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Another Asian Massage

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While in Thailand many years ago, I decided to take a massage at the club in my hotel, an Intercontinental. This was not the typical Thai massage where you buy the girl for the whole night, but a more traditional kind of service.

The massage parlor was all stone and tile and had a tub on one side and a massage platform on the other. The young Thai lady to me to strip and started the tub water for me. I got in and she soaped me up and washed me, and at most, I got a partial hard on.

Then I went to the platform and laid face down while she went to work on my back. What a great, relaxing massage it was, except! She would occasionally run her fingernails down my butt crack. Felt great, but still only a partial boner.

When she told me to turn over on my back, I realized that she was naked, too. Now, her face was rather plain, not ugly, but not pretty, either. But her body!! Quite a beauty with that olive skin and those beautiful breasts. Still no boner, though. I probably remained 'unphased' by this young thing because my wife was being massaged right next door.

As the massage neared its end, I still had no boner. So, the masseuse sat across my shins and started pressing down on my thighs. I don't know why, but it made the old soldier pop right to attention. She then took her thumb and index finger and encircled my cock as much as she could and moved up and down the shaft slowly, in a stroking motion, her fingers just barely grazing my cock.

After a few minutes of this I was as hard as I have ever been, and I didn't want it to end. But, slowly, she began touching my cock with more and more pressure, adding one finger at a time, until she had me completely in her fist. We were still oiled up from the massage, so the slow but firm motion continued, while she offered her breast to my lips. How delicious!!!

Then, she took my hand and moved it to her pussy and let me play with it while she slowly moved her hand on my boner. Slowly, I felt the pressure rising, and she must have, too. She didn't move any faster, but her grip became firmer. Then she started slowing down, but applied more pressure, as I continued to build slowly, but powerfully.

I started feeling the familiar spasms, but nothing was shooting out. I 'dry shot' 4 or 5 times before I finally sent a stream of juice flying in the air, over her shoulder and onto her back. Then another, and another, and finally one stream landed on her breast, and it was the last one.

I was completely spent by that time, and totally relaxed. As my wife and I returned to our room, I was trying to figure out how I could get hard again for her, when she interrupted my thoughts by asking if I used the tub. I told her yes, thinking nothing of it and then she asked if the masseuse was in there. I said yes, again, but right after I said yes, I realized I needed something to help out. So I told her while I was in the tub the masseuse had her back to me preparing the platform. Of course, by this time my wife was so pissed, it didn't matter what I said.

That was kind of a relief, actually, for that night. She was so mad that sex was out of the question, and I didn't have to worry about getting it up again for her.

However, she remained mad at me for the rest of the vacation, and I didn't get any sex from her until after we got home.



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