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A Unique Situation

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I have a unique situation here at home. My soon to be ex and I still live here together. It is a big house, and we've come to respect each other's privacy. Our differences really have nothing to do with sex... nor cheating, nor money. We just didn't like each other well enough before deciding to get married 2 years ago. Our relationship was purely sexual in nature, though I'm sure we both care for each other.
Our best times together was always in bed. However, we can't live in bed, right? So, we argued all the time about everything. Luckily, we didn't have any kids. And, she has a good job. So, no harm, no foul.
While sorting out the future living arrangements, we found that we could co-exist all right for the time being. Neither of us was probably ready to see anyone else right now... if she is, it's not here as far as I know. There's nothing to hide. If she wants to see someone else, it's all right by me. But, with both of us firmly entrenched in this house, it's unlikely any of us will bring someone home just yet.
We did a lot of mutual masturbation all during our relationship. It's a lot of fun, and exciting. We both got a kick out of seeing the other one masturbate. After our split up, she fixed up a room we have downstairs for her office and left the office we already had upstairs for me. She bought a computer, and fixed up her office very nice. Hell, we even email each other asking the other if they want to go out for something to eat. Both of us kind of split up the cooking, so she will email me asking if I want some of the roast she's going to cook, or I'll ask her if she wants me to throw a steak on the grill for her. And, we're civil to each other. Actually, we communicate much better now that we're not husband and wife anymore. There is a spare room downstairs that she took as her bedroom.
I masturbate a lot, and I'm sure she does too. She's come up stairs and has seen me jacking away in front of my computer. I never shut the door to the office, as she rarely comes up stairs, except to take a bath (downstairs only has a shower), or to get some towels or sheets in one of the closets. It's really no big deal to me when she sees me jacking off. She just goes about her business, and leaves me to mine.
Many times, I've gone downstairs to go out to the patio, which is where the grill is, and heard her moaning in pleasure in her room. I noticed she doesn't keep her door shut all the time. She's come out to the patio after masturbating while I've been flipping a steak, and has commented on making so much noise. We laugh about it.
She's a little plump, just right... and has a pretty face. Ok, I HAVE fantasized about her sometimes since our separation, remembering the passionate sex we've had together. However, mostly I look at the many pictures I have on the computer, and I also love looking at my collection of nudie magazines and fuck flicks.
This last Saturday, she came upstairs while I was slowly rubbing myself in front of the computer as a prelude to some serious jacking. She got some towels in the hallway closet just outside my office, then she came in and sat on the chair across the room. She wanted to talk about something having to do with some household issue. She asked if I minded if she stayed there until I was done, so we could talk. Maybe she wanted to see if I would get all flustered or embarrassed. But, I saw it as an opportunity to get a cheap thrill... and she knew it.
I clicked to different sights while she looked through a golf magazine I had on a table by the chair she was sitting in. she looked nice as usual. She was wearing short-shorts, and a tee shirt. I loved her in tee shirts, especially when she went braless, as she had smaller breasts (which I really love).
Well, I rubbed my hard cock, and started a slide show for the tons of pics I have on a CD. I poured some KY on my cock, slid my hand up and down my slippery knob. I noticed her looking up occasionally from the magazine. I think knowing she was watching me turned me on more than the pics I had up on the screen. And, I'm sure she knew it, too.
I was building up a real great orgasm. It so happened that I had not jacked off for a couple days before that. It wasn't going to take long. I spun my chair a little towards her, poured my KY on my cock, and resumed a faster pace. She had her legs crossed, but uncrossed them, exposing a dark wet spot between her legs through her white shorts. All I said was... 'Go ahead...' and she slid her shorts down. She started fingering herself on the outside of her panties. I always loved when she did that. I watched her run her finger up and down her slit, which made the fabric more see-through.
She rubbed her breasts with one hand while she slipped her hand inside her panties. She was fingering her pussy with more passion now. I could smell her sex that I always loved to taste. I think we both had the same idea that just the mutual masturbation was enough. There wasn't any need for anymore... at least for now. This much we talked about later.
Precum was pouring out as I jacked with a firmer grip. Then, I did something that always drove her wild before. I stopped, touched a finger with my left hand to the tip of my cock, and got a glob of precum. Then I licked if off. She hadn't seen this for a long time, and she let out an involuntary short moan. She frigged harder, and I jacked harder. The slurping sounds of both our genitals were awesome. She gets as wet as a leaky faucet. She had said that some of her best orgasms were when she used just her hands. She used dildos and vibrators, of course, but sometimes like just her own fingers touching just the right spots.
I focused on her pussy when she slipped her panties down to her ankles. She put one of the towels under her, and frigged away. I watched her juices flow from her pussy, and her hand was glistening and a blur. I spurted my cum all over my belly, and it leaked out all over my hand as I watched her body jerk into a pretty nice orgasm. She said later it had been a week since her last orgasm, and that was a long time for her.
We didn't say anything, but cleaned up ourselves and she pulled up her panties and put on her shorts. She sat back down, still a little woozy. As I stood to clean up with a towel, she stared at the long thin string of cum that was still slowly oozing out. I lit a bowl of some real good pot, and we shared it while we talked. Then I asked her if she wanted me to burn us a couple of steaks. We ate them later while watching a real dopey movie she really liked. We agreed to talk about what happened, but not while we were high... later.
We set it up that we would talk about it this next weekend, and I was relieved. It was weird, but in a good way. I'll listen to what she has to say about it. I think it would be nice if we were house mates, so to speak.... and maybe sometime we can masturbate in front of each other again... maybe other times. The mood has to be right.
If it looks like we just use each other, I'm sure that's a mutual thing, too.



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