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Acting Lessons

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I'm in college as an acting major. One of the things that actors sometimes run into is a love scene. Often times, we will have to flirt with and even kiss other actors who are only friends, or who we don't even like. This is a story of how a few years back with my acting partner, I got much closer.


I had just met Christina through my acting class. She was very attractive, and seemed to take an interest in me, so I had no problem.

Early in the year, we were given a love scene to perform together. I had done stage kisses before, and I had even had a fake sex scene which was for comical purposes. This scene that we had to do was very serious, and involved me kissing her neck a lot before planting one on her lips. She was very pretty, with dark curly hair that draped over her long beautiful neck. I was quite eager to do the kissing.

Of course, when it came time to put the scene on its feet, the kissing part was a little awkward. Neither of us was really sure how to start it, how long to go, things like that. I think, in retrospect, neither of us wanted to admit how much we enjoyed it and wanted to keep it up. After the rehearsal, Christina said to me, 'We should get together to discuss the scene when there aren't so many people around. It'll be easier if we don't have so many eyes on us.'

I tried not to read too deeply into this, but I wanted it to mean that she wanted to try rehearsing that portion of the scene, say, on her bed, or somewhere where it might lead to other things.

I rang the doorbell to her room that night when we had planned to meet. As I walked in she said, 'I think I should just come out and say it. We really have to figure out the kissing part, because I don't want to be enjoying it so much we forget to continue the scene.'

I asked, as professionally as I could with my growing erection, how she planned on going about this task? She suggested we try strictly choreographing the kiss. 'Let's just start with the kiss. Kiss my neck.'

I put one hand on her waist and the other on the small of her back as I gently pressed my lip against the smooth skin on her neck. I felt her take a sudden breath as I did, so I kept kissing. I tried not to press to close to her, in case the feeling in my pants was not what she was expecting. She had been saying her lines, a little slower than usual, and she stopped and whispered, 'It might be effective if you licked up my neck a bit here'. I'm not one to hold back when the scene calls for more, so I complied.

I worked my tongue up her neck, then slowly kissed around her jawline until I got to her lips. As I got there, she slid her tongue inside my mouth and pressed her hips right up against my hard-on.

Suddenly she pulled away. 'You know,' she said, 'I was also thinking that if we did this part naked, it would give us the comfort level to not worry about doing it with our clothes on.' She wasn't fooling anyone, but I agreed, and we both took our clothes off, and instinctively sprawled out on the bed. 'Explore my body,' she said.

I was glad to. I put my mouth over her nipple and let my fingers roam over her soft, smooth skin as she rubbed my back with both hands, occasionally sliding down and squeezing my cheeks. We were both breathing heavily and I said, 'We're probably not going to finish the scene tonight, are we?'

'I don't think so. I hope not!' she replied.

I kissed her on the mouth and slid a finger inside her. She was already wet and I moved around easily. She took this as her cue to fondle my more-than-ready penis. We rubbed and fingered and kissed for a while, until she said, 'Let me try this.'

She began to jack me seriously, up and down my hard shaft. It felt so wonderful to have her slender fingers running along me. She then lay back on the bed with her knees up and spread, beckoning me to finger her. I slowly ventured towards her and, kissing her neck, I slid two fingers inside. She groaned as I had never heard before, and soon we were mirroring each others motions, in the most complimentary of positions with me laying under her leg fingering as she reached over and jacked. We continued to rub our bodies together as I slid two then three fingers in and out of her. She started whispering to me 'Make me cum! Make me cum!' When I felt myself coming to climax I kissed her on the lips once more. As I did her hips bucked up, pushing my fingers all the way into her. We both moaned through our pursed lips and slowly settled back down, enjoying each other's orgasms. I wound up sleeping there that night, and the next morning we had some more fun.

We got an A on the scene.



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