someone try the door. Fortunately it was locked so I wasn't caught "red handed" - or should I say "white pillowed". It was my sister who needed to take a leak. "Just a minute", I shouted and waited a few minutes for her to go away. Then I quickly opened the door and threw my pillow onto my bed. The room was dark so my sister probably didn't see it. At least she didn't mention it next morning. But for me it was a very exciting and memorable experience: my first toilet pillow sex.

Now, several decades later I am still in love with pillows and they still give me the best orgasms. I have two very soft and beautiful pale blue pillows that I find really sexy. For me, making love to my pillow is not masturbation but real sex because the pillow is the object of my desire and the orgasms it gives me are at least ten times stronger than those I get from masturbation. I need no imaginary partner while having sex with it because it really turns me on. Only another fetishist can understand how an object can be so desirable. That is also why I never watch mainstream porn: it simply does not turn me on, while seeing a guy or a chick fuck a pillow and ejaculate all over it gives me an instant hard-on. Fortunately such porn can now be found on the web and I have also videoed some of my own pillow humping sessions and cum shots.

By now I have developed my pillow sex into a real art, and sometimes my sessions can last for hours. Before starting I usually drink some water or pop to get my bladder at least semi-full so I can squirt a little pee into the pillow while making love to it. I also have a large mirror that I can put at the end of my bed or on my night table so I can watch myself in the mirror as I am playing with the pillow. I often start sitting on the edge of my bed with the pillow between my legs and rubbing the pillow against my penis. Sometimes I stand up with the pillow pressed gently against my penis and let little squirts of pee into the pillow. Seeing my pee flow into the pillow and the smell of fresh pee in the pillow make me really horny and every squirt feels like a mini ejaculation that multiplies my sexual pleasure. The pee also acts as a lubricant and makes the pillow feel even better against my penis. Sometimes I fuck the pillow laying lazily on my back with bent knees, squeezing the pillow between my legs and using my hands to rub it against my penis. Squeezing the pillow makes it massage my shaft and rubbing it causes it to caress my glans, so the stimulus is perfect.

But my favourite position is straddling my pillow and watching myself in the large mirror. The beautiful plump pillow between the triangle of my legs and my erect cock plowing the pillow and plunging into its soft folds are a very sexy sight. The moist soft pillow feels incredibly good against my erect penis and the smell of fresh pee in the pillow increases my arousal. I usually start slowly, teasing my penis and letting it touch the pillow only lightly, but as I continue to fuck the pillow and enjoying its wonderful softness around my cock, I get more and more horny, and finally I need to thrust and ram my aching cock into the pillow with all my might. Finally I feel my stomach fill with butterflies and then the orgasm hits me like a freight train and shakes my body when I thrust my throbbing cock into the lovely pillow and feel it twist and jerk violently against the pillow my semen spurts right into that sweet softness. I continue thrusting throughout the ejaculation and the smooth fabric and my slippery semen on the pillow feel really awesome. I really enjoy ejaculating into my pillow. You need to be a fetishist to really understand this, but the pillow is my beloved and shooting my semen into it feels like a real fulfilment and gives me deep satisfaction. It is like marking the pillow as my own. That is why I always let my semen dry on the pillow - old cum stains on the pillow show how much I have loved it. After the act I admire the puddle of semen glimmering on the pillow, it is a really beautiful sight. Now am really exhausted but very happy and completely satisfied.

Once again my pillow has given me a mind-blowing orgasm – it never fails to do it – and it makes me love it even more.



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