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A Well Known Store

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Think of a well known UK store, no, not Harrods, another chain of stores, got it?


So, the first really hot weather this summer and the town where I live was full of girls like me wearing as little as possible. Thin cotton dresses everywhere and thongs (if anything) underneath. I love being out wearing almost nothing it makes me so horny! So into the shop, looking at clothes, and picking a few to try on. As usual, the queue for the fitting rooms was huge. The girl in front of me was pretty, black hair, green eyes, and a lovely figure. We chatted about the 'old dears' taking forever to try on a cardigan and I noticed that she was a little fidgety. I wondered there and then if she was squeezing her legs together because she needed a pee or because she, like me, was horny. Oh, I had planned to masturbate in the fitting room, I LOVE doing that with nothing but a curtain between me and whoever, but wondering if she was horny too, well.. hmmm.

So eventually we both got in and went to adjacent cubicles. I took my clothes off and stood naked, enjoying the scent of my pussy, when I heard a moan from next door. I crouched down and looked under the partition, STRAIGHT into her cunt. She was squatting too, knees wide apart and right up against the partition. I could see inside her a little way and she, like me, was totally shaved and very VERY wet. I decided I would go for it and just reached under the partition and pushed a finger up her.

'Ohhhh fucckkkk' was the only reply I got. I felt the slow rhythmic contractions around my finger as her arousal built and then I decided to go one more and started to tickle her asshole before wetting a finger with her own juices and slipping it up her. That's what made her cum. Ever felt another girl's orgasm from both her cunt AND her ass? It's amazing! She got up, leaving me with a very slick hand and I heard hurried dressing. I was a bit pissed off that she wasn't going to do anything for me, but the curtain to my cubicle whizzed open and she came in, took one look at me and kissed me! (I don't mind a little fooling with another girl, but I haven't done that much.)

Her hand shot between my legs and she started to whisper such dirty things to me! 'Let me fuck you, let my fingers screw you, when you cum, cream int my hand, piss on my hand if you like' Stuff that made my head spin. She ducked down for a second and for a wonderful moment I thought she was going to lick me out, but instead she retrieved my panties from the chair, smelled them and said 'I'm keeping these'.

So, when I cum hard, I have a problem. I pee. No, I don't mean I 'ejaculate', I pee. I whispered to her 'mind your hand, I pee when I cum'. All she did was frig me faster. Then just as I came, she stuck my panties there and although I managed to hold back most of it, a couple of jets of pee got out.

Then she smelled my panties one last time before saying 'coffee bar' and leaving.

Of course, I met her there, and we went out to one of the public toilets where FAR more happened than can be written about on Solo Touch. Whispering Lily maybe, but certainly not Solo Touch.



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